World Peace News: Peace in Syria and End of Terror in Middle East and Nigeria

Peace in Syria is being created right now according to sources. “In general it is safe to say that the war, at least its critical phase, has come to an end,”

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The Hindu has reported that The coming together of Russia, Turkey and Iran to discuss a diplomatic solution to the Syrian crisis is a welcome development.

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Governments all over the world have been successfully trying to protect their citizens from terror attacks as evident in Australia recently.

At the same time terrorist forces in Syria and Iraq have been targeted strongly with an intention to break the stronghold of Daesh and related terror groups and restore peace and harmony in the middle east.

In Nigeria, in the meanwhile, terror group Boko Haram has been defeated and the kidnapped girls returned safely in time for Christmas.




Permanent World Peace Right NOW in Three Easy Steps!

Who does the buck stop with? Who is responsible for the state of the world? Who is the absolute creator of this universe?  Why do we pray to an external power? Only because we have not realized our Self yet. Within all of us is the same ONE soul through which infinite universes are popping in and out at this very moment. World Peace has already been created right now within! Kindly join us in the event below to celebrate and energize earth and feel free to spread the light.


The intention: ‘We now manifest eternal peace and bliss on earth’.
From the date you read this until 21 Sep 2016 (Day for World Peace) we will send energy waves of peace and bliss to every nation on earth everyday, hereby banishing all conflicts and manifesting a happy and positive world for all in these three simple steps:
1) Light a white candle on any day, or daily if you can with this intention and repeat: ‘The world Is Now at Peace permanently, with harm to none so mote it be’.
2) You can add more energy or focus by placing a world map or a globe, or focus on the event photo for helping you visualize world peace. Mentally and emotionally feel peaceful vibrations or white light filling the world, absorbed deeply in each and every particle of the world.
3) Bring yourself to a state of inner peace by relaxing your mind and entering a meditative state. You may close your eyes gently and be with your natural breath observing yourself coming to a state of inner peace to aid the process. You will be increasingly able to maintain this peaceful state in your daily life.
You will also see amazing signs of world peace soon. Please share your experiences and observations if you can in the comments below!
Thank you for joining us in a peaceful world. Feel free to spread the message and invite others who may be interested.

Five Simple Steps: Meditation For Inner Peace

What do we focus on if all the news we see in media today is focused on war or turmoil? In these times it is necessary to go within because when you see nothing outside that inspires you, there will be something within that helps. No matter what is affecting the outer world, it is only the inner world that truly matters. Everything around us depends totally and wholly on what is WITHIN. By meditation we reach a state deep within that makes it impossible for us to manifest any unease outside in our personal physical lives. If we all were in a meditative state, we will have a peaceful universe instantly. Yet you are not supposed to worry about why others are not at peace. Your only responsibility is to be at peace within YOURSELF right now!

For the uninitiated, here are some easy steps:

  1. Wherever you are just sit in a comfortable yet alert posture and relax your mind.
  2. Most beginners find it helpful to close their eyes gently and be with their natural breath for the first few minutes.
  3. With the noise of thoughts reducing, there will be spaces between your thoughts and slowly the space will increase and the mind will come to peace by itself.
  4. This inner peace is your true and natural state of being. Stay with it for as long as you can. Beginners can meditate for 30 to 60 minutes each day for practice. Give it time = give it priority.
  5. With continued practice you will find that you can maintain this inner peace at all times with least effort without any technique. Welcome to the real you!

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The World on Wednesday: Peace and Protection

Several innocent lives were lost due to extremists who believe in controlling the world using violence and terror. We all know that the best way to purify the world of such negativity is through the power of positive energy. Terrorism thrives on terror and fear and its best defeated by being fearless and positive. The more we spread positive thoughts, peaceful ideas, love and compassion, the faster we can heal the world.

Defeating terrorism using war or attacks is a temporary solution as negative energy can once again manifest in some or the other form. However when we realize the need to be more positive and to build a peaceful world, using meditation, positive thoughts, healing and kindness, we are sure to prevent such incidents in the long run by ensuring that people do not go on the wrong path due to close mindedness and lack of positive education.

Hating religions is not a solution either, because it is not the concept of religion or spirituality itself that is the culprit, in-fact it is the inability to accept the diverse and colorful array of traditions and beliefs all around us which is a problem. The agenda of extremism is to paint the entire world in a monotone by forcing one limited belief on everyone. The main lesson we learn from the enemy of extremism is to not impose our own narrow beliefs on others and to not harm anyone by realizing that spirituality is something within and not found in any one book or narrow teachings. In-fact, spirituality is another name for being peaceful and self-content without the need to control anybody.

Take a few moments to close your eyes, meditate and then imagine that it is possible to have a loving and compassionate world where nobody harms anyone and allows each person’s unique spiritual truth to flower and grow without any rigid control. Refuse to be dismayed or controlled by terror and be fearless knowing that we all have One soul that is eternal and invincible.

Instead of focusing on negative images and fearful thoughts, think, share and spread ONLY positive. Our mind is powerful and will create what we focus upon. Thank you for making the world a better place!



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