Simplify Indian Vegan Sweet Dishes using substitutes for Milk Solids

A large number of Indians are lacto-vegetarian and refuse to consume animal meat or eggs for sparing the lives of animals, and still refuse to go vegan for love of dairy which is completely unnatural.

No animal except for human animal consumes breastmilk of another animal and continues feeding on breastmilk beyond infancy stage of life. As a result humans have awful diseases that are often unique to human kind. From the well known cancers to the unusual disease of varicose vein – we can trace them to dairy consumption. Yet, we humans love utilising dairy products instead of plant produce. The healthiest of us might be raw vegans or frugivore. Yet, when it comes to taste of certain cultural delicacies such as khoya based milk sweets and mewa items from India, we hardly find anything other than dairy milk sweets everywhere around us – proudly labelled as ‘dairy’ – even though it is a product of tremendous torture, grief and apathy.

Dairy = beef and leather and it is time we popularised alternatives for dairy among our otherwise compassionate Indian vegetarian friends.

Soak soyabeans for 2 to 4 hours or overnight and lightly boil them for 2 minutes and let it be cold so that the skin comes out when you rub your hands on the beans and separate the skin. Then use a blender to make a fine paste and mix enough water and blend to prepare a milky liquid of desired consistency. Boil the milk and strain using muslin cloth. Plenty of plant milk solids or mawa or khoya will be left in the cloth for use in carrot halwa or any other pudding.

For instance, for Gajar Halwa I used carrots shredded within seconds in a food processor sweetened with vegan sugar and sauted with carrots in an electric slow cooker for merely 5 to 10 minutes. You can add resins, chopped almonds and plant milk solids for garnishing.

You can also mix soya solids with your chosen spices or masala and wheat, potato, any diced or minced vegetables to make nice parathas, crisp vegan nuggets, vegan burgers, vegan sausages and bhajias.

The strained plant milk of course will be very clean and not like the dirty animal milk full of germs and poo of animals and will not cause diabetes and heart disease either, as plant matter has zero cholesterol.

You can also separate the warm milk using half a lemon and strain the whey out for pressing tofu in a muslin cloth insted of using paneer (Indian cottage cheese). Tofu is packed with protein and lacks the diseases caused by dairy cheeses and paeneer.

Most importantly you carry no bad karma from abuse of innocent animals who are made into beef and leather later on after repeated impregnation through sexual abuse for milk extraction.

Sounds good enough to me!

Imagine breeding a cow in captivity, feeding her unnaturally and injecting her drugs and hormones till she is capable for early reproduction and excessive milk production, impregnating her forcefully, taking away her newborn, milking her unnaturally swollen painful and mastitis infected udders, killing the male baby cruelly using a shotgun or knife, repeating the whole process every 9 months for the abused cow to be repeatedly impregnated year after year until she can take it no more and dies early or is killed with knife in her throat as she is hoisted upside down when her milk production declines, raising the female babies into the same cycle of repetetive sexual abuse and rape and then killing them after overmilking. Moreover large forests are razed to ground for cattle rearing that also leads to land shortage, water shortage and grain shortage due to breeding and feeding of animals.

Is it not much simpler, more ethical and energy efficient to milk beans or nuts instead?

From soya to oats to rice, cashews to almonds, peanuts to hemp we have numerous plant milk, curd, yogurt and cheese alternatives. We know that dairy is possibly the biggest evil on our planet. Plant milk products can be easily prepared even at home and do not devastate the planet to the extent dairy does.

Then why is it that we find such few dairy-free and vegan alternatives to traditional Indian sweets and dairy products in local shops all over the country of India where ‘ahimsa’ or non-violence is one of the primary three constitutional pillars?

The video linked below exposes the reality of dairy farms in India. Please share and spread the awareness among your Indian friends and relatives and refuse to purchase dairy products.

Let us practice ‘ahimsa’ and eradicate the lacto-vegetarian myth once and for all.

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