World Peace News: Peace in Syria and End of Terror in Middle East and Nigeria

Peace in Syria is being created right now according to sources. "In general it is safe to say that the war, at least its critical phase, has come to an end," Read more: The Hindu has reported that The coming together of Russia, Turkey and Iran to discuss a diplomatic solution to the Syrian crisis is a welcome... Continue Reading →

Peace and Life Returning as Terror Ends

The Guardian has reported that peaceful life has returned to Jalawain Iraq where most of its 80,000 residents had fled post IS control due to terror, now over 66,000 residents are back to resume life with their families. MORE HERE Finally US and Russia are moving towards cooperation in resolving the crisis in Syria. "We are... Continue Reading →

Syrian refugees have found home in Canada!

The silver lining Syrian refugees needed is here! Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau along with many other politicians, volunteers and locals personally greeted thousands of refugees who landed in Toronto. Its a warm sight and an inspiring call to the World Nations, as Canadians greeted Syrians with hugs and winter coats. They have been... Continue Reading →

Positive News Today

  A strong momentum to reverse global warming and improve our environment has been achieved and a final international agreement to reduce harmful carbon emissions is on its way now.   Top companies are now going green by switching to renewable energy sources.   There is always something positive in everything afterall. Countries... Continue Reading →

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