Seven Ways to A Better Earth

We all have witnessed fears concerning climate change owing to industrialisation, pollution and exploitation of earth's natural resources, while wars and religious extremism have fueled political exploitation of land based on dogmatic justifications. While earth has suffered there is still a ray of hope if we can follow some of the paths of wisdom, peace... Continue Reading →

Ten Ways to STOP Inviting Negativity into Your Life

Have you ever asked - 'Why Me?'...or 'Why do bad things happen to good people?' Are you wondering why your prayers and wishes have not worked? Or why thinking positive, donating to charity or being 'nice' has not really helped you transform your own life yet? Here are some ways you can indeed change things for the better... Continue Reading →

Health is a Choice

You improve your health whenever you make postive choices such as: Vegan/ plant based diet Raw, whole and natural fruits and veggies Sattvic diet - less oily, less spicy and freshly consumed Eating only when required instead of impulsive/ compulsive eating Plenty of natural exercise, walks, active lifestyle, housework Spending time in nature Saying no... Continue Reading →

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