Modern Science to Replace the Dark Arts of Animal Farming

Imagine this: Your non vegan friend is munching a chicken nugget and you, a passionate vegan activist are celebrating that moment. Why? The nuggets are manufactured through use of stem cells collected from a happy living animal (possibly from a sanctuary) painlessly, infact from a feather shed naturally off the bird. No exploitation, no injection, no procedure whatsoever – and now it can be all grown in plant based serum medium. And through just that one sample – 10,000 pieces or more can be manufactured of chicken tissue that does not just taste like chicken, it is chicken, just without causing pain – buches of tissues grown in labs, flesh that does not have any nervous system, purely meat, not a sentient animal who is abused, farmed or killed but simply meat… no rape, no slavery, no slaughter.

Similar cell technology using stem cells from cows can be used for producing beef that saves the life of not only that cow but 10,000 other cows without even requiring the farming, domesticaton or breeding of a single cow, leave alone the gory process of slaughter that unfortunately has been prevalent since centuries even till now.

Dairy milk and eggs can be manufactured using cell culture without hurting or harming any creature, infinitely…can you imagine how even the most obstinate carnivore, omnivore or vegetarian can now sign our petition to outlaw breeding and slaughter of animals linked below:

Leather, fur, silk, wool, everything without hurting, harming or enslavement of a single animal – without animal farming – therefore all the more reason to outlaw all forms of animal slavery, abuse and exploitation without any reason to debate or argue about the same.

I know what you are thinking, you prefer plant based food and so do I (in addition to vegan) simply because we are naturally frugivore as apes and it is much healthier and tastier (in my opinion) to eat plants.

But do you feel that it is better to vote for this kind of lab meat or other animal products that hurt, exploit and kill NONE and still gets classified as animal meat or animal product, compared with the horrific, outdated and rudimentary system of breeding and slaughtering animals?

We shudder to imagine poor chickens going though hell, kept in filthy so called free range farms, where they hardly have space to move. Millions of females stacked on smelly shelves to produce eggs and unable to see the sunlight in factory farms and battery cages. Birds shackled with metal clips upside down after repeated sexual abuse to be beheaded soon on being scalded in hot boiling water. Male chicks cruelly dropped by the millions into macerator machines where sharp blades grind them alive even as they look helplessly around for their mothers, fully conscious and just hatched out of eggs. This is what you pay for when you purchase eggs or poultry. But you would call me judgemental if I told you the truth because you do not want to feel directly responsible for causing the pain and suffering (although you ordered and caused the crime) and you still want to consume animal products instead of a plant based alternative to chicken or egg replacer?

Think about the cows that are raped repeatedly to produce babies who are cruelly pulled away from them immediately upon birth and then killed if male with a shotgun in their head, chopped horribly for veal, while females are sexually abused and impregnated just as their mothers for milk production, till they cannot take it any more and fall down to be sent to a slaughterhouse and their throat slit cruelly with them at times thrashing their legs about wildly in pain, watching a pool of blood streaming out of their neck. This is what you may very well be paying for when you purchase dairy products. But you want to be a proud ‘vegetarian’ for the last 45 years and strangely unable to buy oat milk or delicious plant based cheese alternatives even now?

Female pigs are raped and then spend most of their preganancy in cold steel cages or farrowing crates and their babies newly born moving around them as the mothers cannot even move an inch to feed them or cuddle them, the babies taken away and bashed on concrete or anally electrocuted for meat called ‘sucking pigs’, or more commonly killed in masses in gas chambers as they scream out horribly. This what you pay for when you buy pigs in blankets and ham, pork and bacon. But ‘bacon though’ is all you say?

Animals are heaped together in thousands of numbers after being skinned alive for leather and fur. But you show them off as ugly fashion and third class status symbols, calling them ‘bio-degradable’ instead of faux fur and stylish plant leather?

Sheeps bleeding for wool. Thousands of silkworms boiled alive for a bit of soft fabric. But you like the ‘feel of it’ instead of the vegan alternatives that feel exactly similar?

Little bees raped, evicted from their homes and massacred for stealing honey. But it is ‘ayurvedic’ medicine and maple syrup won’t do?

Fish are plucked out of their beautiful watery homes, away from their loved ones, and suffocated to death, often hacked with bloody knives fully conscious and in great pain. This is what you pay for when you buy fish fillets. But you are ‘just pescatarian’ because going vegan and buying fishless fillets made of plants is so hard for you?

The vaccination and life saving drugs you are waiting for, in the name of human welfare and virus eradication for covid-19 and oher germs may be from animals such as unborn baby cows killed cruelly in the womb of their slaughtered and raped mothers, besides being tested on monkeys who suffer incredibly. Yet, you believe the suffering of humans is more important to heal even at the expense of very graphic cruelty and death to other species?

None of these horrific crimes (or products) are necessary, yet these crimes are legal even in so called ‘good’ countries, the developed world. If we still have animal farming and fishing how developed can we be? Plant based foods are nutritionally adequate and can be used to manufacture varieties of delicious meals on the planet including pet food, without compromising on taste and nutrients. Plant based vaccines using plant based serums are completely possible

The darkest of evil has no comparison with animal farming and fishing that put every other crime or cruelty known to humans to shame. What if all of this evil crime of animal breeding and slaughter can be avoided through modern science thereby preventing the entire abnormal concept of farming and fishing?

Especially when some people refuse to be frugivores and insist they cannot live without animal products (citing medical reason and stating doctors say they will die without animal protein) – an actual heated, although I suspect fraud argument received from an Extinction Rebellion activist this year at Parliament Square London to scare me off my petition – the option of lab made cell propogation technology could help us outlaw the animal farming and fishing industries for good without those nasty arguments.

Another more popular or obvious benefit of stem cell technology is that we can produce vaccinations and medical equipment without exploiting a single animal and even human cells can be cultured for helping in surgery and saving lives. Currently surgical sutures are implants involve animal slaughter to obtain animal tissue, vaccines use animal products and fetal bovine serum made of pregnant cows and their killed fetuses which is wrong, when we have a technology that can use human stem cells to produce all possible medical products and surgical goods.

What are your views? Do you feel that lab cell culture is the right step forward and will it ever be positive enough to be acceptable to the strictest of vegans although still not suitable for plant based dieters?

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