Is Karma About Reward and Punishment?

We all have a past. But do we all have past lives? Some of you would question past lives entirely. Afterall what proof can we have that we reincarnate? For those of you who believe in past lives or reincarnation, the questions are different. Why do we reincarnate? Are we supposed to suffer the consequences of our past life mistakes in our present? Are we here to reap the rewards that were pending from our past life? Are we here to even our accounts with someone we related with? Or are we here to reunite with specific soulmates?

Fortunately regardless of whether we believe in past lives or reincarnation, we all can agree upon one thing. That we are here right now….Our present moment is all we can be sure about.

The purpose of life itself may not be known to science, but all of us can know from our own hearts, who we truly are from deep within. Our behavior, thought-process, our skills and talents, our fears and choices, our likes and dislikes…..all are changeable with time. Therefore even if we have had a past, or who knows how many past lives, right now, we are something much beyond it.

It follows therefore that our future is not limited by or defined by our past but something that is being generated by our present choices. All that we have chosen so far whether in past lives or in the past of our present lifetime, up-to right now…has led us to only one thing. Our present!

Karma is another word for ‘work’, i.e. what we do with our life. Karma is not a synonym for past life energy following our present lifetime. It can simply refer to our deeds even in this very lifetime or even – right now.

The main thing to understand however is that it is no matter what our past deeds might have been like, the present moment is totally a new opportunity that we have to choose how we think or act. In other words, our karma is our own choice made entirely through our free will in the present moment regardless of our past.

We all know that every action comes with certain consequences depending upon various laws of nature and our world. However all the consequences finally boil to the way we feel in the end. Having material success might give joy for a while to some of us, while spiritual peace might lead some others to tremendous bliss. Our consequences therefore are not entirely about the specific reward or punishment that comes from outside but our own feelings and inner state in this very moment.

Our past might be something that chases us time after time until we are even and all our accounts sorted by providing us lessons after lessons in the form of our actions and consequences. Yet, ultimately we are all learning who we are through the various lessons that life puts us through. We all are learning certain core values such as peacefulness, love and kindness that make us an evolved human. These deep lessons need not come from anything or anyone from outside, they can simply emerge from our true self through quiet contemplation and meditation.

We can be free of our past and at peace with all there is regardless of our past deeds or past situations.  Moksha or liberation from our karmic cycles of life and death is possible regardless of religion or belief. The solution to all our past life or present life issues might simply be this: Forgive, Let-Go and Be at Peace.


Five Secrets of Our Soul

Who are we? Why are we here? People have begun to ask these questions now as our intelligence develops as a powerful specie on earth. Here are a few thoughts to help ease our mind and provide deeper perspectives regarding our spiritual truth.

1. We all have a Common Essence: Everything that has a form has also a deep formless energy at the core as being discovered scientifically and understood spiritually for ages. Basic logic would tell us that everything that exists in formation must have emerged from a formless primordial state. This state of energy would be beyond body and mind. This inner peace and thought-free state of being can be found through meditation as our true Self. It is within us all the time.

2. Our Common Inner Self is Infinite in Potential: The inner state of peace and pure consciousness that is the creator energy is simply an infinite potentiality which is capable of taking innumerable forms. It is like a zero that twists into infinity. As the zero state has infinite potential it simultaneously exists in infinite forms right now while being zero at the same time. It manifests as the omniverse with infinite number of beings of infinite variety including our present form.

3. Everything is Energy Changing Form through Innumerable Deaths and Rebirths: We all know energy is neither created, nor destroyed…it only changes form. If we are energy, which we most certainly are, and our true self is the primordial energy of the creator, we have existed in innumerable forms in past, present and future in infinite universes. We are in truth multidimensional beings existing throughout space and time through this self-created illusion of infinity.

4. We Have Forgotten Our Essence for a Purpose: As our true self is our common One soul, infinite and multidimensional it manifests with the help of Ego. Our ego is not necessarily evil. It is a limited self belief to help us stay grounded in one particular reality at a time. In each lifetime we forget who we are and create a new body and a new story to express various potentials, talents, skills, thoughts, and to have various experiences, both good and bad. We encounter various people and creatures and go through various situations that mirror ourself back at us. Through these various egos we learn various aspects of who we are systematically to fulfil our infinite potential step by step.

5. We Remember Who We Are Sooner or Later: As the one divine consciousness or creator energy within us feels more and more fulfilled through various forms and incarnations, it begins to develop higher forms of intelligence. In human form we begin to remember that we are the One and we have not only reincarnated once but infinitely to become all there is. All of us begin to see ourselves as various parts of our common self. Thus the world starts to heal with love, respect, peace and kindness to all beings through this divine interconnection.

Five Famous Reincarnations – Positive Achievers in Science, Arts, Religion, Business, Politics

You know that joke about a rich man who consulted a psychic to find out who he’d be in his next life? Planning to make out his will, he wanted to know about his next incarnation so he could leave all his wealth to himself.

If truth is stranger than fiction, then recently a man in Wiltshire found a well-preserved Roman villa with valuable artifacts buried in his own backyard – a find hailed as ‘unparalleled in recent years’. What makes it intriguing is this man occupationally designs luxury rugs for Roman aristocrats and is fascinated by Roman history ever since he visited Pompeii as a child. Go, figure!

You can read about that discovery here.

Irrespective of the fact, if headlines on reincarnations grab your attention like nothing else or the very mention of it anywhere elicits a grunt from you, we ask you to suspend disbelief and take a look at five famous (suggested) incarnations that either sound quite plausible or been ‘explored to death’…

1. Politics/Religion

In the first page of ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’, the author refers to memories of a past life. This was published back in the 40’s, when few in the West believed or were even familiar with the idea of reincarnation. Today, many believe the author, Paramahansa Yogananda was a reincarnation of William the Conqueror. This is brilliantly researched in the book, ‘Two Souls, Four Lives’ and further supported in ‘Walking with William of Normandy’ – a couple of enjoyable reads among others and if you are also curious about other possible reincarnations of Yogananda, you could well refer to this ebook.


2. Politics/Science

From a Himalayan Yogi to American aviator, inventor, author, activist, explorer as Charles Lindbergh, President Lincoln could have reached ‘rarefied heights’ politically, aeronautically and spiritually few only dream of. ‘The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln’ points out this karmic connection in great detail.



3. Politics/Arts

In ‘A Tale of Two Statesmen’, remarkable parallels are drawn between Winston Churchill and Napoleon Bonaparte by the Director of Churchill Archives Centre- underpinning a remark by Paramahansa Yogananda that they were the same souls. It is interesting to note, Churchill (who won a Nobel Prize in Literature) had finally learnt a lesson on war that had eluded him as Napoleon.


4. Science/Business

From building private rockets (SpaceX) to the fastest ever transport (Hyperloop), Elon Musk is the perfect example of one not only undeterred by failure but goes on without loss of enthusiasm from one failure to failure as is evidenced by his tenacity to fire up rockets even after expensive failures. He is well known for his frequent quotes on ‘not accepting failure’, an attitude he was equally known for in his previous incarnation as Thomas Edison, if this revelation/observation is someday proved true.


5. Arts/Science

Brian Green is a leading string theorist, highly cited science writer and a self-confessed fan and die-hard follower of French writer and Nobel Prize Laureate, Albert Camus. In this tell-tale interview, he shares his undying commonality with the famous philosopher that can only be described as a past life connection.

“I sort of re-read Albert Camus every few years. He has a hold on me in a very deep way, his ability to weave deep philosophical questions together with the  human concerns that we all have, into what I find to be riveting stories, makes him a compelling thinker.”

The article goes on to say, Dr. Green’s love for Camus isn’t the recently discovered intellectual regard of a guy in his 50s. It goes way deeper. It has occupied him most of his life, from the time he discovered Camus in his father’s bookshelf as a teen, through his doctorate on the six hidden dimensions right up to his present day quest of quantum gravity in describing cosmic microwave background radiation – the image of Camus, cigarette hanging from his lip, lurks beneath his equations…

Besides a quirky likeness, wiki shows Green was born 3 years after Camus died.



As incredible (or fanciful) all this may sound, notwithstanding how our past was, point is we can still be inspired by men and women, past and present and probably ask ourselves, how we would like to be remembered in the future?



Bhaskar Dutta is a self-help author and IT specialist based in London.

Your Positive Tarot Message for the Week

This week’s positive message comes from the Literatarot Asia deck published by and available at the Museum of Tarot, Italy made in collaboration with 22 Indian artists. This card called Judgement is by Sangeeta Pai and represents the message of Vishnu Purana.


Judgement is a message of re-birth and re-awakening, when our consciousness is called forth into light. For each time and age of the world the creator of the world takes an avatar to protect us from evil. Vishnu represents our own inner consciousness which is born and reborn through the ages to help us deal with our self created demons of ignorance and to save goddess earth from destruction. The puranas have described Vishnus avatars transforming from Matsya (fish) at the beginning when earth was covered with water, to Varaha (boar) that lifts earth out of the water creating land, Narsimha (lion-man) indicating the primeval wild nature of life, Vamana (dwarf) indicating the earliest humans, Parsurama (axe-man) indicating early civilization, Rama (human) indicating modern mankind, Krishna (super-human) indicating mental advancement of civilization, Buddha (conscious human) who helps us discover inner-self and finally Kalki (final avatar) who ends the dark cycles or Kaliyuga and allows a new birth of the planet.

With this card, meditate and reflect upon the time we all are living in. How can we integrate with the consciousness within us to end ignorance and transform our world from negative to positive? Perhaps we all are an important part of this process represented by Vishnu’s Kalki avatar! There is a lot of power within all of us and we all carry the essence of God or consciousness within to be awakened fully soon.

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