The Global Spiritual Revolution

What is it that the world needs the most today and always? Is spiritual awareness not the one thing that can change everything for the better? Explore these ideas about a new global spirituality that is taking over the world today. Learn about the five sacred elements of nature that have been honored in the east and west in the form of earth, water, fire, air and spirit. A multi-religious approach based on the law of karma – to Harm None, explained in detail through the three-fold law of karmic return. Learn about the ways to banish negativity and manifest positive energy through exercises and techniques involving the five elements as connected through our thoughts, intentions, emotions and physical actions with the divine guidance of the higher self or Spirit at each step in alignment with out intuition.

Seven Differences Between Being Spiritual and Being Gullible

Spirituality is about being in touch with our inner wisdom. This inner guidance helps us in making choices that help in enhancing growth, awareness and peace. It is great to be open-minded, mentally flexible, receptive and trusting. This is however very different from being foolish or easily misled. Here are seven ways of knowing whether you are being the wise ever-learning Fool or an ignorant fool.

  1. Check Facts First: Sharing news, information, reports after checking their authenticity is always better. Sometimes in spiritual groups and forums people spread a range of incredulous hoaxes, apocalyptic fears and conspiracy theories that have no real basis and are purely fabricated by overactive minds. Some people make tall and fraudulent claims for self-promotion. Always support and cross-check stories with your intuition in addition to confirming with reliable resources.magnifier
  2. Do Not Get Manipulated: Some people have been using hypnotic techniques not for healing or helping but for temporarily manipulating minds in order to sell something that is not actually required, or to indoctrinate others in certain ways to thinking or behaving that may not actually serve everyone’s best interests. Being spiritual does not being of a malleable mind that can easily be led into other people’s agendas. manipulation
  3. Love Not Fear: If there is something negative, fear-based or hateful in any ideology, belief or practice then steer clear. Such paths are not really spiritual. Choose only things that harm none, improve your life and help you let-go of the negative. Once again your intuition will guide you well. If it does not feel right it most likely isn’t. heart-583895_960_720
  4. Do Not Allow Yourself to Get Drained Out: Some people attach with others with an aim to constantly get something out of them, either materially or mentally. Emotional, psychic or energetic vampires have been found in both in physical groups and e-groups trying to get maximum attention or sympathy from others while taking away from the essence or purpose of the event. They also sometimes befriend you to hound your time. It is necessary to cut them out as well as switch them off mentally, so that you can regain focus and allow them an opportunity to self-heal which is what they really need too. switch off
  5. Be Authentic: Being spiritual does not mean you need to wear a false mask of sweetness and be ‘nice’ to others no matter whether they are harming or helping. If someone is trying to harm you in any way it is perfectly alright to shield yourself and detach from them. If someone is clearly harming others it is perfectly alright to raise awareness and alert those who are in danger so they can be protected. Support the positive, not the negative.mask-1431136_960_720
  6. Down to Earth: Some spiritual enthusiasts get into a trance like state and become overbearing, trying to show off their importance, or pretend to channel messages all the time, whether or not they are asked to. Spirituality is not about calling yourself fancy names, being spaced our or imagining you are someone superior to the rest of the universe. If so then you are in a state of duality. True spirituality is unity and integration with everyone and everything which melts away our lofty egos and imaginary personas. Not just a chosen few, but everyone is a multidimensional being of infinite power deep within! Respect all.stones-801756_960_720
  7. Ignorance is Not Bliss: Being spiritual does not mean being in a trance without self-awareness or self-realization. Taking a drug, retail therapy, being drunk, hypnotizing yourself to feel positive or any other way of artificially inducing a ‘happy’ state make you dependent on something or someone external and therefore are not ways to true or lasting inner happiness. True bliss comes with meditation which is not about any ‘technique’ but is simply being with the inner-self by stilling your mind. This leads to real self-love and true happinessspiritualSwati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on


The World on Wednesday: Peace and Protection

Several innocent lives were lost due to extremists who believe in controlling the world using violence and terror. We all know that the best way to purify the world of such negativity is through the power of positive energy. Terrorism thrives on terror and fear and its best defeated by being fearless and positive. The more we spread positive thoughts, peaceful ideas, love and compassion, the faster we can heal the world.

Defeating terrorism using war or attacks is a temporary solution as negative energy can once again manifest in some or the other form. However when we realize the need to be more positive and to build a peaceful world, using meditation, positive thoughts, healing and kindness, we are sure to prevent such incidents in the long run by ensuring that people do not go on the wrong path due to close mindedness and lack of positive education.

Hating religions is not a solution either, because it is not the concept of religion or spirituality itself that is the culprit, in-fact it is the inability to accept the diverse and colorful array of traditions and beliefs all around us which is a problem. The agenda of extremism is to paint the entire world in a monotone by forcing one limited belief on everyone. The main lesson we learn from the enemy of extremism is to not impose our own narrow beliefs on others and to not harm anyone by realizing that spirituality is something within and not found in any one book or narrow teachings. In-fact, spirituality is another name for being peaceful and self-content without the need to control anybody.

Take a few moments to close your eyes, meditate and then imagine that it is possible to have a loving and compassionate world where nobody harms anyone and allows each person’s unique spiritual truth to flower and grow without any rigid control. Refuse to be dismayed or controlled by terror and be fearless knowing that we all have One soul that is eternal and invincible.

Instead of focusing on negative images and fearful thoughts, think, share and spread ONLY positive. Our mind is powerful and will create what we focus upon. Thank you for making the world a better place!



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