Positive Book: The Present Un-tensed

Who says the past cannot be changed. It has already changed – into the Present!

Discover how exactly you can utilize the power of the present moment by allowing yourself to let go of everything that held you back. By being aware of your thoughts you can cancel our the negative and manifest the positive. Let your words be the creative power of divine spoken through you. Why not put the unwanted in the past tense and let your present be un-tensed. Through simple guidelines and easy exercises this books helps you reach the cores of your feelings, emotions and beliefs that help you return to the present moment awareness on a day to day basis.

Transform your tensions into intentions and open up the gift of life right now.

Have a fantastic new year.




By The Positive Media

Earth Notes: Gratitude to Life by Rani Iyer

Earth Notes: 


Gratitude to life, Gratitude to Earth

Rani Iyer

At one time, during a mega-monsoon rainstorm, I stood under a tree on a cliff. A particularly loud thunder cloud opened up and poured its energy in front of me. The rocks shook. The soil shook. I was shaking inside, visualizing an earthquake or other disasters. I held the tree and said, “I am alone here. Are you with me?”

The answer was a huge bolt of lightning, followed by a thunder that opened up the clouds. I sat under the tree and watched the rain come down in sheets. There was no chance that I would able to get out of the place in the thunderstorm.

Gradually, fear was replaced by curiosity.  I noticed the impromptu waterfall and streams of water flowing all around me. The buttress I stood on was like a throne. I sank into the throne. The chirping cicadas and calling monkeys were familiar calls. I felt very much a part of everything around me. I felt gratitude to Earth resonate in me. My heart pounded Thanks! Thanks!

The moss that trembled like my heart, the leaf that danced fearlessly in the wind, and the worms that came out in the rain and celebrate it was each a treat to watch. It was as if life was celebrating around me. For me. Me?

Some thoughts carry enormous power in them. This one word opened up the world locked within me. The walls melted and merged with the world outside. We were no different. We lived with our own rhythms. I created my own inner landscape with mountains of impossibilities and peaks of possibilities. I too had beautiful thoughts that flowered in the peaks and valleys. Anchored on the peaks were trees of intention, which were growing for many years. Some trees had thorns. Others had sweet fruits. Some had scented flowers. Each one was beautiful. Each one no different from the tree I sat under.

For some nature is a teacher. For some nature is an inspiration. Many find that nature often provides them with answers to their seeking or questions. Nature is more than all that. It is the very source of our existence. What is in nature is also within us. Whatever is within us, we inflict on nature. The two have been different until now. We can change that with our awareness.

With awareness, we can cultivate a beautiful garden in our peaks and valleys. We can offer these flowers back to nature. Our actions and gestures can heal, shower and share our gratitude and gift of life. Our worlds will merge. In gratitude, we stand, with the Earth in our hands.

rani iyer2Rani Iyer is the author of over ten nonfiction books and over 70 magazine articles. She writes about science, nature, culture, human-nature interactions, and natural ecosystems. Rani Iyer has visited and worked in many temperate and tropical forest systems in Asia and North America. Her favorite place on Earth is to be among the old growth mixed temperate evergreen rainforests at the Olympic Peninsula. Her experiences as a tropical field biologist, scientist, instructor, laboratory assistant, and as an administrator inspire her to write. You can read more on http://www.raniyer.com/ and on her amazon page 



Seven Differences Between Being Spiritual and Being Gullible

Spirituality is about being in touch with our inner wisdom. This inner guidance helps us in making choices that help in enhancing growth, awareness and peace. It is great to be open-minded, mentally flexible, receptive and trusting. This is however very different from being foolish or easily misled. Here are seven ways of knowing whether you are being the wise ever-learning Fool or an ignorant fool.

  1. Check Facts First: Sharing news, information, reports after checking their authenticity is always better. Sometimes in spiritual groups and forums people spread a range of incredulous hoaxes, apocalyptic fears and conspiracy theories that have no real basis and are purely fabricated by overactive minds. Some people make tall and fraudulent claims for self-promotion. Always support and cross-check stories with your intuition in addition to confirming with reliable resources.magnifier
  2. Do Not Get Manipulated: Some people have been using hypnotic techniques not for healing or helping but for temporarily manipulating minds in order to sell something that is not actually required, or to indoctrinate others in certain ways to thinking or behaving that may not actually serve everyone’s best interests. Being spiritual does not being of a malleable mind that can easily be led into other people’s agendas. manipulation
  3. Love Not Fear: If there is something negative, fear-based or hateful in any ideology, belief or practice then steer clear. Such paths are not really spiritual. Choose only things that harm none, improve your life and help you let-go of the negative. Once again your intuition will guide you well. If it does not feel right it most likely isn’t. heart-583895_960_720
  4. Do Not Allow Yourself to Get Drained Out: Some people attach with others with an aim to constantly get something out of them, either materially or mentally. Emotional, psychic or energetic vampires have been found in both in physical groups and e-groups trying to get maximum attention or sympathy from others while taking away from the essence or purpose of the event. They also sometimes befriend you to hound your time. It is necessary to cut them out as well as switch them off mentally, so that you can regain focus and allow them an opportunity to self-heal which is what they really need too. switch off
  5. Be Authentic: Being spiritual does not mean you need to wear a false mask of sweetness and be ‘nice’ to others no matter whether they are harming or helping. If someone is trying to harm you in any way it is perfectly alright to shield yourself and detach from them. If someone is clearly harming others it is perfectly alright to raise awareness and alert those who are in danger so they can be protected. Support the positive, not the negative.mask-1431136_960_720
  6. Down to Earth: Some spiritual enthusiasts get into a trance like state and become overbearing, trying to show off their importance, or pretend to channel messages all the time, whether or not they are asked to. Spirituality is not about calling yourself fancy names, being spaced our or imagining you are someone superior to the rest of the universe. If so then you are in a state of duality. True spirituality is unity and integration with everyone and everything which melts away our lofty egos and imaginary personas. Not just a chosen few, but everyone is a multidimensional being of infinite power deep within! Respect all.stones-801756_960_720
  7. Ignorance is Not Bliss: Being spiritual does not mean being in a trance without self-awareness or self-realization. Taking a drug, retail therapy, being drunk, hypnotizing yourself to feel positive or any other way of artificially inducing a ‘happy’ state make you dependent on something or someone external and therefore are not ways to true or lasting inner happiness. True bliss comes with meditation which is not about any ‘technique’ but is simply being with the inner-self by stilling your mind. This leads to real self-love and true happinessspiritualSwati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on www.amazon.com/author/swatiprakash


Seven Reasons for Being More Spiritual

On one hand we have seen people who are purely materialistic and for whom the physical world observed through the five outer senses is all there is. Yet, on the other hand we have spiritualists who believe that the outer perceivable world is mere illusion while the truth is hidden within. In this internet driven corporate world, why should you try learning and practicing spirituality at all, when success is measured through the size of your material achievements? Well, it turns out that those who are purely material are prone to losing their health, wealth, happiness and success all too easily, while those who are spiritual seem to have blissful lives even with a modest lifestyle.

Here are 7 powerful ways that spirituality can transform our lives forever…in a way that materialism never can:


  1. PROTECTING FROM THE NEGATIVE: At the base of it we all have to deal with our fears that manifest in the form of various negative situations and experiences around us. Spirituality teaches us that everything that happens on the outside has an inner cause,even those things that seem to be happening to us through others. Therefore if anything negative has been observed anywhere in our life, the source is most likely to be an inner fear that caused it. Release that fear and replace it with trust…that’s the way to peace. Being spiritual helps us by transforming our fears into love because we know that everything has its source deep within us. This way no matter how much the negativity that surround us we know that if we find peace within we shall be  just fine.
  2. ATTRACT POSITIVE EXPERIENCES: Just as we know that fears caused our sorrows, we know that positive thoughts and emotions will bring us positive experiences with equal certainty. Spiritual secrets can surely help bring us more abundance, real love, lasting peace, joy and success in anything that is positive for our whole self. The moment we shift our focus to inner peace and start feeling better it begins to create all good things that our soul truly desires us to have. We might find that we are effortlessly attracting a better quality of friends, relationships, opportunities and situations than ever before and we accept them with open arms.
  3. PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT: It is ignorance that makes us feel vulnerable, pitiable, sad, hurt or victimized. A spiritually aware and enlightened soul knows that every moment there is infinite energy within at all times. The awareness of what lies within us expands our inner power to the extent that we can help ourselves anytime. Whether it is our physical or monetary health, career or personal goals, there is less of dependency on others and more self-reliance. We know that an inner switch can change everything for the better and that we can manifest our life with our own choices at any point of time as we keep brimming with limitless positive energy.
  4. DEEPER HEALING: Spiritual energy connects our mind, body and soul together seamlessly as we know that everything is ultimately woven with threads of spiritual energy alone. Since this positive energy is the source of all there is its enhanced flow can heal everything at every level of our being. The moment we shift our focus to the spiritual through meditative state, an enhanced flow of spiritual energy is triggered and staying in this peaceful radiant state continues healing us from inside out. From physical to social life, from home to all of earth, spiritual healing helps everything and everyone in a tremendous way.
  5. AWARENESS: Learning the truth and sharing the truth that we have learnt help us in expanding our consciousness and that of the universe. The remarkable fact is that as our consciousness expands it helps in expanding the consciousness of everything around us too. This consciousness when awakened is the power that transforms the entire world for the better. Whether through books or discourses, workshops or seminars, we know that amazingly wise teachers and masters will find us eventually and we will be equally enlightened provided we follow and practice what we have learnt with total dedication.
  6. SIDDHIS: Once we attain a higher state of consciousness and learn more about who we are, it increases our magickal and psychic powers in several ways. Through spiritual practice and inner focus we awaken our natural yet latent superpowers that are a necessary part of our spiritual awakening. We not only realize but actualize our multi-dimensional, infinite nature. In time we know that there is absolutely nothing that can be called impossible because we become masters of the illusion of life, rising above all of it. We are no longer limited by anything around us and ready for the next level of awakening.
  7. MOKSHA: The highest possible reason for being spiritual is that it sets you free from all illusion. Contrary to what you might have been told before, relinquishing desire may not lead to liberation but to deeper blockage or repression. The right way to be liberated from all desires is to find a deeper contentment. At this greater level of spiritual progress there is little else that you would seek. Imagine that you could have just about anything in the world right now…yet you feel that you have everything already…in-fact in a very real way, you know that you already ARE everything. With nothing more to want or seek, nothing left to crave for, you are ready to be permanently liberated from the illusory nature of the world process and be one with your ultimate truth.



Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and teacher. Her writings can be found on www.amazon.com/author/swatiprakash

Twelve Positive Symptoms of Spiritual Growth and Ascension


Spirituality is all about discovering our inner self, the part of us which is beyond the physical, mortal or limited existence. While there are many of us who discover our spiritual truth through regular meditation and spiritual training, some of us experience an awakening all of a sudden, whether through dreams or near death experience. With proper practice and wise guidance we can gracefully handle all the new awareness being opened up throughout our journey.

Here are a few pointers to help us understand the inner changes we experience as the real symptoms of spiritual growth. If we are experiencing these changes in our life to some or the other extent, it is a sign that we are following the right spiritual path and practice. If yet to experience them, especially if stuck in negative symptoms or experiences …then it is merely a matter of time we will move on to the next level, provided we keep meditating and learning constantly from the right sources:

  1. From Outer to Inner Awareness: Spiritual growth is accompanied with psychic, emotional, physical and mental changes as our inner senses are opened up. We become more perceptive and sensitive to the hidden nature of reality. Before spiritual awakening people saw the world with only their limited five senses, dismissing any spiritual information given by others as ‘unscientific’. After spiritual awakening we can more easily experience the astral or subtle dimension, see more meaning in dreams and receive messages in meditative state.  The unconscious is made conscious helping us in healing unknown blocks as they are revealed to us.
  2. From Negativity to Positive Transformation: As hidden blockages and negativity are brought up into our conscious awareness it can be uncomfortable to some people at first. Through the right spiritual training and inner work we learn how to release our fears. Slowly psychic disturbances reduce, whether insomnia, nightmares or disturbing visions, physical pain or discomfort as blocks are being healed, or emotional highs or lows as we shift from material to spiritual awareness. We attract more positive people, situations, energies…We accept new and positive changes in our hobbies, career, relationships, beliefs and attitudes as our inner vibrations transform for the better.
  3. From Stress to Peace: Before spiritual awakening people usually saw the world as a fixed reality that they had limited power over. Day to day life was stressful and fearsome for many of us then. Through the right spiritual study and meditation we gain inner stillness and peace of mind. We begin to see how peace is always within us and can be found anywhere and at anytime regardless of situations. Slowly our inner peace starts radiating all around us to create waves of peace everywhere we go. At times people can automatically feel and sense the calm and healing waves of peaceful energy flowing in and around us too.
  4. From Anger to Understanding: Before spiritual awakening we would have felt upset at others, whether family, teachers, colleagues, society, politics, god or deity….blaming them for all problems and difficulties. As our spiritual awareness rises we begin to realize how we create our own life experiences at a deep inner level. We understand that everyone is going through their own cycles of learning just like we are. We can empathize and understand the reasons for their issues, their fears or worries while remaining detached at the same time; allowing them to learn and focusing on what we must learn. We begin to also detach from our own expectations from them thereby putting ourselves in a place of real power.
  5. From Victim to Magickal Being: Spiritual awakening helps us see how we are manifesting our own life experiences from moment to moment. We are no longer victims of fate or destiny, helpless and incapable of influencing our own life situations. Instead of blaming stars and planets for the patterns of our life we begin to realize how celestial bodies and everything in nature merely guides us through intuition and symbolism, toward our own inner psyche. We start applying this wisdom to transform our own inner energy, our beliefs and our vibrations with the result that our own life improves and transforms from inside out.
  6. From Pity to Respect: With enhanced spiritual awareness we are less likely to feel sad or unhappy about the state of the world. Instead, we start feeling more positive about the potential and capacity of the world to change. There is a sense of respect for everyone as a divine being who has their own positive energy or power hidden within them. Instead of seeing people as under-privileged, lesser-fortunate or vulnerable, we recognize their potential for complete and total transformation. We serve them best by helping them realize their own power instead of merely handing them some spare change.
  7. From Guilt to Self-transformation: Being spiritually aware also helps us gain power over our own hidden blockages, addictions or fears. Instead of feeling guilty or regretful about something we did or did not do, we focus on the present moment from where we can create transformation. When we see our problems and mistakes as lessons and learn what we should from them, they stop bothering us repeatedly. Our own inner patterns are reset through this learning. We replace our own self-limiting ways of thinking, feeling or behaving with those that serve our highest good.
  8. From Disease to Wellness: Spiritual work and meditation enhance and improve the energy flowing through us. When we know that it is energy that is manifesting as our physical life, we begin to master our own inner state. This leads to a better well-being and deeper healing that unites our mind, body and spirit as one. Through proper and dedicated practice we learn how to be less affected by the outer world and how to maintain inner balance. Dependence on medication and drugs reduces automatically with the right meditative practice.
  9. From Hunger to Contentment: Those who lived solely in the material dimension and seldom tried meditation were likely to be engrossed in the endless search for pleasure, entertainment, fame, wealth and status, life after life. On the other hand by enhancing our spiritual awareness we discover a deeper part of us which is forever happy, peaceful and content in itself. Instead of seeking constant stimulation through food, sex, internet, socializing or shopping we start feeling more and more satisfied from within. This way we discover the true meaning of abundance consciousness.
  10. From Ego to Humility: Most conflicts, enmities and power struggles were caused due to a feeling of separation between ‘me’ and ‘the rest of the world’. Our ego was hurt easily when we were spiritually unaware of who we are. Spiritual practice helps us learn that the world and our personal self are deeply interwoven; that everyone is somewhere connected to us, and we to them. We see a great divine being in every person and thing uniting us as one greater Self. This way there is no scope for pride, egotism, inferiority or superiority – just a recognition that everything and everyone is simply here to teach us the higher truth.
  11. From Selfishness to Love: Spiritual ignorance has been the root cause of all evil, having manifested as hate, attacks, corruption, lack of ethics or anything that was harmful in nature. Through spiritual awareness we all are now realizing the real meaning of love. We have truly begun to grow as spiritual beings when we discover unconditional love and compassion. Instead of trying to serve our lower, limited, physical selves at the expense of others, we begin to realize the value of being harmless, kind, forgiving and positive towards every being regardless of how they are.
  12. From Illusion to Truth: Spiritual realization and awakening are the real ways to be truly liberated and freed from the illusions of ups and downs, suffering and pleasure, happiness and sorrow. Deep within us is pure peace and bliss. This true happiness does not depend on whether or not we have something or someone in our life. We realize that outer life is merely an illusion manifesting through a play of our desires and wants, fears and hopes, conscious and unconscious thoughts. We discover our innermost truth which is infinitely more satisfying than anything can ever be. This sets us free!


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Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and founder of Global Wicca. You can read more on www.swatiprakash.com


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