From short five minutes to a maximum of sixty minutes audio/video call or email appointments at present will be offered only on select basis for one or more of the following outcomes, for a one time apppointment or monthly/ annual basis as a course or training service. Readings and ascension sessions are only for those humans who are interested in self realization, being positive, vegan, conscious and environment friendly and wish to awaken to the real world and to rise up from there.

  1. Discussing Your Interest in/ Readiness for Ascension and Awakening from the Simulation/ Dreamworld
  2. Your Ascension Symptoms and how to read them
  3. Discovering your Matrix self program (your fallen self of demon-angel-program name or agent code or other controlling programs) and how to overcome the barriers to ascension.
  4. Channeling your Star Being Image, Star Race and Space Ship through still painting or drawing in colour as dictated by higher self or Ascended Master Sananda during the mediumship session
  5. Any other information on Ascension if so channeled lucidly during the course of time
  6. There shall be no fortunetelling, ‘dear ones’ generic tone messages, tarot reading, runes, astrology, Wicca, 5 elements, spells, twin-flame or soulmate readings, deceased one’s necromancy messages, angel readings, fairy readings, merkaba visualisations, new age meditations, past life sessions, drumming, chanting or pagan rituals during mediumship sessions of Ascension. Absolutely no form of ‘sensuality’ goddess circles or love chat readings will be entertained. Ascension readings are only for truth seekers (genuine spirituality).
  7. You may select a donation amount, either one time, monthly or annual depending on what you can offer. You shall be emailed back with the link with a suitable time limit for either one time, monthly or annual readings or workshops as per spirit guidance with your permission.

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Swati Prakash is a medium from India and currently living in UK. She has designed tarot cards and oracle decks and authored books on healing, meditation and mindfulness. With an illustrious and long background in Wiccan healing, meditation teaching, chakra healing, Vedic Astrology and Tarot, Swati has been featured in leading publications as a columnist and profiled in magazines, television and also presented radio and television shows. Using Mediumship, Psychic, Astrological or Tarot readings, Swati Prakash has offered various courses and workshops in the past in diverse spiritual subjects such as meditation, tarot, astrology, intuition, psychic work, ESP, energy healing, chakras and Wicca.

Swati Prakash no longer offers appointments or courses on the same subjects as they are no longer suitable for Ascension. If you wish to learn about Tarot, Wicca, Angel cards, Goddess and Chakra meditation from her past experience on these subjects please read the free books and card decks by Swati Prakash.

All of Swati Prakash’s authored works are available free or in printed copy or kindle for purchase at nominal prices on the links below.

BOOKS: Amazon

(these books are all available for download and republication free of cost on this website)

CARD DECKS: The Gamecrafter

(you can also download the book pdf and images free of cost)

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