The Role of Animals in Ancient Human Religion – Part 5

A modern educated and liberated personality, dressed beautifully speaks in an enlightened way of Shakti and Shiva, the honouring of feminine self, worshipping her sacred womb of creation through rituals of sacred sexuality and trance, drumming, dancing and communion.

You are meditating in a sacred pilgrimage in the name of Archangel Michael and Jesus Christ in British Isles from Glastonbury through Wiltshire and Cornwall…. Michael and MaKaali, synonymous with weapons that dismember, cut and take away the soul to Yeshua Christ and Yeshumati’s Krishna respectively.

Sounds like an amazing awakening to some but if you read on you will witness the darker truths behind these spiritual demi-traditions of fantasy and human ego as temples and religions are established to replace nature with human warfare, hedonism and agriculture in which faith plays a big part too.

In the continuous expose of religion since ancient times we have elaborated upon the dark practices at Stonehenge and Megalithic sites and how the trend of slaughter continues to this date in some Indian and Indonesian megalithic tribes.

We have also covered how ancient religion has exploited animals through sacrificial rituals symbolically in Wicca and Neopaganism and literally in Hunting, Totemic and Tribal Shamanism, how deities demanded sacrifice in gigantic temples of Kemitic and Mesoamerican faiths and in some Greco-Roman, Norse and alternate traditions of the West.

But did you know that modern Christiantity, Jewish, Islam and Hindu religions are also loosely imitating the same old pagan malpractices? Blatant sacrificial festivity, and animal meat eating to a very large extent continues to date simply because human society is composed of dark humans who consume animal products and abett barbaric violence, and then shamefully state that God or deity allows it or even wants it from us.


Modern Hindus, whether vegetarian or non vegetarian are not usually vegan but seem to be equally concerned about animal sacrifices in their temples. Yet, grotesquely sinful traditions of sacrificing little innocent creatures is being regarded as sacred by some people, sadhus, priests and even anti-meat famous gurus. ‘So, why did Ramakrishna allow animal sacrifice in Dakshineswar (Indian temple in West Bengal)? Because Kali likes it. Ramakrishna never ate meat, but Kali likes animal sacrifice. Whatever she likes, he does. ..In a Kali temple, if you give up the sacrifice, it means you have decided you do not want Kali, because she will die over a period of time.’ (words of Sadhguru to a devotee). Parmahansa Yogananda also has popularised faith in Divine Mother and Kali from Bengal where he hailed from as he preached to the western audiences integrating loose concepts of meditation and yoga boldly with Christainity.

Hindus believe goddess Sati who was a wife of Shiva immolated herself, angry that Shiva was not invited to a ritual, and her dismembered remains were carried by Shiva all over Indian subcontinent to fall down in various places called Shaktipeeths mostly in India, as her genitals fell down in Kamakhya. While Sati tradition of burning widows is condemned widely in India, people continue to worship idols and partake in dark rituals. During my work in India, devotees of this vaginal temple called Kalighata described to me how the river apparently turns red once in a month when she has her ‘periods’. Infact animals are killed within the boundaries of the temple by Hindu priests in a mark of Shakti-ism, the worship of energy of nature or Maya. Infact sacrifice of humans is also sometimes part of these dark tantric and religious sites where masses flock for wish fulfilment gong from temple to temple, priest to priestesses in the hope of material or relationship success.

Kamakhya Temple of female vagina where various animals including humans reported to be killed for Goddess Shakti

Carnivore lions are sacred to the goddess Shakti or Durga and human sacrifices including that of children has been conducted in her name as per media reports over recent years.

Animal sacrifices are routinely performed amidst some opposition at many of these Shaktipeeth temples of divine feminine.

Aghora is another mystical, malignant, overhyped, yet grossly unhygenic form of Hindu ceremonial magic or tantric work, where wines, sex with corpses and animal or human murders are used for propitiating false deities and for what is called ‘occultism or black magic’ at times in colloquial language. Sadly one of my own female student of my own positive tradition of Wicca had been revealed to be a notorious Aghori and black magician who learnt secretly from others and delved into dark arts to extract large sums of money for conduction of spells, instead of Harming None and focusing on spiritual truth. Sadly Aghora has become a trend after being popularised by western authors such as Robert Svoboda who have brought the term Aghori into a different kind of respectable light,and featured by western media such as CNN. Masses were decieved to respect Aghora and animal sacrifice as a state of ‘fearlessness’ and ‘allowing everything’ with claims that ‘nothing separates us from God’ and that it helps in removing caste-system and helping welfare of untouchables, when welfare clearly does not necessitate murder of a sentient being.

Jewish, Muslim and other modern practices of Halal and Kosher animal sacrifice by white robed priests designed to replace the older pagan rites and rituals of similar nature have also continued in modern times much to the discomfort of onlookers who eat the animals but do not like anyone to see the gruesome acts committed for their ‘food’. These modern religions are the same, or similar in many ways to the ancient ones, after all the idea is to convert people into them, the same people, who valued food, meat of victims as essential to their life and part of the culture, and the gods and goddesses who love and enjoy gory murder as the central part of the religion.

Christian’s believe in the Bible and all its confusing statements, that keep changing as one reads on. On one hand you should not kill, or take life of someone with blood in it, on the other hand they say God was pleased with animal flesh and blood dripping on altars. In a gross mimicry of pagan and ancient barbaric practices that they profusely condemn on one hand and imiatate on another, these faiths are truly designed by individuals who consumed animals and created God in their own imagined image and likeness of themselves. According to many Christians all these bloody rituals are symbolic of Christ who was the ultimate sacrifice for sin offering, while most of them still continue to kill animals and domesticate them for ‘peace’ as offering on their family tables every single day for food and refuse to go vegan just for taste and lust of flesh.

Jesus Christ and the Animal Sacrifices described as Offerings to the demonic Christian God

We all know that the cornerstone of most religion is sacrifice of animals especially in religions such as Islam where their biggest festival Eid-ul-Adha is one of mass murders all in the name of Allah on certain moon phases as pagan would do. Inspite of criticism people are clearly unfazed by this logic as they consume animals and their products constantly at home and their new idols being famous Khan and other Muslim filmstars ruling Bollywood and many of them are not vegan and celebrate goat sacrifice, so much so that innocent little goats are named after these actors and sold for large amounts of money to be murdered.

Disturbing ritual sacrifices of Muslim faith Islam

It is not just animal sacrifice that is abhorrent. Cows are anally brutally raped and inseminated in vagina to create new babies so they can provide large sums of money as their milk is stolen and their babies suffer as humans prepare sweets with the breastmilk of an abused animal to offer it to Gods and Goddesses in vegetarian rituals of many Hindus. This too is no less a crime than murder, theft and animal sacrifice.

We can clearly see there is nothing but wrong in the celebrations and festivities that since Stoneage times are a gross violation of peace and a heinous act of violence that encourages children to be equally violent in the name of nature, god, goddesses, carnivorism and worship of raw power over other innocent and gentle beings. This worship is not one of truth but one of power – might, potency – of the devil who can control, subjugate and harm others seen as god who is powerful and fearsome, pleased by blood. The reason for animal sacrifice and domestication or hunting is that humans regard all other creatures as food and something that pleases their God who too is clearly no short of a Devil as are others of various faiths.

The issue with animal veneration and sacrifice cults that are interconnected is simply this. Carnivorous animals are considered pets, powerful beings capable of hunting and killing, and their welfare encouraged as they are shamelessly bred through rape and babies taken away, neutered and spayed, sold for human entertainment or work. At the same time, herbivorous and non-violent animals are domesticated for food purposes and to be turned into products, killed, sexually enslaved or milked for purpose of human enjoyment. Both are types of consumerism and consumption and specie-istic.

Until the common human being continues to participate in the criminal acts of animal slaughter. exploitation and abuse for breeding and objectification as slaves, clothing, food and other unhygenic animal products religious sacrifice for sentimental and traditional reasons will also continue to be justified by devotees. No proper change in society is possible until and unless animal farming and slaughter are banned entirely and permanently. Petition:

It is clear to see that no god or goddess is fulfilling wishes, forgiving us, blessing us or cursing us, it is simply the Matrix that manifests our wishes and imagination through mental energy. To subscribe to any religious faith and to worship a super-human Creator of this Matrix, Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Spirits, Elves, Faeries, Santa or Mother Nature, with ignorant spirituality is simply a case of fantasy. Tamasic (dark) religions and spirituality have deluded masses with lack of basic awareness that there is no truth to be found anywhere all around us in this very low or Hell dimension, there is only the Matrix of illusions and desires with the Devil or Satan as its Masculine-Feminine (equal) and Sanatan (eternal) evil creator.

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