Positive News – Massive Ocean Cleanup In Progress!

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Given our planet’s surface is 3/4th water, cleaning up the oceans is not only necessary to save aquatic life but essential given the proliferation of non-disposable and dangerous waste. Equally harmful for animals that rely on it for food as well as for all of us, this waste if left unchecked could mean more plastic than fish by 2050.

Let’s checkout the worldwide efforts to fix this concern so that the beach next to you is a sight to behold!


  1. Ocean Cleanup Project (crowdfunded, non-profit) started by a 21-year old raises $2 million.


  1. Giant fabric mops up massive oil spills in the open ocean to save marine life.


  1. Army of nanobots suck out heavy metals from murky waters under an hour.


Positive News. Always.

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