How to Move Upwards In the Spiritual Food Pyramid

As our awareness levels rise all over the globe, we see that people are regaining interest in healthy and spiritually positive lifestyle, especially food and diet. Not all foods are at the same spiritual level. We need to incorporate in our lifestyle more spiritually positive foods in order to have a healthy and positive life.... Continue Reading →

Five Great Reasons to Go Vegan!

Latest scientific research has confirmed that going vegan can benefit all of us and our planet significantly, saving millions of lives. While you can read the full report HERE we bring you some of the core reasons why a vegan diet is a more positive one: Love Yourself: Being positive begins with being good to our-self.... Continue Reading →

Super Food: Romanesco

A strikingly beautiful edible plant the Romanesco (named after Rome the city where it was primarily cultivated) is in the group vegetables such as cauliflower and broccoli.  The fractals of nature - the sacred spiral like forms linked with the universal code of creation, can be seen in abundance in this vegetable. You cannot but... Continue Reading →

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