Positive News Today: From Smart Phones to Smart Shoes

Imagine you are on a holiday and need directions to a place you are visiting. Reaching out for google maps on your smartphones? Wait a minute, why don’t you wear the Sneakair Shoes by Easy Jet – they have sensors that vibrate telling you which direction to turn into, whether left of right at each step of your way. MoreĀ About Them HERE

These are not the only such ‘smart shoes’. Take a look at these digital shoes that track your calorie burn, their own usage… and much more

Having a bit of a fashion crisis with you latest pairs of sneakers? Technology comes to your rescue again! Here are some digital shoes that can change their design from minute to minute through your smartphone. Just like changing your wallpaper….

What’s positive you say? How about sensor readings that can help the shoe adjusts its cushioning in each foot to protect your feet and maintain their health?

Finally the blind can see through such shoes that can detect any hurdles on their way as a substitute to their walking sticks. Who say’s technology cannot be positive?

Positive News. Always!



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