Signals From a Far Off Galaxy

A radio burst from a distant galaxy has been used to conduct a cosmological measurement for the very first time. It looks like only 5 percent of the universe is the regular matter that we can see. Of this 5 percent we were able to detect only half so far. The rest of the missing regular matter has been accounted for now through this radio signal coming from a distant galaxy. Though a lot of us might be tempted to assume that aliens are causing these signals, scientists are still waiting for an exact cause of these FRBs (Fast Radio Bursts). More Here

The amazing thing about the universe still remains  this – approximately 95 percent of it is made of stuff we do not yet perceive or understand, namely dark energy and dark matter. Doesn’t that make us feel more in awe of the world we are living in?

Confused about what is dark matter and dark energy? Here is a video that might help:

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