Veganism Coronaviruses and Other Human Diseases: Part 4 Dangers of Dairy

A lot has been covered in this series of articles about various diseases and pathogens related to animal products and animal farming. A special mention needs to be made regarding dairy, for the simple reason that many lacto-vegetarians, believe themselves to be morally as well as health-wise in a good enough position, while consuming dairy products when the dangers of dairy are far too many to mention or cover in one article. We have already checked on possible connection to Diabetes, Cancers, Heart Disease, Parkinsons, Autism and several other concerns in previous articles in this series.Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Dairy industry has recently been contaminated with none other than the Covid-19 strain of coronaviruses leading to deaths and infections of employees such as in a UK farm. However the dairy industry has tried to ‘fight off’ the threats from coronavirus and attempted to fool consumers into believing that dairy products are nutritonally required and may even prevent diseases such as covid-19, a claim that was debunked recently.
A research as far back as 2013 had detected coronaviruses in dairy products studied by random sampling of 100 samples. Upon detection of rota virus and corona virus antigens researchers found that processing of several cheese, yogurts and dairy products could not eliminate rota virus and corona virus as infected milk is used due to insufficient heat treatment and bad hygienic measures.

However covid-19 is not the only risk. Research typifies that dairy products are frequently carriers of dangerous diseases such as leukemia (cancer) viruses that can affect human cells and cause various cancers such as breast cancer (Milk of dairy cows frequently contains a leukemogenic virus, JF Ferrer, SJ Kenyon, P Gupta, Science 28 Aug 1981: Vol. 213, Issue 4511, pp. 1014-1016 DOI: 10.1126/science.6267692). In 2007 according to a USDA testing report, Bovine Leukemia Virus or BLV is present on the majority of U.S. dairy operations with more than 80 percent of small or medium herd sized dairy units contaminated with BLV while ALL OF the large herd dairy farms had tested positive BLV in their milk tanks (100 percent). As descrided in earlier articles in this series BLV can also cause several other varieties of cancers such as lung cancer too. An independent follow research in 2015 established that BLV-DNA in breast tissues was strongly associated with diagnosed and histologically confirmed breast cancer, and as many as 37% of breast cancer cases may be attributable to BLV exposure.

According to (the obviously very poor) international hygeine standards of developed nations, pus cells allowed in milk in Europe are 400,000 per ml, in USA are 750,000 per ml and bacteria 100,000 per ml, while in Australia there are no limits. The article linked herein contains graphic details of dairy industry as well as how poo may be normal in dairy with milk recalled only if has ‘too much poo’.

The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board of UK has stated ont their website, ‘The list of potential diseases affecting dairy cows is almost endless with some diseases more significant than others.‘ Some of the ‘more common diseases’ enlisted (with many others naturally unlisted) were Tuberculosis, Brucellosis, Pneumonia, EColi Diarrhoea, Viral Diarrhoea, Leptospirosis, Salmonella, Septicamia, morbid viral Bluetongue, unexplained bleeding calf syndrome, sexually transmitted vaginal campylobacter causing abortions, utrine endometritis infections, viral herpes and conjunctivitis, abdominal displacement and inflammation, ulcers and lameness leading to foot trimming, foot and mouth blistering infection spread through milk, meat and breath leading to death, ketosis in milk and urine, John’s stomach disease bacteria that are heat, cold an drought resistant and can survive in soil for more than a year, and even longer in water, possibly linked with human Crohn disease (infected animals shed the bacterium in manure, colostrum, and milk), flatworm liver fluke (spreads to humans), bacterian mammary dermtitis (causes lesions which have a characteristic pungent smell, a moist exudate and dermatitis which are generally at the front of udder).

Similarly another leading study finds that dairy foods must be monitored extensively to control pathogens as they caused 14% of foodborne illness and 10% of deaths during the period of 1998–2008 in USA alone making them the second largest source of foodborne illnesses (presumably after Norovirus most commonly found in seafood and plants contaminated with animal manure). But why have humans started consuming other animal’s milk, something that no other specie is foolish enough to consume?

Cows were not always the tame and filthy species they are currently. The now extinct Aurochs (wildoxes) are the examples of animals that cows and bulls have descended from. A major internatonal genome study cited in University College London has concluded that all cattle are descended from as few as 80 animals that were domesticated from wild ox in the Near East some 10,500 years ago. Compare that with the 80 billion land animals killed anually just for food and we know the extent to which we have degraded our environment, deforested, caused wildlife extinction, slavery, cruelty, water, land and food shortage and a plethora of diseases leading to climate change as well as possible human extinction.

The enslavement and hybridisation of species has led to creation of our domesticated cattle used for milk production and invariably slaughtered at the end of their life for beef and leather, both of which India is well known as among the largest top exporter of. As a by-product of artificial human-aided selection process of cattle, certain characteristics needed for survival in the wild have or reduced over thousands of years, including the capacity to look after and rear their infants and provide them emotional warmth.

They are simply changed into an artificial species like other domesticated animals such as dogs and cats have also become, incapable of living a natural life. Humans are one of those too, artificially domesticated species now who are nothing like their original primate self, but trained to be artificially omnivore, sold lies about paleolithic stoneage ‘humans’ who wore leopards and ate up giant wooly mammoths instead of wearing leaves and ferns and consuming foliage and fruit that are plentiful, migrating into inhospitable climates and destroying nature by burning fuel, deforesting wildlife and domesticating animals.

Domesticated species such as cows, also became increasingly diseased, having lost capacity to feel for themselves, look after themselves naturally and with diarhoea, pain, infections of udders, bloating, drugs, antibiotic resistance, several pathogens and discomfort, including stress of what else but losing their own children and being killed horribly and controlled severly throughout life so as to have no sense of freedom or joy.

Cruelty in dairy industry is rampant with infants separated traumatically from mothers who bleat over several days as their infants are sent to slaughter if male and for sexual enslavement if females. Cows are inseminated forcefully which is no different from rape and are turned to breeding and milking machines while males are also sexually abused for semen collection if not killed for veal. In states of India where cow slaughter is inconvenient due to laws prohibiting the same, they are cruelly transported to states where it is legal or to neighbouring countries and skinned alive or killed cruelly for leather and beef.

Inspite of all this rape and cruel slaughter, dairy industry has been edified by way of religious propaganda both in the east and west to fool people to become diry consumers although humans are generaly lactose intolerant and kind people who dislike animal cruelty. The article linked herin gives a rather lucid timeline of dairy.

Pasteurization was introduced in the 1800s due to the terrible diseases and germs caused by dairy that was destroying human health. In the late 1990s due to pressure from economic cartels of dairy industry a food pyramid recommending daily servings of dairy was advertised through media to the ignorant masses in order to fool them further. Artifical bovine growth hormones were heavily passed off with controversial initial studies declaring that they do not pose risks to human health although major risk to human health was debated.

However leading studies explain that pasteurisation is not always effective and need not destroy all foodborne pathogens in dairy products or the contaminated biofilms or industry workers exposed to raw dairy. Basically the very practice of rearing infected and diseased animals can cause spread of germs to human beings no matter how well you pasuteurise or cook the disgusting germ-filled items sold to ignorant masses using advertising and mal-education.

Another study mentioned in addition that fungusy dangerous moulds, mainly of species of Aspergillus, Fusarium, and Penicillium can grow in milk and dairy productsproducing mycotoxins which can be a health hazard. yet people crave the stinking smell and dangerous taste of cheese which is basically coagulated pus and germs.

Whether through dairy and other animal products and animal manure that contaminated edible organic vegetables, humans are in danger, especially due to dairy products as described in this scientific review. For example Listeriosis may not necessarily be controlled through pasteurisation and can cause meningitis, infectious abortion, perinatal septicemia or permanent mental retardation. Dairy industry states pasteurisation kills the bacteria, but the report mentioned there is some concern that in the intracellular phase (in leucocyte) it may survive conventional pasteurization. (The entire research seems to be sponsored by animal industry as the paper states – a contribution from the College of Agriculture, University of Wisconsin-River) and seems to an example of how the ‘dairy industry’ has fought off consumer awareness through advertising and PR campaigns to brush off the sagging image and to create ‘awaress’ about how they ‘control’ the numerous pathogens found naturally in diary and how they need to take ‘more efforts’.

Due to mastitis, a bacterial infection of udders being painful and common in over 25-60 percent of cattle, antibiotics are also injected and are passed on to humans by way of animal products such as dairy as mentioned repeatedly in various studies.

Clearly with so many germs in the udders and inside that go into milk and urine, vaginal and anal secretions that milk may be contaminated with, should dairy be merely pasteurised or just avoided altogether, especially when some of the germs and viruses cannot be killed through pasteurisation. We do not need dairy just as no other animal species needs to consume another species milk.

How can it be that even when common sense tells any human being that taking secretions or dead bodies of an animal and consuming them will be impure, and plants are much cleaner. When so much evidence is there for not one but a plethora of diseases – that human doctors, leading surgeons, local physicians and international celebrities still consume dairy and other animal products?

How can it be that we trust these great doctors and scientists when they are themselves totally unhealthy consumers of animal products and unaware of very basic and simple concepts – such as killing or breeding animals is sexually abusive (rape) and murder and thus morally wrong as well as unecessary. Or that, consuming animal corpses and secretions will cause significant pathogenesis due to germs as well as deadly diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease? How can it be that well educated and well-established people, politicians, businesspersons, teachers, lawyers, judges, doctors and medical scientists still consume animal products in their personal life – what credibility can they have if it is common knowledge that it is wrong, unethical and gross but they still refuse to even go vegan, which is such a simple change to make conveniently in modern life? And why do schools and colleges still serve dairy and other animal products and teachers mis-training children to continue using them in daily life?

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