Hold Your Appetite: Vegan Poetry Book

Are you liberated from the hellish world of animal exploitation?

Would you like to help others gain freedom from this violent and abnormal situation?

Poetry for Ascension for the Vegan Soul and Spirit on animal rights, rebellion and equality are featured in this tasteful collection. But please hold your appetite for a moment, because veganism is not merely another delightful alternative in the kitchen. It is a movement against the deliberate exploitation of sentient animals who are cruelly abused unnecessarily although all our nutritional and lifestyle skills are fabulous enough to be devoid of abuse of even a single creature.

This book is a slap in the face of those consumers who remain reluctant to take just one simple step in the right direction, toward the vegan section of the supermarket, and the system that is corrupt for obvious reasons. These poems are unapologetic as they are dedicated to those billions of non-violent beings who are shattered each year by the enormous crimes occurring in private places all around us. Very conveniently countless babies and adults are raped, murdered and sold off as shoes, belts, coats, sausages, curries and burgers after a life of continuous suffering, violence, coercion, control and domestic abuse. Considered as properties they tarry around in lorries and trucks to their last breath of such horrors imperceptible to humans that are strangely passed off as ‘your personal choice’ in our psychopathic, violent world.

Meat of animals, dairy, eggs and other products surround us in the Devil’s own Hell, a system of lower reptilian consciousness – one that each sane and rational human being should speak out against day after day. Anyone is free to print, reprint and paste these original content of poems all over the streets or your chosen networks or to use them in songs as long as it is for the higher motive.

Hold Your Appetite
Vegan Poetry

As a reader of my blog you receive this newly featured book entirely free of cost on the above download link. More books are available on www.earthhealingnetwork.com/books

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