World Peace News: Peace in Syria and End of Terror in Middle East and Nigeria

Peace in Syria is being created right now according to sources. "In general it is safe to say that the war, at least its critical phase, has come to an end," Read more: The Hindu has reported that The coming together of Russia, Turkey and Iran to discuss a diplomatic solution to the Syrian crisis is a welcome... Continue Reading →

Permanent World Peace Right NOW in Three Easy Steps!

Who does the buck stop with? Who is responsible for the state of the world? Who is the absolute creator of this universe?  Why do we pray to an external power? Only because we have not realized our Self yet. Within all of us is the same ONE soul through which infinite universes are popping... Continue Reading →

The World on Wednesday: Peace and Protection

Several innocent lives were lost due to extremists who believe in controlling the world using violence and terror. We all know that the best way to purify the world of such negativity is through the power of positive energy. Terrorism thrives on terror and fear and its best defeated by being fearless and positive. The... Continue Reading →

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