Veganism vs. Coronaviruses and Other Human Diseases: Part 3

Coronaviruses are groups of contagious pathogens that can infect respiratory tract causing flu like symptoms. Influenza and common flu are also from animal farming and now part and parcel of our human existence as we have normalised illnesses. Various studies indicate that most flus are due to animal pathogens such as varieties of coronaviruses already existing even before the novel covid-19 strains were found.

  1. Did you know that coronaviruses were found for the first time among chickens in 1930s and then in mice and jumped to humans in 1950s and 1960s followed by pigs as per scientific research papers?
  2. Another form of coronavirus in cows, BCoV was accidently discovered by Mebus et al at the University of Nebraska in 1972. They found that vaccinated calves in dairy and beef industry developed diarrhea later than expected with rotavirus, and their feces were free of that microbe.
  3. There are many different varieties of coronaviruses linked with animal agriculture including chicken, pigs, bats and camel related coronaviruses. While science papers inform us that coronaviruses have been connected with animals for a long time they refuse to educate the public about the importance of outlawing or banning the animal farming, exploitation and trading industries that we need to achieve immediately. Animal agriculture is also responsible for variety of ailments that cause suffering and death to humans and not just immeasurable pain to animals of other species.
    Two prior articles written by this author have examined plenty of medical research evidence to demonstrate how animal products are linked with several deadly diseases. A previous article in this series touched upon Bovine mad cow disease and human versions of Jakob’s disease, animal manure infections, toxoplasmosis, brucellosis, parasitic worms, eye diseases, type 1 diabates, AIDS, rabies, acne, eczema, dermatitis, skin cancer, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, while the first article in this series discussed several pandemics, osteoporosis, arthiritis, type 2 diabetes, coronary ailments, respiratory diseases and asthma, allergic rhinitis, sinus, cough, phlegm, thyroid dysfunctions, thyroid cancer, lung cancer, prostrate cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, bovine leukemia (dairy and beef virulent cancer), ebola, H1N1 swine flu, avian flu, MERS, SARS and coronaviruses.
    But can animal products also cause brain damage, ageing and nervous impairement? Some deadly examples are as follows.
  4. Prionic diseases of nervous system caused by animal protein are, as quoted within this science report,
    ‘Transmissible, progressive and invariably fatal neurodegenerative conditions associated with misfolding and aggregation of a host-encoded cellular prion protein and include those acquired by ingesting animal protein.’
    An example of the worst of its kind is the fatal disease of Kuru: A leading research paper describes prevalent practice of Endocannibalism (the eating of relatives) that was a component of certain tribal mourning rituals, in contrast to exocannibalism (the eating of enemies), which was also practiced elsewhere. The report quotes ‘When a body was considered for human consumption, none of it was discarded, except the gall bladder, which was considered too bitter. Meat, viscera, and brain were all eaten, marrow was sucked from cracked bones, and sometimes the pulverized bones were cooked and eaten with green vegetables.’
    This is exactly how people consume animal meat in the modern world even in so called civilized society, consuming muscle tissue, nervous tissue, body parts and disgusting remains of internal organs of dead animals. As humans are also sentient animals just like any other sentient specie is, the only difference between deadly Kuru culture of cannibalism and modern supermarket meat prodicts is that the dead bodies consumed are not of animals who died naturally but are those who were killed horribly for the purpose of food production.
  5. Alzheimers: One of the more well-known ailments linked with priones is Alzheimers, a progressive neurological impairement that affects mental health, memory, cognition and brain functioning caused due to adverse protein accumulation in nervous system. Leading research found that low AGE (toxins known as advanced glycation end products) diet, composed of carbohydrates (e.g., starches, fruits, and vegetables) instead of dairy and meat is helpful in prevention.
  6. Parkinsons: While animal proteins are terrible for mental health, minimizing exposure to these foods such as heme iron, beef and dairy is justified to eliminate Parkinsons as per science reports.
    Several studies showed intake of dairy was associated with Parkinsons risk.
    Old studies also demonstrated an indirect association between intake of dairy products and risk of Parkinson’s disease. One research conducted among 57,689 men and 73,175 women from the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Prevention Study II Nutrition Cohort established that dairy product consumption was positively associated with risk of Parkinson’s disease
  7. Autism: Dairy is frequently one of the foods eliminated in autism treatment success. Researchers noted the weaning times of 145 autistic infants compared with a control group of 224 normal children and found the disease developed where the incidence of breast-feeding was less frequent.
    Another important research has proposed that chicken consumption may be a causative agent of autism, the main suspects being hormonal and other growth-promoting agents.
  8. Psychopathy, Social Bias and Aggression: People are more likely to choose relating with humans who do not consume meat. In studies among omnivorous and vegetarian participants, all participants rated vegetarian targets as more virtuous and less masculine than omnivorous targets.
    However research studies have also indicated that carnism or meat eating is connected to right-wing authoritarianism and social dominance orientation, symbolic racism and sexism.
    Research also typifies that vegans and vegetarians are also victims of cultural and social bias from omnivores and carnists who are angry with their ethical views and are judgemental or prejudiced against vegans. In a study omnivores evaluated vegetarians and vegans equivalently or more negatively than several common prejudice target groups (e.g., Blacks).
    There are several other problems too caused by animal products, but not popularly ascribed to them due to lack of awareness, for example:
  9. Varicose Veins: According to comparitive research of various possible causes, it appears that the Western diet (meat, dairy, eggs, sugar) is the fundamental cause of varicose inducement.
  10. Skin Ageing and Wrinkles: A research on several studies has concluded that and whole food plant based diet is suitable for preventing skin aging. International aggregate research on skin wrinkling has found that a high intake of vegetables, legumes and olive oil appeared to be protective while a high intake of meat, dairy and butter appeared to be adverse to skin health and ageing.
  11. Allergies and Intolerances: Research on food allergy notes that milk, eggs, wheat, fish, soy and peanuts are most often associated with high allergic reactions in childhood.
    However while schools regularly ban nuts in their premises, milk, eggs and fish products are still permitted although they cause a significant number of allergies and intolerances being not naturally suitable to human digestive system designed to consume frugivore diet of fruit and fruit like vegetables. Schools also do not teach the truth to children and continue to spread misinformation that we need animal products and omnivorism.
    The issue of animal diseases and coronaviruses is massively connected. There have been a number of diseases among farm animals that are a danger to humans as well. Simply because we breed and confine them, and murder them needlessly.
  12. Farm Animal diseases: Other lesser known forms of prionic diseases include several variants of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease described in the previous article, which belongs to a group of rare and fatal brain disorders called prion diseases, vCJD is almost certainly caused by exposure to Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) or Mad Cow Disease a prion found in cattle.
    One of them is Chronic Wasting Disease that a report mentions is a disease affecting deer, elk and other antelopes with ‘concerns about any potential for CWD to affect other species, including humans’.
    The report goes on to elaborate that cooking does not destroy prions, and ingestion of another prion, the agent that causes bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), has been linked to a fatal human neurological disease. CWD prions have been found in muscle (meat), as well as other tissues of cervids, and could enter the food supply.
    Another one is Scrapies in Sheep: In the 1940s, more than 1500 sheep developed scrapie from receipt of a vaccine against louping ill virus that contained scrapie-contaminated lymphoid tissue. Other reasons – placenta and amniotic fluid of scrapie-infected ewes when fed to sheep and feces that leads to spread. A report on transmission of scrapie to transgenic mice expressing the human prion gene (Cassard et al., 2014) suggests that there may not be an absolute barrier to transmission of ovine scrapie to humans.
  13. Deadly Plagues: Caused by the terrible smells of rotten animal flesh, dismembered body parts of slaughtered victims, human fecus and animal manure that attracted rodents and infested human world through history due to lack of hygeine, plagues are as research shows, caused by a zoonotic pathogen spread via rats. Similar lack of cleanliness and pollution of our land, air and water is caused by animal farming, animal manure and slaughter even to this day and afecting not only non vegans but vegans as well. Animal farming industries are teeming the entire planet with parasites and deadly germs including viruses that are a threat to everyone, and contaminating our delicate environment with tonnes of slaughter waste, blood and fecus every second and forcing us to be unhealthy.
  14. Hepatitis Outbreaks and Norovirus pathogens: Hundreds of pathogens are associated with animal farming and especially fishing. Consuming marine animals be deadly for human health and economy. For example shellfish are the primary cause of Norovirus causing over 80 percent of all norovirus outbreaks, and 46 percent of Hepatitis A outbreaks.
  15. Malaria and Dengue: Several scientists have explained that deforestation such as destruction of Amazon rainforests for animal agriculture could be a leading cause in vector borne diseases such as malaria and dengue that threaten life and health.
  16. Dietary misinformation: Deadly diet trends such as Atkins, Keto and Paleo diets reliant on animal protein from dairy, meats and fish are of course a danger to every human who tries it with risks of extra fat and protein clogging your arteries, gall blader and kidneys, leading to a plethora of diseases including cancers, heart diseases and diabetes as animal products are well known to cause.
    On top of all this we have coronaviruses and other pandemics that make earth unliveable even for the healthiest animals who are trying to simply because others continue to pollute the atmosphere and cause deadly toxic pathogens to be released by the unnecessary criminal industries of animal farming and fishing. The severe mental deterioration of human society prevents governments, politicians, businessmen, citizens and justice system from thinking rationally and banning animal farming which is the only sane and rational step to take.

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