9 Contradictory Statements by Ethical Experts versus Vegan Gurus

Although Ahimsa is a sankrit term for non-violence adopted by some verbally, it is rarely practiced by humans in actuality. Neither do most Jains collectively speak against evil dairy or refuse to altogether consume its products, even after learning all about its violent rape and abuse of cows, calves and bulls, nor do most Hindus and Buddhists who talk about Ahimsa practice veganism and plenty of them are non-vegetarian. With veganism becoming popular and with the consisted efforts of Veganuary that is again in feature this month, we have of course all been enlightened on the way consuming animal farmed products directly causes horrific suffering.

The following geniuses and masters who are international luminaries have at times verbally advocated compassion and equality of all beings, but do they always seem to practice the same ethics they preach?


  1. Richard Dawkins

Celebrated pioneer of evolution and ethology, famous for alleged anti-semitic sentiments, maintains that other animals feel more intense pain than humans as explained here and promotes veganism. He also also speaks of lab meat of animals and human meat. Yet he was not vegan after all these years of knowledge saying he is trying to be vegetarian but eats meat outside home.

2. Jane Goodall

World famous global researcher, ethologist and primatologist Jane Goodall while advocating veganism, promoting PETA campaigns is clear that coronavirus happened due to lack of respect for animals in this Plant Based news article. However she seemed to like rennet from murdered baby calves too much to go vegan as per her reditt interview on Ask Me Anything quoted here describing a love of cheese. In another news feature she insisted that she is virually vegan ay home but finds it difficult on the road and is not vegan but plant based and clearly calls herself vegetarian not vegan in the following clip.

  1. David Attenborough

The man behind the very acclaimed documentary Life on Our Planet who promoted love for nature and advocated diet change is not vegan himself and has quoted in a recent interview “I do eat cheese, I have to say, and I eat fish.” He admits he is not even vegetarian and believes we are biologically evolved to ‘eat everything’ in his own words in the following interview clip:

  1. Neil DeGrasse Tyson

The luminary asrophysicists who has been captivating audiences has been reported in a page to have tweeted that cows are machines invented by humans to convert grass to steak and you can listen to this statement in his own voice in the clip below with audience responding with resounding claps loud cheers and laughter, as he went to justify that instead of plant based diet we should find another way to physically remove CO2.

Phew, that was disgusting, but scientists usually rely on knowledge instead of heart based conscience. But what about voices of some very illustrious saints, masters and world renowned spiritual experts.


  1. Louise Hay
    A leading figure behind the popularity of new age spirituality including planetary compassion and love shared her favourite chicken and salmon recipes and probably refused to understand ethics and morality of animal exploitation as explained in her facebook recipes to us ‘dear ones’. A favourite recipe video shared below displays the headless body of a brutally murdered bird on her kitchen tabletop which she and her authors proudly advertised is an ‘organic pasture fed locally murdered’ chicken and ‘very healthy’ as a dead bird could be. The way they spiritually ‘massage’ the brutally killed chicken saying ‘we love you more when you are cooked’ is nothing but horrible, all to promote a book ‘Loving Yourself to Great Health’.

6. Sadhguru
Well known turbaned guru featured in media the world over to promote chakra meditation and teaching not to eat meat, he claims in one of his best known speeches that cows should be ’employed’ for milking because this is a human world and there is no place for cows to be except on farms. He believes that if they are not exploited for milking they will have to be slaughtered immediately and eaten up (thereby completely ignoring the lack of ethics and prevelance of rape in dairy and displaying sheer ignorance of animal farming secrets). He has also seems to believe as per another video linked here that it is best to eat fish as it is a ‘simpler animal’ explaining that less evolved animals have poorer ‘memory codes’ compared to mammals, who are more complex and ‘closer to you’ and thus completely ignores sentience of fish.

7. Eckhart Tolle

In the interview clipped below Eckhart Tolle clearly does not promote vegan sentiments, infact he makes fun of the concept and wrongly quotes that Hitler was vegetarian, and avoids the main question which was Ahimsa by saying that he listens to his body when he goes to supermarkets to buy foods and buys whatever ‘body opens up to’.

8. Dalai Lama

One would expect the leading proponent of Buddhism to care about animals and to condemn rape and exploitation of animals, however he seems to consume meat regularly and of course dairy including ‘mare’s milk’ and ‘yak tea’. It appears according to this source that he gave up meat temporarily in India but continued consuming dairy, developed hepatitis B infection and was strongly asked to resume eating meat by his physicians. Recently he chose to be a verbal ambassador for world animal day encouraging plant based diet for environment.

9. Mooji

The famous speaker and guru has been criticised by others for controlling minds and converting vegetarians to non-vegetarian by his coercive brainwashing methods in a medium feature. In the following QandA session he explaines to a follower why she should not feel sad for animals while diverting attention to humans who suffer so much due to their own ‘projections’, claiming injured animals are enjoying existence and to not volunteer in a sanctuary but to continue to listen to his satsang, insisting that being vegetarian or non vegetarian has nothing to do with awakening. He claims that it is only a light of ‘knowledge’ from Buddha that is worthy, not deeds of compassion.

There maybe many others for instance,

Leaving behind the ordinary, there are also inspiring examples such as the following spiritual masters:

Deepak Chopra: The renowned author who published recipe books featuring ‘consumption of every type of taste’ including dead salmon and chicken in the past, patiently says he is a vegetarian since the last few years due to his awareness of animal suffering owing to the way meat was manufactured, and aspiring to go vegan’.


Has sternly stated that non-vegetarianism is just like cannibalism and is inhumane. He has also explained that until humans continue to consume animal products including cow’s milk, we will not rise above sexual and sensual tendencies as cow’s milk is for the cow’s infant and taken through sexualisation of bulls leading to their cruel slaughter as explained in his discourse featured in the vegan publication.

Thich Nhat Hanh:

The famous Buddhist monk and poet speaks about the importance of compassion and need to focus on reducing the suffering of animals by watching videos that expose animal farming secrets.

Unlike some of the bad examples you can of course join the few who are morally consistent and Go Vegan today, if you are not already one, and encourage other to do so by trying Veganuary. It does not take any time or a great amount of effort as vegan options are too many to count. All you need is simply an understanding that animal farming is based on heinous crimes of rape, enslavement and murder so that you do not want to have any hand in evil. Please inspire others to be morally consistent with their beliefs in ahimsa instead of merely following ignorant masses. Let us no longer be victims of evil animal farming conglomerates and archaic systems of spiritual and scientific confusions that are no longer valid.

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