The Cruellest Evils of Animal Testing and Vivisection Exposed

Animals are not just confined to cages and mentally tortured, they are burnt deliberately, injured violently, cut open alive, injected with poisons, paralyzed, blinded, irradiated, shocked, scarred for life, isolated, starved to death, and their organs removed while they watch helplessly, brain operated upon, metal discs and rods inserted into their head, seizures induced and they are finally killed.

Domestic Violence, Rape and Animal Slaughter: A Close Connection Explained!

Did you know that dangerous criminals, serial killers and sex offenders such as Aftab (Delhi Butcher), Jeffrey Dahmer (Milwaukee Cannibal) and Ed Gien (Plainfield Butcher) were inspired by non veganism, leather, animal meat and animal farming industries which are equally violent?

Non Veganism and the Dark Tetrad: Machiavellianism

Cruelty when cold, calculated and white collared as a crime can be is easily dismissed in the guise of politics, economics and social systems of reptilian control, manipulation and artificial insemination. Cold blooded slaughter and calling it food evidences the Machiavellian traits Omnipresent in the Omnivore lie in this Matrix.

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