Intuition + Intention: 5 Steps to Create and not Just Predict Your Future


There are some people who believe in Premonition – a clear vision or awareness of what lies ahead on your path before you physically get there is possible. Perhaps we have read about various prophecies in religious or spiritual books or biographies as made by various spiritual masters. Or we could have had a personal and direct experience of ESP through clairvoyant dreams or visions that tell us exactly what will occur in future and have directly verified it as true. Some of us have enjoyed astrology, tarot and other devices of fortune-telling and have been often surprised at the accuracy especially at the hands of a genuine psychic. Others who are disbelievers may not be open to any premonition yet or even afraid to experience the same, whether out of religious fear or scientific skepticism.

But for those of us who have had any experience close to a premonition, what does this phenomena tell us? Does it mean that our future is entirely ‘Predestined’ and if yes by whom – an outside person we call ‘God’ who is controlling our reality? Or does it tell us in advance what WE are manifesting or literally ‘making up’ in our dream called life through our own choices in each moment?

Could we have a higher ‘Self’ – a part of us that is awakened and existing beyond time-space that can see through the illusion of time and show us where our current timeline is going? Can this higher Self also help us alter our course or timeline to manifest a better life on earth or beyond? How can we awaken ourself and free our consciousness to higher levels of multi-dimensionality and spiritual ascension?

  1. Meditation: Find some time for yourself and detach from the humdrum of daily life for a few minutes to an hour a day by gently closing your eyes and breathing through your heart center. Feel peace and watch your thoughts fade away into inner silence for as long as you can. With time and dedicated practice you will get better over the months and years of meditation. This exercise helps us tune into our inner-self or consciousness which is beyond mind and body. As our we become increasingly aware of our consciousness we will be more awakened and reunited with the Higher Self beyond time-space. At later stages we might have prophetic and awakening messages and visions to accurately guide us ahead or upwards in our life.
  2. Higher Intentions: As per higher guidance or intuition we might get a sense of what feels right to us in our day to day life. Our higher Self when awakened will help us choose a direction that is best for us. This will help us hold only positive intentions regarding what we wish to manifest in our life. We might want to verbalize our intentions or write them down in the form of positive affirmations in the present tense as if those wonderful things are right now being experienced by us and not mere wishes or prayers. For example, “I am enjoying a state of phenomenal health and wellbeing right now”, “I am so grateful that only good things are happening to me and my loved ones from this point on”, “I live in a happy world where peace and kindness prevail in every heart.”
  3. Positive Emotions: Transforming our inner state from anger, hate, guilt or fear to unconditional love is a major part of self-actualization. A lot of meditation and mindfulness masters are self-realized with great wisdom and powerful minds. Emotional energy however is the key to actualizing or manifesting a better world because emotions have the capacity to condense or materialize our thoughts into real situations. Great healing is experienced as a result of wholesome and positive emotional shifts. Instead of merely making positive intentions, transforming our inner state of one that resonates or matches with the freqency of what we intend to manifest is most helpful.
  4. Healthy Behaviors: While peacefulness, positive thoughts and emotions are necessary in manifestation of a better future, they need to also translate into better actions in our day to day physicality. From ethical ways of eating, shopping, breathing, body-care, hygeine to the way we treat others and ourself, caring for our environment, animals, home and people in our life, there are many ways we can align with our higher Self. Conscious ways of living are helpful in ascension towards a more magical and heavenly reality. Our actions speak much louder than thoughts and words in order to bring us closer to manifesting what is good.
  5. Patient Receptivity: In our quest to achieve our goals, manifest a perfect life and a better world, it is quite possible we get restless, frustrated and upset at our every shortfall, or lose patience with others who do not seem to be in alignment with our deeper needs. Instead of succumbing to this pressure, we can stay aligned with positive emotional and mental vibrations of loving kindness so that we do not block our own path. We also need to be open and aware that our higher Self is indeed capable of helping us manifesting something that is even better than what we were intending originally and stay flexible to when, how and what exactly we will manifest our best. By relaxing and allowing ourself to transform our vibrations to positive energy we can flow more easily to the higher Self or God through an open heart.

Finally we can remember that higher Self or God is not really separate from us. Our innermost nature is pure Love and to stay aware and in alignment with who we really are is the real power or magic of manifestation.

Share your Story Feature – Vision Board 2016

Hello beautiful people!

It gives me joy to be able to share a bit of my healing journey with you. Creating a Vision Board helps you outline goals and set intentions as you align your energies towards your true calling. This New Years  I did just that – for an extra dollop of motivation. Hope this helps you create your own.

I’m feeling alive and optimistic as I create this Vision Board for 2016!

I love beginnings – they hold promise for something new, hope for the better, faith that it will all be fine and a chance to start again.

Its like gifting yourself a new story with a new calendar. Its both a closure and a celebration. Closing one door, opening another. Welcoming changes. Exhaling the past, inhaling the present and creating a potential for the future.

Using crystals, charms, bric-a-bracs, jewellery items, affirmation cards and more – I’ve tried to define my goals for 2016 (and beyond). I hope these bring positivity to you too.

Here are some of my goals (in no particular order):

Healthy & Happy
  1.  Healthy & Happy

I am in the pink of health. All my chakras are energized and well-balanced. I make positive changes in my mindset, lifestyle, exercise and diet that better my health everyday. “I am healthy, happy and filled with vital energy”.

Dreams & Destiny

2. Dreams & Destiny

I follow my dreams and take chances. Reach for the moon and stars. All my creative endeavors bear ripe fruit. “I wisely & joyously create with all the unlimited potential within me. I am gifted.”

Money wise

3. Money Wise

All my work/s will come together. I will flourish as a freelancer and young entrepreneur. I am financially secure now and forever more. I own property. “My income is constantly increasing because I am a money & prosperity magnet.”

I am safe

4. Safe in the Known & Unknown

I am safe in all that is known and unknown. I am divinely guided, blessed, protected and supported with every breath. All that was, is and all that will be is part of a bigger divine picture which will unveil itself in time.  “I fulfil my dharma & destiny in the now & eternity”


5. Forevers, Forgiveness & Friendships

I forgive and release all those who hurt me, I am free and so are they. I wish everyone a fresh start to make happy memories. In an ever-pulsating Universe, I am always surrounded by friends – I only have to look! “I am my own best friend.”

Love is life

6. Love is Life

Love is life’s eternal seed. I love my family, friends, colleagues, healers, soul-mates, and everyone I encounter through this ocean of life. I am with my true love. I am in loving and harmonious relationships. “I am Loved, I am Love, I Love”


7. Whimsies & Wanderlust

I travel far and wide. Wake up to new horizons. Discover other cultures and exotic cuisines. Meet people different from me. Learn new language/s, and perhaps even dance/s. “I indulge & express my gypsy self”


8. Time is my Friend

I am on a journey through eternity. Every moment is right & blessed to take a fresh start, to pursue my goals, build relationships in the now and beyond. Young, old, aged are all just relative concepts, because I am an eternal being. “I am exactly where I am meant to be.”

Heal the World

9. Heal the World

I heal the world with love, light and knowledge. My positive intentions make a difference to the world and its people. I am a positive force that heals the negative and strengthens the positive to manifest. I learn and upgrade myself with new healing tools and knowledge that are aligned with my path/s. “I am one with all that is, was and will be. I am pure consciousness…ever flowing, ever-changing”.

World is a Mirror

10. The World is a Mirror

I see the beauty within and without. I am pure spirit. I embrace and rejoice in very aspect of my personality. Everyone loves, accepts, appreciates me for all that I am.  “I love what I was, love what I am, love what I am becoming.”

Heal & Energise

11. Heal Shadow Self, Energise Radiant Self

I release all fears, insecurities, issues, beliefs, mindsets that are less than love. I transmute the shadows to pure light for the highest good of all. I am radiant and express joie de vivre. “I express & celebrate my radiance as I heal & transform the darkness within me”

Life is full of surprises

12. Surprise me!

(Life is full of magickal surprises – so I’ve left this vision as a blank canvas.)

I trust the process of Life and the cycle of the Universe to take care of my every need. All that is good for me, comes to me in joyously mysterious ways. “I am an Iridescent Void – pulsating with the vibrancy & energy of the Universe, which resides in me.”

Welcome 2016!! 🙂 

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