Eight Easy Ways to Reduce Plastic Everyday

Plastic, short for pliable elastic, was invented in 1907 and contained no molecules of nature whatsoever, making it hazardous to the environment as it does not biodegrade like other natural substances. Within just a few decades plastic has managed to pollute our planet to a great degree by being falsely marketed to us as an... Continue Reading →

Seven Ways to A Better Earth

We all have witnessed fears concerning climate change owing to industrialisation, pollution and exploitation of earth's natural resources, while wars and religious extremism have fueled political exploitation of land based on dogmatic justifications. While earth has suffered there is still a ray of hope if we can follow some of the paths of wisdom, peace... Continue Reading →

Eco-friendly News – Green Initiatives by Apple Inc, Cape Town Tuk-tuks and State of Arizona

http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000507384 Tech Giant Apple Inc has started use of 80% recycled paper bags nd ditched its use of plastic bags. The note advises Apple employees to ask the customer if they would like a bag before giving them one. If Apple stores still have plastic bags in stock, they will use those before switching to the... Continue Reading →

Eco-Friendly News -Green fashion from around the World

http://www.theupcoming.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/HM-1.jpg Leading Global brand H & M has unveiled a new collection of Wedding Dresses which are made from eco-friendly fabrics and are also quite affordable. These timelessly weave the latest trends with environment-friendly textiles. The designers reveal the aesthetic behind these creations - for traditionalists, a high-neck lace gown with long romantic sleeves created from... Continue Reading →

Positive News Today – Eco-friendly cabins, mushroom packaging and polymer pillows

http://cdn.nextshark.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/cabis-e1456516092299.jpg Austria based company Wongwagon has launched 'eco-cabins' which are just 25 square metres in space and made entirely from environment-friendly materials such as clay plaster, larch wood, sheep's wool whivh provides insulation. The solar photovoltaic panels generate electricity while batteries at the bottom of the trailer conserve it for later use. The large windows maximise the... Continue Reading →

Positive News Today: Green Initiatives in India

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-micFYneV-pU/VR9-mD718iI/AAAAAAAA6y8/4BKAKO6XqAc/s1600/eicher-superfast-ksrtc3.jpg Kochi will soon have CNG (compressed natural gas) buses into the KSRTC fleet which will ensure a clean transport system in the State. The project which is being planned for introduction on a pilot basis, will continue to give people the option of an  environment-friendly transport mode. CNG buses are already functional in many... Continue Reading →

Positive News Today – Eco Friendly Inventions

With the awareness of Climate Change and the effects of global warming, the World leaders and its people are waking up with ideas and inventions to save the planet. Here is a look at some innovative technologies the past week. You can now live in an eco-friendly mobile home while on vacation with The Ecocapsule!... Continue Reading →

Positive News Today – Stories fom Japan, Nigeria and Australia

Starting off the New Year 2016 on a positive note: here's more positive news from around the globe! Read about Kamikatsu - A Japanese Town that which separates all its garbage in 34 different sections so that all the produced waste can be recycled. Its aiming to be "Zero Waste" by 2020. Read the full story here... Continue Reading →

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