New Method of 3D Printing of Human Tissues to Revolutionize Medicine


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A team of researchers led by Professor Hagan Bayley, Professor of Chemical Biology in Oxford’s Department of Chemistry recently devised a way to 3D print living human tissues in self-contained cells at extremely high resolution using the above featured printer. The method developed by the team is superior to older 3D tissue printing technologies as it prevents cells from moving about once printed out.

Advanced 3D tissue printing technology could be of immense help in regenerative medicine enabling the production of complex tissues and cartilage to repair or replace diseased and damaged areas of the body. This technology can also help reproduce human tissue models that could take away the need for clinical animal testing.


Earlier technologies for 3D printing of living cells and organs can be viewed in this video.




Latest Breakthrough: Eye Lens Regeneration Cures Blindness


Instead of using artificially implanted lenses, scientists have now managed to help stimulate the eye to grow a new lens. Children born with cataract blindness have been the first to benefit from this stunning new breakthrough described as the finest yet in regenerative medicine. Experts hope that this procedure could benefit older patients too.

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