A Curious And Curiouser Tale Of Tabby’s Star, Cosmic Clocks And Ghostly Galactic Blobs!

Astronomers are upto their eyeballs this month with stuff, we have never seen before, reminding us as we fill out our tax returns, that this universe is not only stranger than we imagine, its stranger than we can imagine. Aye, Sir Eddington! For starters, Tabby's Star already caused a bit of argy bargy among boffins... Continue Reading →

NASA Finds Thousands of Black Holes

Physicist Nassim Haramein believes black holes seeded the baby universe and dust and gas spun around it to form galaxies, adding a twist to the popular notion, black holes are merely the aftermath of supernovas... Think of black coffee swirling around in a mug yet not visible to the naked eye unless you add milk... Continue Reading →

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