Applications for Trustees and Volunteers Invited

I invite Volunteers and Trustees to re-establish Earth Healing Network as a charity with a mission, to build a bigger presence and to be a major voice on all matters of animal rights, human rights, wellbeing, planetary activism, spiritual consciousness and awakening.Please contact me and email me on if you are interested in... Continue Reading →

Merry Beltane/ Blessed Samhain

Blessing be upon us and all our animal kin, on our beautiful planet Earth, from the Sun and the Moon above and our heart and Soul for our well deserved freedom and success this May!! Swati Prakash, The Wheel of the Years In northern hemisphere we celebrate the start of Summer and in the... Continue Reading →

Pyramid Energy: From Ancient Mystery to Modern Magick

MYSTERIOUS PYRAMIDS ALL OVER THE WORLD The great pyramids of Egypt such as the Giza complex still remain a puzzle. The amazing Mexican pyramids such as the Mayan pyramid among others. The newly found Bosnian pyramids of Europe, already mired in controversy claims to have labyrinths underneath what appears to be naturally formed pyramid hills.... Continue Reading →

How to Energise the 7 Chakras for Complete Wellbeing

The secret of balancing and improving all aspects of our life including our inner and outer health is hidden in our seven major chakras. These 7 chakras are like a ladder that connects our lower physical existence to the higher spiritual one. Imagine these 7 chakras as 7 spinning wheels of light of the VIBGYOR... Continue Reading →

The Cruellest Evils of Animal Testing and Vivisection Exposed

Animals are not just confined to cages and mentally tortured, they are burnt deliberately, injured violently, cut open alive, injected with poisons, paralyzed, blinded, irradiated, shocked, scarred for life, isolated, starved to death, and their organs removed while they watch helplessly, brain operated upon, metal discs and rods inserted into their head, seizures induced and they are finally killed.

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