Were Stone Henge and Circles Neolithic Slaughterhouses?

From alien spaceship landing pads to veneration of dead relatives of human beings, marking of the solstices to astronomical forecasts, several explanations of the purpose of erection of massive ancient stone circles and henges have been invented. While Stonehenge at Salisbury, Great Britian enjoys the number one spot in the hall of fame, Avebury follows a close second along with many others across Cornwall, Scotland and globally. If images of solemn gatherings of magical priests at beautiful altars of rituals that healed the planet with love and light upon consipiring with aliens and gods or higher beings come to mind, you might want to stand corrected immediately.

Latest research papers about the famed Neolithic stone circles of U.K. confirm the following as documented in Science Advances journal March 13, 2019 and featured by Live Science video and news reports including the largest published multi-isotopes study using five systems. Pigs were moved several miles from their birthplaces to the Neolithic monuments including areas next to Stonehenge and several other stone circles, where they were then slaughtered en-masse and feasted upon. The study claims that pigs were the main domesticated species of late Neolithic times and gatherings to trap them in massive enclosures and kill them were likely a feature of stone circles.

In another Stone Circle Theory by Simon Hedger it is explained using video and pictures how the theorist experimented with trellis and concluded that the purpose of giant stones at Stone Henge could have been fulfilled by using them to enclose victims sacrificially using something like trellises arranged between stones. Infact we also know that in many cases trenches were dug around the site, which could be also to prevent escape and lead victims to slaughter. No wonder a ‘slaughter stone’ is featured as one of the main stones on Stonehenge itself.

But did you know that stone circles all over the world, some even older than the U.K. ones have been discovered, from Pakistan to Japan, Syria and including those predating Stonehenge of Britain by over 7000 years such as the Turkish Gobekli Tipi? This one at Turkey is a massive collection of stone circles incredibly illustrated over each giant stone with images of animals. Upon examination of the images carved upom each stone it becomes clear that sacrifice and killing of animals is the chief ritual we are talking about. One of the famous stones pillar 43 or vulture stone, has a carving of a larger vulture offering what appears to be the head of a sacrifice victim to a baby vulture, the victim’s body lying below along with a scorpion which of course could be something they additionally used as a weapon for killing. Rows if large hollow arches upon rectangular stones are depicted on top of the stone that could represent the sacrificial altars to hang bodies upon, each one depicting one animal.

As pictographic evidence depicting animal slaughter and not just the usual animal bones are found this time in an even more massive and ancient site than Stonehenge, the purpose of Neolithic stone circles is finally becoming clearer.

In Russia a huge stone circle made entirely of massive animal bones has also been found.

While theories of human sacrifice abound in connection with U.K stone circles, the usual victims are of course animals as with majority of ceremonial religious sites. Ancient Jerusalem is already known to be a great slaughterhouse according to reports stating the economy was powered by animal slaughter supposedly to please their god through burnt offerings by priests who kneeled in blood and remaining dead bodies of victims offered to people to feast upon, numbers speculated to be of over a million animals at a time according to the Talmud, a Jewish religious text. Now are you not glad you are not allowed into the ‘Holy Site’ unless you belong to that land?

Even with the well-known Mecca, the sought-after Islam sacred site with the Kaaba stone, to this date slaughter of countless innocent animals for money and feasting is conducted constantly and everyday. A large black stone features as a main piece of this site for pilgrimage, kissing the stone and circumabulation, by pelting of stones and dragging choicest animal victims for slaughter as the guts of sheep are disposed off cruelly in bloodtained garments and meat delivered to eager pilgrims for feasting.

We all know of the slaughter at Eid of goats and sheep raised and bred for the purpose, even on streets of Asia streming with blood in religious festivals. From Jewish to Muslim, modern Christian, pagan, Wiccan hunting deities, Shamanic ceremonies, Aboriginal rites, and even Vedic festivities and rituals, animal sacrifice has been featured in the top of texts of major religions throughout history and breedings.

Hunting, horrific slaughter and consumption of the victims has been considered holy, sacred and a way to please ‘god’, thank ‘god’ enjoy food to distribute to ‘hungry’ humans and pray for myriad wish-fulfillment or curiously the ‘atonement’ of sins and peace offerings even in the Bible. The entrails of the victims used for divination or augury is another disgusting feature of ancient religious animal sacrifice and spirituality. The discovery that stonehenge and other sacred Neolithic sites were abused by ancient humans to kill other animals or even human animals should come as no surprise.

The next time you feel enchanted by religious stories, myths and stone circle fantasies to spend time in meditation or trance, dance to fancy drums of killed animal skins, and celebrate rituals within these so called sacred pilgrimage cites in Cornwall, Stonehenge or elsewhere, please think again! Do you really feel wonderful and at peace in a place of deadly murder and torture of the poor victims whose bodies were were and infact are still feasted upon? What sort of healing or magical energy are we raising anyways through this?

Every single day in majority of households across the globe sexually abused in jail and horrifically killed, innocent victims are served upon plates of horror as food? How does it really make you feel to now someone felt horrible, pained, suffering and crying for life, trapped and unable to escape the evil blade so calmly rendered amidst empty cheers of jolly and rivers of blood beneath the feet of heartless humans, just for taste?

It is aptly stated by Einstein – “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” Please spread the message and share this article over social media to educate others. Let us all go vegan and stay awake, disenchanted by the snare drums of modern religion, ancient myths and new-age ritualism that together have us fooled, entranced and captivated for millenia with their so-called sacred music, ceremonial robes and constant chanting.

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