Positive Action – ‘Dump’ the Milky Way?

In ‘Pale Blue Dot’, Carl Sagan muses if an alien explorer were to fly by Earth, the first thing it would notice is not signs of urbanization but abundance of methane in the atmosphere or to put it succinctly, ‘bovine flatulence’ – not a flattering assessment of intelligent life on this planet!

This popular video makes a quick case study around that.

Can’t be bothered? Then, this hard hitting video can make your cringe and question that.

In this simple article, that many can easily relate to, one writer talks from experience on how living without cow’s milk can’t really kill you.

Seriously. If going vegan is a challenge, why not try out milk substitutes for a change?

delicious-non-dairy-milk-alternatives.pngImage: http://meatmeetsvegan.com/tag/substitute-milk/


Bhaskar Dutta is a self-help author and IT specialist based in London.

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