Positive News: Major Transformation in World Energy Systems

Its victory to Green Power as predicted by the New Energy Outlook 2016 report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Transformation and decarbonisation of the world’s power systems is now on in full swing and by 2040, zero-emission energy sources such as wind and solar will account for over 60% of the 8.6TW of new power generating... Continue Reading →

Positive News Today

  A strong momentum to reverse global warming and improve our environment has been achieved and a final international agreement to reduce harmful carbon emissions is on its way now. http://news.yahoo.com/final-push-landmark-climate-deal-end-fossil-fuel-040818222.html   Top companies are now going green by switching to renewable energy sources. http://www.huffingtonpost.in/2015/12/11/bmw-google-have-promised-_n_8781842.html?utm_source=TOInewHP_TILwidget&utm_medium=ABtest&utm_campaign=TOInewHP   There is always something positive in everything afterall. Countries... Continue Reading →

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