Non Veganism and the Dark Tetrad: Sadism, Sociopathy and Anti Social Personalities

In the previous parts of this series we explored how scientific research has attempted to touch upon the Dark Triad of Narcissism, Psychopathy and Machiavellianism in the context of non veganism characterised by ego driven need to harm others with lack of empathy and also observed more in men particularly with respect to Machiavellianism. I also explained the little known Dark Tetrad including Sadism as a new angle separately from the Ominous Dark Triad. There are some parallelisms between non-veganism and Sadism as well as overall sociopathy in anti-social behavior with some overlaps between all aspects of anti-social behavior in the Dark Tetrad but Sadism is unique in some ways.


  • Sadists are those who can either verbally demean, emotionally hurt or physically and vicariously inflict injuries upon victims to enjoy at their expense. Overall we know this clearly is anti-social, dangerous or pathological behavior also related with sociopathy. However the way we treat animals, specially babies and children on a daily basis by making them food or products or for animal testing and entertainment is probably the most sadistic aspect of our life.
  • Sadism is likely to include habitual everyday life patterns of harming others for personal pleasure, the most obvious and commonplace of which is our food habit. Consuming flesh and secretions of animals, knowing it is ‘from’ animals and invlolves injuring or killing them is clearly as sadistic as it can be the only reason for it is enjoyment specifically taste. How can someone drool over a pig, calf, chick, lamb or a crab who wants to play and be free? It is possible only for a sadist.
  • Sadism may include anger and hatered, for example we know of non vegans lashing out in media against vegans for being moralistic and sometimes even saying violent or demeaning things for example vegans should be shot dead, or using foul language to remind us how we are preachy and judgemental simply for stating facts. They also group up or gang up against others.
  • Isolating others of certain groups or ethnicity for example vegans or largely plant based Asian diet/ Hindu diet is also a form of racism. Even in India, a largely plant based country, anti-Hindu groups keen on condemning beef ban exist so that other western or middle easter religions are respected and various animals are not because of cultural domination over animals of other species.
  • Specieism to isolate farm animals by domestication and control over their lives while supporting wild animals to be in zoos for conservation is the norm. This ensures humans are visible in daily life and we prioritise them over all other animals who are treated as third class citizens to be abused as we please.
  • Rape of females who are brought into or bred into farms is sadistic as it clearly is wrong to sexually assault someone or insert your arm or objects into them graphically or to collect semen from males and in videos the farmers are shown enjoying these violent sexual crimes.
  • Domination and reptilian control over planet and its resources by subjugation of others, killing animals, humans and inflicting war, terror and colonialism has been sadistic as well, especially to promote western and male white dominance over all other races and species on earth for their pleasure and satisfaction.
  • Sadists have virtually complete disregard for any feelings of others, e.g. it is obvious there is gross discomfort, fear and terror experienced by animals throughout their farming and harming, yet they carry on.
  • Borderline behaviors in temperament, for example being triggerred easily at the mention of veganism to start vehemently insulting anyone who promotes veganism and push them away on long term basis, or to be triggerred by the term rape and murder if used in context of animal rights.
  • Tendency to use tendentious, malicious, hurtful humour and sarcastic comments especially on social media against animals to derogate their plight and shut down voices in the support of victims. Picutres of meat being barbecued in response to videos of graphic footage of lamb abuse in a farm, or bacon mmm in response to images of baby pigs suffering is a classic example.
  • Sadistic people also spread rumours about you and silence others who support you, for example talking erroneously and maliciously about how vegans die early, are weaker, nutritionally deficient whenever anyone posts anything about how we must not hurt animals and change our lifestyle.
  • Sadism includes ignoring or whitewashing other people’s problems to keep suffering ongoing, e.g. most diseases are indeed caused by animal products among humans yet they ignore it, ignoring habitat loss and the extreme hardships to animals or exploitation of workforce especially migrant workers in slaughter industries.
  • Sadistics persuade others to succumb to their will upon mental and physical torture, and the mindset is that animals have to live and die as per the wishes and demands of consumers and have no choice. They enjoy tortuting others and watching them suffer or knowing they suffered to serve them or their tastebuds.
  • Sadistics like punishing others. They also subdue pets or farm animals to obey them, place them in small or dirty places or deny food and water or toys and provide short leashes and enjoy the suffering.
  • Sadists are motivated to destroy and steal belongings of others, for example the family of other animals, their homes for instance bee hives, taking away eggs, causing loss of habitat and trees.
  • Strangely they may also thank their victims after killing them, taking away and destroying everything, as if their lives and belongings were ‘given’ to them. ‘Sheep gave us wool, turkey died for us to give us food, we thank bees for giving us honey, cows give us milk and are our mothers’, when clearly none of it was given willingly.
  • Sadistics inflict financial harm and fraud too at times, for example stealing away all our land and water and foodgrains to feed animals who will be killed is a worldwide crisis, yet animal agriculture and its consumers prefers moneylaundering and unsustainable business with their unethical work.
  • Sadists do not follow norms of decency or social good behavior towards others, e.g. prodding and pushing animals in slaughter lines, selling animals illegitimately and harassment of the victims in their flesh trade shows, circuses or in zoos that they consider exciting opportunities and fun while victims suffer.
  • Sadists enjoy intimidation and threatening others for example to intimidate female and male victims during breeding and insemination, they can report you even if you are faultless in your activism for animals to make you suffer or be jailed and shout back at you to terrorise you.
  • Sadists take risks at the expense of others for example long distance immigration or transport of family members or cattle at their loss of life or health in dangerous conditions, cramped up diseased conditions and covid or pther pandemic outbreaks of swine flu or bird flu.
  • Immodesty, cruelty and poor manners to humiliate others. They throw and kick the animals like garbage and objects into trucks, crush them and let them freeze to death, burn or starve and buy the dead bodies in shops later on just for fun and even joke they are ‘massaging chicken’ while cooking to insult the victim even post mortem.
  • Sadists enjoy to make you feel bad for them, often resorting to blackmailing and coercive control for example false suicide threats to get what they want, saying they will die wthout meat, saying you are hurting them to make you feel guilty, pretending feeling left out as they are not vegan and forcing you to consume non vegan food or watch them do it or to shop or cook for them as a result.
  • Masochism can at times be another dark pole to Sadism with the reverse behavior, with someone prone to hurt themselves because indirectly they know you will suffer emotionally to see them crying or being sad. They can create dramas and lengthy behavior that is traumatising to witness including acting out or being melodramatic until you serve them non vegan food to calm them down.
  • Sadists can be spiteful and venomous for example trying to get even with others who expose their cruelty and they actualy enjoy the revenge.

Additionally Anti-social behavior or Sociopathic personality disorders often include other behavioral tendencies over and above Sadism and usualy overlap with other angles in the Dark Triad such as Machiavellian, Psychopathic and Narcissistic ones to be discussed in future articles in this series. Some of the additional anti-social and sociopathic traits include:

  • Being inconsiderate to the time and energy of others, in day to day lifestyle, for example those who are generally or always late. Among non-vegans we do find that when it comes to animals they do not respect them at all, take away years off their life and make them stand in slaughter lines for a milkshake or coffee that can be completely plant based.
  • Addictions to unnecesary and dark things, for example dairy chocolate, dairy cheese and other animal products such as beef or ham, when you very well know that vegan alternatives are as easy to obtain as the animal abuse ones. Even some celebrities who explain all about compassion to animals have been struggling with the uncontrollable addiction to dairy cheese for example and it is completely abnormal and explainable only as a disorder among non vegans who otherwise want to or appear to be good people and care about the planet or wildlife and pets but only for reasons of benefit to climate change or environment and general health.
  • Not able to maintain positive or intimate close relations and positive friendships with other animals. Being cruel to pets or negligent is part of this and so is using them for personal welfare, servitude, hunting or guarding. While ordinary humans relate socially with humans around them and are amiable with those who they need to associate with for professional, financial and social reasons and etiquette, it has nothing to do with being a good person in truth as the motivation is financial. They are unable to have normal relationships with other species, for instance eating ducks while also keeping them for decoration or personal healing in ponds and gardens is a typical sociopathic behavior in western society who refuses to see animals as ‘friends not food’. For them all animals are for some sort of consumption or personal benefit and so are human beings.
  • Being socially disruptive and facing jail while not really helping society. There is a trend or movement of rebellions for social justice and climate change but a lot of the members refuse to go vegan. They do not mind being arrestible or going to jail and court for fighting the climate movement, but are unable to give up one small habit of quitting animal products as if they completely do not value life of another living being unless it were a human being only. Therefore it is a sign of sociopathy at the level where the planet and all its species are considered as society and respectable citizens of earth.
  • Not being a positive role model by constantly showing disgusting behavior and cruelty as if it is something they want to spread, teach, show-off, pass on to their children and enjoy that their children are also growing up as cruel and violent beings which adds to their lifestyle of harm and indignity and puts good people off which is also what they sadistically want.

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