A New System of Life – Is it Possible?

Did you know that your regular organic plants are not really vegan? It is time we all bid a firm 'Goodbye' to organic vegetables made with blood, poop and bones of horribly abused and killed animals. I used to think that organic plant food is wonderful and promoted organic vegetables but the truth is your... Continue Reading →

‘Luck Actually?’ by Ankesh Kothari

Is Luck for Real? Or is it only 'Hard Work' that matters? Ankesh Kothari of Zen Strategies has these two stories to add a lucky spin to your day. 1. The Lucky Dog Statue Derren Brown the famous illusionist conducted an experiment once. He partnered with Dawn Porter - a journalist to go to Todmorden... Continue Reading →


A young man in his mid-twenties knocks on the door of the noted Guru. He said: “I’ve come to you because I wish to study Vedas.” “Do you know Sanskrit?” the Guru asks. “No,” replies the young man. “Have you studied anything from Hindu philosophy?” “No, Guru. But don’t worry. I just finished my doctoral... Continue Reading →

Earth Notes #2 by Rani Iyer: The Chorus

  Preparing for monsoon is an intense period in the forest. On the one hand the forest is parched for moisture, on the other, the intense rain will test the recovery of everyone. Every tree is swaying to the strong winds. After I calm my fears about the swaying trees and strange noises, I recognize a chorus.... Continue Reading →

Earth Notes: Gratitude to Life by Rani Iyer

Earth Notes:    Gratitude to life, Gratitude to Earth Rani Iyer At one time, during a mega-monsoon rainstorm, I stood under a tree on a cliff. A particularly loud thunder cloud opened up and poured its energy in front of me. The rocks shook. The soil shook. I was shaking inside, visualizing an earthquake or... Continue Reading →

Saturday Story: The Lego World

Once a little kid received a gift - a brand new Lego set with pieces that could fit into each other. He was excited. He started creating his imagination out, making forests, houses, people and vehicles with his pieces. To add to the fun he started role playing with the pieces, naming all the people,... Continue Reading →

Saturday Story: The Dreamer

Once there was a person who was in deep sleep. This person was dreaming, dreams after dreams...just like all of us who dream each night. In one dream this person was a fish, swimming in the ocean...exploring the world underwater...when a bird swept down and caught her...there she met her death. But, the dream continued...she... Continue Reading →

5 Things To Love About London!

Life in a fast-paced city is not always so stressful or a chore, especially when it is the financial capital of the world.   1. Close to fifty percent of London is green. The city is home to more than 13,000 species, 3,000 parks, 3 million gardens and 2 National Nature Reserves. Overall, 47 per cent of... Continue Reading →

Holistic Education for Underpriviliged Kids: Premshala by Hitesh and Shubhangi Vashisht

Today's Positive Story features young couple and twin souls Hitesh and Shubhangi Vashisht who have celebrated the first anniversary of Premshala, a school they started specially for underprivileged kids. Premshala is not just a school for kids of families who can’t afford education, it’s a sacred space where they get the opportunity to grow holistically.... Continue Reading →

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