Ascension Disclosures: Demons Not Angels, Part 13

Similar to Inception movie and The Matrix movie programs are all around us in this well architected simulation running through or mental energy entirely and this mental energy is giving rise to people around us that are manifestation of these programs as characters in this dreamworld. You could also compare them to characters in the Jumanji movie video game system in which players are trapped only to meet humans and animals who repeat certain actions, ways of speaking, specific behaviors and body movements robotically in a pre-programmed way and are not real people at all but crafted out of Artificial Intelligence in the virtual world that we all feel trapped inside of currently.

Top Paradigm Shifts in Science, Computing and Technology of 2015

As you and I wind down the year, let's consider the top paradigm shifts in science, computing and technology of 2015 that already promises to transform how we will work, play and tap energy in the year ahead!   Science. As governments wake up to daily news and memos of their nation's ‘environment performance’ and... Continue Reading →

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