Five Super-Easy Ways To Go Eco-Friendly

You do not necessarily need to rush to an eco-friendly store and buy a lot of ‘eco-friendly’ products in order to start living a more eco-friendly life. Sometimes simplification can be the easy way to natural living. Living a healthier life on a healthy planet is possible right now with these simple daily initiatives that each of us can adopt without much ado.

  1. Always carry a large foldable bag or a smart looking big bag when you go shopping. Not only will you save money in buying new bags at last minute, you will also do nature a favour by reducing the demand and usage of plastic which indirectly helps a LOT in reducing overall plastic manufacturing. Say no to the cashier when he or she offers you a plastic bag.  You will certainly look much smarter without those ugly plastic bags in both your hands.  Plastic_bags.jpgbags.jpgeco
  2. Is your shopping list full of processed foods that are packed in boxes,  bottles, cartons, cans and plastic covers? If you are interested in a quick meal and used to buying ready packaged foods, you will find that in the same or lesser amount of cash you can enjoy delicious fruits and salad vegetables that can simply be washed and eaten without much cooking or spicing. Not everyone is lucky to have a garden or allotment space to grow your own foods as often as you can. Why not try to buy more fresh and healthy raw foods from your local grocers and give your body as well as the planet a health boost? Ditch your processed foods section in your supermarket and head to the fresh food store instead. Processed-Foods1.jpggrocery-store-2619380_960_720.jpgproduce-2472015_960_720
  3. Go easy on your makeup and personal care products. The natural look is not only much more attractive, it is also a life-saver for our eco-system simply because all these chemical based products we use on our body and skin can damage our environment and not just our health. We can reduce the risks of various cancers and allergies while enjoying the fresh feeling of beautiful and healthy skin, no matter what our colour. Allow your inner radiance to shine
  4. Get your news online and the lesser and more positive, the better. Huge amounts of trees are cut to manufacture papers even to this day. We still find people reading papers while commuting and at home when all they are filling their mind with is news about violence, accidents and murders that are of no personal relevance most of the time. The only people benefitting from these papers are advertisers who draw attention to purchase whatever we do not really require. The more negativity we read, the more we attract because what goes into our head also projects out as our reality. Instead, try being more choosy and get your news only as and when really needed online, and go easy on your ad exposure.british-newspapersmedia-1.jpgunnamed
  5. Keep separate bins for separate types of trash for recycling and composting. Many families have just one large bin at home for all kinds of trash that cannot be recycled even though their local government allows recycling and waste segregation. You can have a much cleaner environment both at home and outside and save the planet which you live on, simply by using differently coloured and labelled bins for different types of trash. Your home will look and feel better as a result too. If your local authorities have not introduced recycling you can form a group and encourage people to create a movement and motivate the relevant authorities through people power. Dirty_trash_can_overflowing.jpgbinsplace-small-home-recycle-bins-in-key-locations-to-encourage-recycling-21808008.jpg

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