Peace and Life Returning as Terror Ends

The Guardian has reported that peaceful life has returned to Jalawain Iraq where most of its 80,000 residents had fled post IS control due to terror, now over 66,000 residents are back to resume life with their families.


Finally US and Russia are moving towards cooperation in resolving the crisis in Syria. “We are ready to immediately send our military experts and diplomats to Geneva to agree with American colleagues, taking into account American proposals, on joint actions which will allow all militants without exception to leave eastern Aleppo, allow non-interrupted humanitarian deliveries to the citizens and allow mending of normal life in eastern Aleppo,” the Russian Foreign Minister told reporters.


To join us in sending healing to earth in all conflict affected areas kindly close your eyes and make an affirmation, for eg: ‘Peace is established beautifully and totally on earth right now. Thank You’. Trust the higher self for helping you in this manifestation and feel peace within you.


Affirmation Magick: Being Peaceful and Content is the Key

TODAY’S TIP: The key to making affirmations work is to be content and at peace. When you say these affirmations believe that all these things are already yours and stop worrying about them any further – there, you have it now!

Here are four amazing affirmations, one for each key area of your life. Enjoy saying them several times daily all of this week or anytime you like, and share them with others to spread the light!






love everyone



  • Affirmations are positive statements spoken in the present tense as if you are experiencing them right now. So, think/say, ‘I am successful’ and not, ‘I want/desire success’.
  • Affirmations work best, when the words are internalized and repeated often, either mentally or aloud. E.g. instead of, ‘I’m not keeping well’, think/say, ‘I’m getting better and better’.
  • Affirmations can be said any point of time specially just before going to sleep or soon after waking up.
  • Affirmations cannot harm anyone and must respect free will and honor mutual consent. For example, focus on receiving love or work rather than focusing on a specific person or position.
  • Affirmations are always open-ended in terms of exactly when, where, how or through whom you hope to receive. Trust the universe to work out the details.
  • Affirmations ideally make you feel good and free of worries and that is why they work!

Enjoy an incredibly positive week!


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Your Positive Tarot Message for the Week

The random card drawn this week is Justice. If we reflect over this concept, we would find peace, because Justice is not about fighting but about knowing that everything is always meant to be in balance. If anything goes wrong it is always set right. When? That depends on how much we believe and in how much we are at peace with ourselves!

The more we bring ourselves to a state of inner peace, the sooner our world around us, comes back into balance too. Inner balance leads to outer balance. Fighting does not. There is no-one in the world who has power over your life, except you, so who are we fighting with?

Justice is natural, just like karma – it is the law of nature. There is always divine justice…And this manifests much sooner when we find our inner peace. The more we stay in a state of inner peace, the more effortlessly we find justice in the world outside too…

If there is something you perceive as’wrong’ in this world, meditate and bring yourself in a state of inner balance. Visualize it healing, improving and affirm, ‘Everything is now in a state of divine balance.’ Then observe the change for yourself!

RWS_Tarot_11_Justice11Justice copy.jpg

The Justice card from the popular Rider Waite card depicted above left, shows a person holding the sword of truth and the scale of balance in either hand. To the right we see from the Literatarot Asia of the Museo Dei Tarocchi, Justice as the I-Ching or the Book of Changes with the hexagram of heaven supporting earth. Justice is indeed a divine truth of this universe which is forever in equilibrium within itself.

Have a phenomenally positive week!

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