6 Reasons Why Having a Pet is Morally Wrong

This is not a conventional blog that brainwashes people that everything in the world is good in its own way and we need to harmonise with the Matrix and all its negative or idiotic systems. We see a little kitten or puppy and go ‘aww, how cute’ instantly and never think ‘where is his or her mum?’ The Matrix has fooled us royally by training us all to believe that everything that goes around in the world is ‘alright’ and normal when it is NOT. Almost all of us believe that having pets is wonderful. I used to think this too.

Here are six reasons I have permanently changed my mind.

  1. It is Unnatural for the Animal: All animals love personal independence. They need freedom and space. They need to create own reality (yes, it is not just the vain human mind that manifests its own reality), forge emotional connections with their own community members, hang out with their lot and have their own family and friends whom they value living with. They are not meant to live in our civil system of flats, houses of humans and cohabit alongside us just because we find then cute adorable and cuddly. They need respect and a recognition of their own free will instead of being trained by is to love us and work for us.
  2. It is Unsafe: I had adopted three beautiful stray cats in Mumbai, simply because I was a witch and they were my ‘familiars’. I felt the magic in them and they in me (or so I imagined). Unfortunately city life is not safe no matter how much we try. Cats are free animals and can be hurt by cars on streets easily. Just last weekend I witnessed a gorgeous black cat adorned with a collar killed inadvertendly by a car next to a pub in England. It broke my heart as one of my cats Fehu died similarly being neglected by employees in my absence. Another one called Frey was missing as he slipped out of the open door accidentally thanks to two TV producers who walked in and left my door wide open. The third one Gifu was donated to a slum dwelling worker against my will by my ex partner. I feel responsible for these misfortunes of the innocent and noble cats as he never let me take charge of them or my own life.
  3. The rules are inhuman: Vaccinating cats and dogs is not sufficient and also it is not vegan to vaccinate them. Many pets do not find right vegan pet food supplies too and we end up feeding them other animals cruelly killed in the name of ‘loving animals’. They travel in caegs and filthy compartments in trains and airplanes. They need to be spayed, neutered and chipped that hurts them and destroys their natural appetite and normal sexual as well as emotional health. They get killed if not adopted by animal control agencies or sufer as strays in less developed countries. Keeping a dog on leash is also inhuman – ask yourself how would YOU feel in their place? They are bred through rape. What could be more evil than that? Perhaps animal farming and eating the raped and abused animals is the only worse fate imaginable. That does not make petting ‘pets’ and non consensual euthanasia alright.
  4. They are Wild: All animals are wild, we were too once. We have unwilded ourselves (become tame) and also brought other animals such as little wolves and wild cats out of their natural pleasant habitats into our cruel world since prehistoric stoneage times. The reason humans did this inhuman act was that they wanted the animals to hunt for them (kill other animals for food) and protect the human masters. We need to stop breeding animals, permanently ban not only the sale but all breeding and rewild each specie back to organic reality. Animals are not here to serve us. We have dulled their brains, made them more unconscious, lazy, sleepy and unhealthy by throwing some food or toys at them and giving them a cushion to sleep on. They need their own instincts to be developed and to evolve to the next level.
  5. It is Selfish: We think we are doing a favour by giving an animal a home and we may be right in that temporarily. But somewhere we are being selfish wanting an animal for our child or ourselves to play with at home or to be a guidedog. They need space, a lot of beautiful lush green space where no roads or cars are around, several acres of it alongside their own tribe to play with. A small flat is not right, neither is a city or town house with a garden. Not even a village home or small farm. They need the right habitat or a vegan and ethical sanctuary where they can be unleashed and safe both until there is no more enslavement and breeding or cross breeding to create ‘pets’.
  6. It is Specieism: ‘Eat a baby bird (call it chicken as if it is a vegetable you eat daily). Kill a coakroach, swat a fly, squash a bedbug or spider. But let us love a cat or a dog. Pigs are bacon, hens lay eggs and cows ‘give us’ milk. Sheep get tickled by being shaved by a farmer for wool. Similarly cats like being fat and lazy like Garfield, eating smelly dead meat or beef lasagne and dogs enjoy outdoor walks with us and to fetch that stick or ball loyally in return of stinking pet food – after all they are man’s best friend (giggle giggle)’. The moronic and ever present superiority complex of the human animal has really gone too far. It is ego, not eco and not a path to ascension to a galactic or intergalactic level of consciousness.

Ultimately in karma it is believed that what you do to other fellow humans returns your way as if other animals do not matter or are invisible to the higher self or God/ Goddess/ Universe.

If you believe other animals are here to serve humanity, to serve the busy commuters who return home to a wagging tail and noserub, to be responsible for us by being service dogs or working for police to sniff out smugglers, or to be bred and judged in ugly cat and dog vanity shows, or reptile shows, and to be fed private parts of other animals who are ground up alive or end up as slaughterhouse waste in pet food supply chain, we also may deserve to be treated the same way by someone else. We may end up as a victim ourselves of control and coercion in the long run, until someday we realize our mistakes and reflect upon how we treated other species too.

Would you like someone controlling you, your sexuality, your reproduction, your eating habits, your boredowm, your wellbeing and keeping your confined or leashed? Would you like to be separated from your family members and to live with another specie as per their rules and laws? If the answer is no then you and I too have no right to abuse another specie in the name of ‘love’ because desire is not real love.

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