Positive News: Calling Self-Driving Cars!

Hoping to avoid rush hour in public transport and not wanting to drive yourself around? The future to easy commute is cheaper than you can imagine without even owning a car. As Peter predicts, your 'key' to autonomous transport is close at hand with eco-friendly, self-driving vehicles available on demand and will redefine 'window shopping' with 5 converging technologies coming to a store screen right next to you.... Continue Reading →

Positive News – Agriculture Comes Of Age

  If Bill Gates’ vision was ‘a computer in every home’, several private firms are rewriting the practice of agriculture by non-traditional means and methods, with a vision of ‘food on every table’.   In a ‘first of its kind', you have the:   1. World’s first underground farm in UK that reuses old and unused WWII... Continue Reading →

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