Nine Reasons to Go Wild and Fruity

Did you know the answer to most health problems could be hidden in our lifestyle habits, especially our diet? Over centuries we have been conditioned to salivate at the thought of eating hot, strongly flavored, highly cooked and processed foods. The more you are exposed to media, the more you would feel the urge to dial for fast foods or go out to restaurants. When hungry your possible instinct might be to reach out for unhealthy snacks bought from the supermarket. These nine reasons should be enough to help you make a wiser choice from now on :-

  1. tomatoes-101845_960_720Fruits are parts of plants specifically meant to be eaten. Nature could not have given the message out more clearly.  Fruits, including fruity veggies are naturally shed from the tree or plant when ripe so that  hey are consumed. If they are designed to be eaten you could not go too wrong in including them majorly in your diet.
  2. ape-44564_960_720.pngHumans share maximum characteristics including our possible ancestry with apes who thrive on fruit based diet. Our teeth, jaws and bodies are well designed for eating and digesting fruits. In contrast, meats and dairy products cause stomach complaints in almost every human at some point of time. Time to ape the apes?
  3. colorful-pumpkins-959509_960_720Fruits including fruity vegetables that are technically fruits, contain fiber and most of the nutrition our body needs making them a fantastic candidate for the major portion of our diet.
  4. piglet-1033217_960_720Absolutely no creature is harmed or hurt if you focus on natural organic fruits and fruity vegetables. This is the part of your diet you can consume totally guilt-free and assured of positive karma.
  5. strawberries-764708_960_720Fruits and fruity vegetables are yummy. Next time instead of reaching out for chocolates, cakes or sweets…dig into a kiwi or melon instead. In a few days you will wonder why you ever craved for chocolates and sweets. Most of these cravings are created by consumerism. Fruits are what your soul prefers.
  6. girl-1081721_960_720You save hundreds of hours each month of cooking time because fruits are prepared ready to eat by mama nature. Besides the fact that raw foods are also the healthiest, you also get more time to meditate and do more positive things.
  7. eggplant-671910_960_720You get your sugars naturally leading to fewer insulin imbalances or better control of diabetes. You  will also avoid a host of other health problems including cancers, heart disease, blood pressure, etc., by cutting down on unhealthy carbs and fats. Eating a mix of sweet and salty fruits is best. Aim for variety, especially brinjals, cucumbers, gooseberries, peppers, tomatoes, tindas, guards, squashes, zucchini…. those are fruits too, not just the sweet ones.  Avoid juices and think whole.
  8. tennis-15844_960_720You are going to get your real and beautiful body and radiant skin back. And that too without expensive weight loss programs. Your real body is your natural one, which you would effortlessly achieve on eating fruits and fruity vegetables.
  9. money-256282_960_720Money saved is money earned…enjoying a bunch of healthy fruits at lunch or tea-time is better for your wallet than those takeaway meals or coffee shop trips. The benefits of a fruity diet do not stop at health!.

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