Noted Plieidian spiritual expert of Asia/ UK and book author advising on Ascension, Veganism, Mindfulness, Meditation, Tarot, Vedic Astrology, Divination, Chakra Healing, Reiki, Magic, Wands, Wicca, Angels and Goddess.

Author of:

India’s first exclusive limited edition designer Asian tarot for Museo dei Tarocchi, Bologna, Italy by 22 artists.

Angels Tarot cards 78 different angels for Ascension.

Inner Goddess cards 33 modern new goddesses for Ascension.

BUY CARD DECKS: The Gamecrafter

Free books for Spiritual Enlightenment:

Global Spiritual Revolution for a new framework based on moral values (spirit) and science of manifesting reality through thoughts (air), intentions (fire), emotions (water), and beliefs (earth).

Magickal Energy Healing, a reliable course on chakra simulation, programming and manifesting through 7 major and 77 minor chakras using samadhi meditation (spirit), words (air), light (fire), hypnotherapy (water), yantras (earth).

Shamelessly Arguing With Vegans: 150 common misconceptions with detailed explanations.

Hold your Appetite: 63 poems for animal rights.

You Are the Magick poems and rhyming affirmations, The Goddess Speaks prayerful affirmations for new earth, Songs of the Self spiritual  poetry, The Present Untensed mindfulness exercise book, The Timeless Truth discourses.

Download free books by Swati Prakash for study material: https://earthhealingnetwork.com/books/

Buy Card Decks: Inner Goddess and Angels Tarot by Swati https://www.thegamecrafter.com/designers/swati-prakash

Ascension Readings: 150 GBP Channeled mediumship sessions with full psychic insights into ascended masters, star beings, star ships, heart centred awakening, manifesting  through the heart chakra, giving energy, listening, empathy, psychic connection, cord cutting, forgiveness, leaving the Matrix of simulation, discovery of our one true self, union with higher self and star family to leave behind illusion of duality, vanquishing inner and outer demons multidimensional and in physical forms, karmic detachment and disentanglement. As channeled through and performed by Ascended masters Sananda and Ashtar on one to one basis for your Ascension. You will be connected directly to the higher self and angels who will take over the session and heal you as well as the planet through you.

A one hour healing and reading  session needs to be prebooked with the full advance of 150 GBP.

PAYPAL: earthhealingnet@gmail.com




  1. Discussing Your Interest in/ Readiness for Ascension and Awakening from the Simulation/ Dreamworld
  2. Your Ascension Symptoms and how to read them
  3. Discovering your Matrix self program (your fallen self of demon-angel-program name or agent code or other controlling programs) and how to overcome the barriers to ascension.
  4. Channeling your Star Being Image, Star Race and Space Ship through still painting or drawing in colour as dictated by higher self or Ascended Master Sananda during the mediumship session
  5. Any other information on Ascension if so channeled lucidly during the course of time
  6. There shall be no fortunetelling, ‘dear ones’ generic tone messages, tarot reading, runes, astrology, Wicca, 5 elements, spells, twin-flame or soulmate readings, deceased one’s necromancy messages, angel readings, fairy readings, merkaba visualisations, new age meditations, past life sessions, drumming, chanting or pagan rituals during mediumship sessions of Ascension. Absolutely no form of ‘sensuality’ goddess circles or love chat readings will be entertained. Ascension readings are only for truth seekers (genuine spirituality).

From short five minutes to a maximum of sixty minutes audio/video call or email appointments at present upon request only if approved by the masters.

For Vedic Astrology, Chakra, Wicca, Tarot, Angels, Crystal, Runes, Tea Leaf Tasseomancy and other Divination readings or Spells please pay 99 GBP per hour.

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