10 Surprising Matrix Body Language Cues Related to Animal Products

‘We Become What We Eat’ is a popular saying. This could literally be true. Both non vegetarian or so called vegetarian consumers of animal products commonly have body odour, smelly armpits and bad breath besides being prone to asthma, eczema, blood related diseases, low immunity, breast cancer, bone problems, hormonal, brain and heart issues among many diseases. However they can also display several Matrix Body Cues of non verbal body language, reminiscent of the victim animals whose murdered remains or secretions they still consume.

The aura of the animals exploited by our system seems to be imprinted upon us almost permanently or rather, electro-magnetically. While we believe our DNA physicality is entirely genetic, our morph-code of non-verbal body language carries the hidden essence of our victims. Not only have we gained extra layers of animal protein in our brains making our heads thicker and intelligence lower, we behave, talk and control our bodies artificially, having lost our true nature.

In my personal experience I have seen the following clear or lucid signs of what kind of animal products a person has been consuming by simply reading the overt facial expressions and body movements of their matrix body.

  1. Dairy: Those who consume milk products of exploited, raped and brutally abused cows, display flaring of nostrils, swaying head and neck in front upwards and downwards, raising chin up while talking, scratching of head and skin, itching of ears, itching around nipple region. They can also close and open their eyes slowly while talking or listening. They often have blocked or stuffy nose, thick earwax and throat problems.
  2. Eggs: Eggs are periods of birds and not surprisingly period problems as well as stomach ailments are possible in egg consumers. The most common non verbal physical cues of egg consumption is that the dilation of eyes. If someone consumers eggs their eyes become wide, shining with a glint when they talk. They also have mucousy cough.
  3. Chicken: Those who consume birds such as chicken have strong head and neck movements, such as pushing head front and back repeatedly. They can walk tiptoe or rotate leg in fancy way to walk gracefully. Their legs can move apart in opposite directions while running or even sitting. They may have a downwards smile. They can clear their throat while talking, sniff and scratch shoulder blade with chin. They also touch their tongue to their ‘canines’.
  4. Fish: Consumers who eat fish can be recognised by the way their eyes blink together as their eyelids quickly shut strongly inwards and open in spontaneous way while talking or communicating. They also contract their retina and narrow their eyes slightly at times while looking at you. Their eyes can stare hard at times extending the white portion. They can tremble head side to side while talking. They also commonly have a runny nose.
  5. Shellfish: Consumers of shellfish and prawns scratch their midriff and waist region or the side of their stomach area. They have smooth nostrils and wipe the bottom of their nose horizontally with their index fingers. They often have wide fulcrums which they emphasise with overt pouts. They can feel scratching on the surface of their palm region reminiscent of the crustaceans body pincing them.
  6. Pigs: Pig consumers display pouting behavior with lips pressed forward. They sniffle quite often with their nostrils and may have an upturned nose. They can also twich and narrow their noses or wipe nose with one finger. They have a close mouthed wide false grin stretching lips side to side and also salivate.
  7. Cows: Those who consume beef and leather of victim cows or buffalo meat use their eye lashes to look up and glance around them fancifully. Their neck sways sideways with head in front while talking. Their hips sway in a swift gait while walking.
  8. Bulls: Those who eat steak can have wide nostrils and their head can dangle downwards in front of them with shoulders low to make their slighlty hunchback posture reminiscent of the animal whose products they consume.
  9. Lamb: Those who eat lamb or goat’s meat display shaking of head up and down repeatedly while talking and shrug shoulders. They rub hair and scratch their joints or thighs. They often emphasise or hollow out cheekbones by pursing lips together. They also wiggle tailbone area.
  10. Sheep: Consumers of innocent sheep’s meat and wool shake head sideways repeatedly while talking. They can also shiver and quiver their head and body. Their eyes glaze upon their environment as if out of focus. They may dislike coloured skin.

We are semi-alive or awake in a simulation while our true self is unconscious and we have lost memory and contact with our real self. Our earth simulation of the matrix is manufactured electronically through AIs (Artificial Intelligences) that are programs, demons or lower angels controlling reality and can manufacture mucous and organic matter in simulation. Much like the Biblical story of Genesis (Garden of Eden) states, we are not in heaven, having consumed the forbidden fruits of animal products by causing loss, pain and suffering to other sentient beings whose energy imprints we carry karmically in our matrix body. Some cultures believe that we could also reincarnate as our victims or suffer in similar ways in present life form, in order to learn empathy.

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