Ascension Disclosures: Why Do We Say Hell-Low and High (Heaven)?

'That is a hell of a research you have done' said a PR client in Mumbai, a top slum rehabilitation builder who asked me to find facts about the environmentalists who were cracking him down 15 years ago. 'Type Hell Yes if you wish to join us for a dairy blockade' was the sms from... Continue Reading →

Ascension Practices

Not everyone around is interested in Ascension. Most people are too highly engrossed in day to day life and in worrying about the system around them, or earning a living through material or spiritual work to even pay attention within for more than five minutes a day. The following practices have evolved me over the... Continue Reading →

Star Races: Reptilians

A lot of people are talking about star races, starseeds and multidimensional beings as well as the much misunderstood terms - 'aliens' on earth. While we think we are humans, we are actually having other dimensional personalities beneath our human skins and bodies. Our spirits are intergalactic and multidimensional. When we leave our planet earth... Continue Reading →

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