The Dark Tetrad of Non Veganism: Villanous Psychopathy

As opposed to sociopathic disorders and sadism discussed earlier in the previous story on the Dark Tetrad, in this series concerning the Dark Tetrad of Non Veganism, Psychopathy is linked with being rather rigid in opinion and behavior, absence of moral values, failure to display empathy and a lack of capacity to change themselves. They cannot confront their conscience and display lack of morality repeatedly. If you have been involved in animal rights activism or outreach of some kind such as cube of Truths or on social media, you might realize that this is exactly how many non vegans are and will unfortunately remain inspite of regular exposes on the truth of dairy, meat, egg and leather industries. Therefore it is often said that psychopaths are ‘born with it’ making any treatment difficult if their behavior becomes clinical. This also necessitates the very urgent need to ban the very graphic crimes of animal breeding and slaughter completely instead of expecting all humans to change and go vegan in due course of time.

The following are clearly deadly attitudes prevalent and common in society that indicate Psychopathy and its connections with the way non vegans view and behave towards animals in their daily lifestyle.

  • Mental or physical torture is considered normal by them as they have no sense of moral versus immoral, e.g. bereaving dairy cow of newborn baby, keeping them hungry for days, hitting, kicking, smashing on concrete, knifing in jugular vein, hanging upside down vertically and beheading, scalding in soapy solution before defeathering… all are routinely passed off and funded as standard and approved procedures and peole remain obtuse to them. Serial killing and rape is no different from animal agriculture. The movie ‘Silence of the Lambs’ was named so because of the connection of cannibal serial killer on his attitude towards victims to that of lamb slaughterhouses. The victims are totally innocent and quietly led to death because the perpetrator has no moral judgement.
  • Carnal Instincts and Impulses that are uncontrollable is a trait of Psychopaths. Also we need to be aware than most serial killers were vicarious meat eaters, preferring rare steak, beef, ham, cheesy fries, dairy icecreams, cheeseburgers and other disgusting items as they also gravitated towards trying human flesh and lusted after body of victims. The more we consume nody parts, flesh of others or their secretions the more the mindset that it is alright to kill or abuse someone. An absusrd logic imbibes into people that opens a gateway to hell and demonic behavior later on towards humans too. Violence against animals if normalised turns people into psychopaths from a young age or within family lines and hereditarily so.
  • Psychopaths usualy grow up coldly lacking empathy and regard to ethics and might even display those behaviors at an early age. Cruelty to animals is also at times an early childhood sign of a dangerous criminal (research reports show that out of three aspects of the controversial MacDonald’s triad of childhood enerurism or bed wetting, setting fire to objects and animal cruelty, animal cruelty was the prime indicator of fearlessness and callous or unemotional traits). [Walters, Glenn. (2016). Animal cruelty and firesetting as behavioral markers of fearlessness and disinhibition: putting two-thirds of Macdonald’s triad to work. The Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology. 28. 1-14. 10.1080/14789949.2016.1244856.] However animal cruelty is eerily present in everyday life in the form of food. We are all born with little or no understanding of animals overall except in some households with pet cats or dogs and research studies animal cruelty only with respect to pets or wildlife whereas farm animals are considered food. In rural families we may directly watch farm animals sent to slaughter or killed by family members for ‘food’ from ancestral lineage as an inherited behavior. These inherited behaviors become part and parcel of our DNA over centuries of conditioning because as a specie we evolve and our DNA shifts with time and education. Veganism being a relatively recent development in human society might change human consciousness over a period of time when we begin to develop more empathy and connection with animals. However so far it is common for human beings to be completely lacking in empathy and ethics towards animals and in many cases towards humans as well. We all are surrounded by crime and hidden violence at workplace and home if not on streets.
  • Psychopaths may have awareness but still lack conscience. Psychopaths as opposed to sadists may not always enjoy harming others or actually know that not harming others feels better but still carry on relentlessly. Non vegans know that their habits are destroying environment and their health and are aware of a better alternative to that namely veganism. They enjoy tasty plant based food too and infact in most cases when a big brand introduces vegan options it is non vegans who are the biggest customers. They enjoy vegan food and other vegan items and might even not like animal products in comparison. Yet they complain about veganism and continue to be non vegan irrationally knowing fully well that it is the dead body parts and secretions of a horrifically abused victim that they are consuming. So, they are aware of what they are doing and how it affects others, but still do it.
  • Psychopaths may display absolutely no guilt or shame. We all have been negative to someone at some point in our lives or even consumed animal products in most cases in childhood or even till adulthood. While ordinary human beings still might feel a slight pinch of sadness or disdain at themselves when confronted with their own behavior or past self, and reflect upon the same, psychopaths feel no need to even reflect upon their behaviors. They have no interest in self introspection and examination of their own mindset. They really believe that being immoral is fine if noone arrests them or jails them. Their belief is ‘who cares if it harms so many others’ because ‘everyone does it’. For example if they have abused children, animals or humans, they do not feel ashamed at their act but avoid thinking about it and relentlessly pursue their victims as if nothing has happened. Consuming animal products of gory violence is one such example.
  • Psychopaths have poor judgement of right and wrong or god and evil due to moral ineptness and make poor decisions in life that harm themselves, their seniors at work, their friends and family and their victim animals. They continuously get into trouble and lack insight into how their actions impact others. They do not understand how someone else will feel at all.
  • Psychopaths grow up endangering others remorselessly with non vegans not only causing species loss and extinction but loss of very precious individual life too, babies being killed with bullets or other weapons. Non vegans justify this belief through loose quotations from books and philosophies from past that stated ‘someone has to die for others to live’ or ‘it is law of nature’ and ‘life feeds on life’. These sayings are untruths that are passed on for generations to build us into psychopaths who keep harming other animals unnecessarily when we do not realy have to, and justifying the behavior.
  • Psychopaths display aggression, harming and cruel behavior at times or support those behaviors by letting them happen, for example in households when children or women are beaten, raped or shouted at sometimes the other family members support the crime and help the criminal who is the abusive parent, thereby adding to the abuse of the victim. In case of non vegans they support very graphic crimes for example mutilation, slaughter or murder and rape carried on by farmers, slaughter workers and hunters on a daily basis and even maintain they can do it with their own hands if on ‘a desert island with just a cow’ and that ‘it is good to kill your own food’ and ‘native americans do it too’ as if they were not human but a dangerous carnivore lion, tiger, snake, wolf or cheetah, or an ancient tribal with no better options. Their personality reflects the same over time as they simulate those species as if they were ‘shapeshifters’ or ‘aliens’ of other star races or planetary system and not human frugivores who evilved from apes at all.
  • Psychopaths may end up feeling no remorse even if confronted directly with their behavior. We know that serial rapists and serial killers such as Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer (enother Lyran or feral personality) even upon accepting their crimes feel negligible sorrow for the victim. Non vegans similarly when exposed to video footage and evidence that makes it impossible to refuse that severe injustice and horrific violence has taken place, do not feel sorry for the actions at all and justify by shrugging them off, saying that it is ‘acceptable in society’, ‘everyone has to die someday’ or that it is the ‘circle of life’ which are all lame excuses. Media, medical and education system composed of cruel agents in the artificial society or matrix we live in is no different than psychopathic in nature.
  • Psychopaths indulge in pathological lying, justifying crime or injustice unnaturally, for example in case of non vegans they end up saying that it is ‘humane rape and murder’ or ‘they felt nothing when killed’. Psychopaths love using deception for example lying, cheating and hiding truth or denying guilt to get away with crime and to escape any penalties or simply to not change their behavior. ‘It is not rape’, is a common statement of dairy customers and even in Indian households where marital rape is acceptable because of the property status of females and cows both also worshipped as mother goddesses.
  • A comon trait in psychopaths in not learning how to change themselves and justifying behavior even if wrong by arguing shamelessly. They feel that ‘offense is the best defence’ and fight tooth and and nail as if they had to fight for their food as wild animals do to protect their food from being taken away.
  • Psychopaths have a superficial aura or charm. When you speak with certain non vegans you may notice that they suddenly speak impressively and pretend to listen to you while being so disinterested in your opinions as if mentally deciding to not care regardess of what realy happens to animals. They would close eyes disinterestedly, pout, nod head, move mouth sideways, change topic and have a fake body language displaying insincerity while being superficial in conversations as they have no depth of emotions. They might spend a lot of time practicing out what to say and how to say it or rehearsing in their head or before a mirror. They have a shallow affect or emotional range instead of feeling sad or horrified when exposed to footage of animal agriculture and may simply look bored or away from it unconcerned or unhappy it is shown or just mildly reacting superficially as if they felt nothing.
  • Psychopaths have a relatively high degree of intelligence as compared to other sociopaths and might also have scientific aptitude making them skilled or glib in conversations and arguments when it comes to food and non veganism. They have a clever mind and use it to advantage because they are unable to be heartful or look within.
  • At times psychopaths may even justify, manipulate and get away with their behavior. It may include rape and other gory violent 3rd degree crime and this is common in non veganism which consistently upholds that it is fine to impregnate cows forecably against their will and separate their babies on birth or a few days after birth and then kill their babies with knife or bullet as long as you do it ‘humanely’. Serial killers have not been detectable and evidence hidden away for years of repeated rapes and murders and some were never identified. They know how to cover up their tracks just as slaughterhouses and animal farmers do. In case of non vegans they have manipulated the system carefully to be the ones to make the rules and never be prosecuted and also to justify their rights to abuse animals and eat them.
  • Demanding forgiveness instead of really being sorry is a psychopathic trait. ‘I pray over and thank the victim over the dead body’ is commonly seen cultural and religious system but it appears that God ‘forgives’ them or that ‘the Universe is ‘unconditional to them’.
  • Using the victim entirely in proud way as serial killers do for example animal farmers and non vegans openly admit proudly that they ‘use their manure’ and ‘dispose them in environment friendly way’ and ‘use, all the body parts later’ for food, clothes, shoes, gloves, glue, violin strings, hair in paintbrushes, nails and bones in fertilisers, blood in puddings and plant feed, after using their milk, wool and eggs thoroughly by boosting producton and raping the animals in farms. A few noted serial killers and rapists also used their victim’s skin and bones and body for food or leather.
  • Psychopaths are impulsive and sensation or thrill seeking which is why crimes attract them. They are more likely to be comfortable living in danger whether it be coronaviruses, germs in animal farms, health problems caused by dairy or meat and eggs, or tensions at home caused by others not agreeing with them. They like the fights or stress in their minds and learn to cope with thier health problems by ignoring them even in huge risks of heart attacks and cancers.
  • Lack of realistic long term vision or goals is also Psychopathic tendency as they can be rather myopic focused only on immediate concerns while ruining their future or of their families carelessly and irresponsibly. In case of non vegans they may be unconcerned of climate change and not plan out any sustainable solutions in personal or community life or take right action to alter their lifestyle and career suitably for long term success foreseeing that the only sustainable world is a vegan one. Farmers lobby are prime examples of villanous psychopaths destroying the planet.
  • Psychopaths may be parasitic in lifestyle which means they will always look out for ‘what they can get from someone or something’ for short term. Non veganism supplies them with immediate gratification of their senses and they always aks ‘what is the benefit to them’ repeatedly and do not consider long term benefits. They can also be substance abusers.
  • They lack conscience or empathy and blame victims, and even seek revenge for example they may arrest the activists or complainants if they expose the violence or even hurt them. Slaughterhouse workers are used to hitting animals who tries to fight back and subduing them if they attack in self defense so that they carry on with their job heartlessly. To them it is just another job. Non vegans employ them or fund them so that someone else does their dirty job.
  • Psychopaths are conceited and play games to outsmart the ones who oppose them. They proudly exclaim that they are well qualified and respected in society, call animal farmers a hard working family business, state that it is the vegans who are wrong and continue to ‘expose’ the absent significant illnesses or so called nutritional deficiencies of vegans.
  • Psychopaths are adept at denying crime happened, saying its nothing wrong because plants are also living beings, its not really rape if it is artificial insemination, they are not victims if they are animals, they just thrash legs because of reflex action, they felt no pain or sorrow like humans do.
  • Historic violence and a pattern of repeated crimes such as crimes against women, child abuse or religious fundamentalism, and racism is noted too. Psyhchopaths can be skilled or proficient at more thanone crime as well. They justify or uphold that these social injustices have been happening already for so many years to many people. If many people are paedophiles, taliban style terrorists, or hit their spouses, why not try that too, is the sick mind of a psychopath. Psychopaths do not feel like having better moral values than others and engage in what they consider a thrill of bad behavior that is immoral, lustful or graphic.
  • Manipulating and seducing the victims before crime and then betraying their trust is highly psychopathic. Just as giving chocolate to child by paedophile and luring them into a bedroom or shady corner of street is inappropriate, so is luring an animal into a trap by a hunter, or keeping them in a gas chamber after making them go after others in a queue. Animal industry manipulates us by false words such as ‘we have the best welfare standards’, and insist they treated victims well, ‘at least the animal had a good life’. Non vevagns behave psychopathic when they argue they only buy ‘free range’ or ‘organic’ and ‘grass fed’ beef or when restaurants and cafe display these signs proudly. Non vegans such as the Pope also explains that his animals are well looked after and roaming about freely in the countryside or mountains, and in their pen or shed. It is not enough that you ‘look after’ someone. Serial killers look after victims and treat them to choiciest food, then kill them.
  • Sexual impulses and assaults are likely in Psychopaths as they need stimulation and cannot be at peace by themselves. They are likely to be therefore rather predatory in the way they behave much like carnivores stalking or checking out their preys. This also explains how they remain carnivorous as they identify with carnivorous animals rather than with sensible humans who can control their impulses well.
  • Psychopaths are adept at misusing the innocence or helplessness of a vulnerable victim. They argue ‘thats why chickens dont fly in the sky, so we can catch and kill them’. Some say ‘fish have short term memories so we can cause them pain’, others explain how animals are too weak and they cannot escape because God made us more powerful than them to feed us.
  • Psychopaths being mentally rigid display very strong, unwavering opinions even if wrong, for example they keep arguing plants are sentient baselessly even if there is enough informtion, then they present a new arguyment, then another, till the vegan outreacher is completely drained out as a result. Their main delusion is that ‘they are always right’ and should be the ‘past word’ on the topic.
  • Delusional and schizophrenic traits are found in Psychopaths as deep down inside, they are completely disconneted from truth, have split their mind into rreality and a flase reality completely of their own, have grandiosity of opinion, and feel they are absolutely right because they completely lack insight or capacity to acknowledge truth.

Most people who are psychopaths may be sub-clinical as this quiz shows for self examination, and found in daily life as common citizens and not readily called or identified yet criminals. The fact is that harm caused to animals is not even considered a crime if they are farm animals, therefore we humans may generally grow up with psychopathic attitudes pased off as ‘normal’ in daily life. Psychopathy is a common tendency in noted serial killers invloving cannibalism at times, linked with rape, while at other times psychopaths may be just the person next door who is good at lying or cheating or artificial in tone and behavior. However meat eating is also virtually part and parcel of food habits of serial killers and domestic abusers alike and of course in the lifestyle of a typical next door neighbour or the person next to you in the supermarket queue who does not feel any shame or guilt, argues in a cunning way and lacks empathy.

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