The Path of Light-working and Ascension

Light = Awareness. We cannot heal our reality and our planet for Ascension if we are blind to our own faults and continue on a destructive path of negative karma that leads to our downfall.¬†We can be an angelic being of light not only through mental visualization but through an Actual Practice of Ascension which... Continue Reading →

11 Types of Foods to Avoid and Their Positive Replacements

Much of the foods cleverly packaged, branded, advertised and widely distributed in supermarkets can actually cause us tremendous harm. Even though we might see many people around us purchasing and consuming these everyday we should not assume that it is alright for us to follow suit. Most importantly, even though they may not always pose... Continue Reading →

Health is a Choice

You improve your health whenever you make postive choices such as: Vegan/ plant based diet Raw, whole and natural fruits and veggies Sattvic diet - less oily, less spicy and freshly consumed Eating only when required instead of impulsive/ compulsive eating Plenty of natural exercise, walks, active lifestyle, housework Spending time in nature Saying no... Continue Reading →

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