Eleven Super Meanings of the Moon

A Super Moon is when the full moon is closest to earth and hence appears larger than usual. Each thing around us stands for a message to go within ourselves and so does the Moon. At Super Moon these meanings are amplified to help us awaken in a stronger way through a better understanding of who we are.

  1. Tune Into Inner Peace: The Moon has a calm aura and cooling light that can heal us through peace in the silence of the night. Gazing into the soft radiance of the moon we can bring our minds to rest and enjoy the beauty of nature without the constant noise of our thoughts. Enjoy the moonlight and the serenity it gives.moon light
  2. Feel the Emotion: The full moon has been a symbol of love and emotional energy. Just like the tides of oceans are pulled strongly by the moon, our emotional state is also influenced by the lunar tides. The supermoon and full moon help us be aware of our emotional needs so that we can care for ourselves better.moon emotion
  3. Listen to Intuition: Our inner spirit or true self can speak to us in a gentle voice that can often be drowned in the humdrum of daily commotion. The full and super moon are wonderful opportunities to specially focus on listening to the guidance of our higher self.moonocean
  4. Connect with Feminine Energy: The moon cycle corresponds with feminine monthly cycle and therefore makes the full moon a symbol of motherhood or creative power. Regardless of gender we all have our feminine or motherly side within us and the full and super moon are reminders to connect with our ‘shakti’.moon female
  5. Heal your Subconscious: The moon represents our mental energy including subconscious that is slowly brought into light through all the phases of the moon’s illumination. The super and full moons help us be aware of our subconscious patterns for healing and self-understanding.moon clouds
  6. Reflect on Yourself: The moon reflects the strong light of the sun in a kind and gentle way that helps us look at it directly, unlike the sun. Therefore it signifies an opportunity to reflect and introspect on who we are and on our life purpose.moon reflect
  7. Conquer your Fears: The waxing, waning and full states of the moon are illusory and give the moon an appearance of changing or shapeshifting. The full and super moon is symbolic of our mental or unconscious illusions or fears being transformed by light so that we can face them and be fearless.moon fear
  8. Follow your Dreams: The moon is a symbol of dreaming where our consciousness can literally show us clear images, music, sensations and multi-dimensional experiences as lucidly as waking life itself. Prophecies and clear messages can often be obtained through power of consciousness through understanding our dreams. moon angel
  9. Know your Hidden Side: The moon has a dark or mystery side that is never seen by anyone on earth because it is in an orbital lock with earth. The hidden side of the moon represents our unknown self that can not be revealed through any way other than meditation that connects us directly to the all knowing higher self. Full and super moon are considered specially good for quiet meditation.moon meditation
  10. Be Unafraid of Change: The moon is the most changeable of all astrological symbols as it moves fast between zodiacs and changes phases every night. The full and super moon are signs that we have come a full circle despite all the changes we have faced and need not worry about future ups and downs.moonchange
  11. Awaken to Truth: The moon represents illusion as well as reminds us of our power to see through illusion. Just like our dreams are multi-sensory and make us feel like we are awake, our life too is a creation of our mind and therefore no different from dreaming.moonhand

Waxing Moon: Time for Growth

positive media waxing moon

The Moon is the celestial body that represents our inner mind with both conscious and subconscious sides. The hidden side of the moon represents our hidden self or unconscious while the illuminated moon represents knowing ourself. The moon goes from totally hidden (new moon or no moon) to fully illuminated (full moon or purnima) and then back to no moon in its cycle with two basic phases.

The phase of increasing illumination of the moon (new moon to full moon) is called Waxing Moon. This time period is symbolic of growth or increase. the phase of reducing illumination of the moon (full moon to no moon)is called Waning Moon.

How to Use this Astrological Symbolism Positively

Everything in astrology can be used positively through an application of our inner power or self-belief. To manifest positive using the Waxing Moon symbolism, focus upon things that you want more of. You could focus mentally and emotionally on increasing prosperity, increasing your connections, increasing health and wellbeing, attracting more success or increasing your happiness levels at a personal level.

We can also perform group healing to increase happiness, peace, prosperity and wellbeing of our families, groups, communities, nations or our world by focusing upon more of what you wish to increase in your life during this phase.

Writing down positive goals or intentions can be a simple way to focus your mind clearly. Saying positive affirmations or positive statements can be another. You can also perform simple rituals such as lighting incense, burning candles, sprinkling positive herbs or placing beautiful natural crystals around with your intention in mind. Also you can use creative visualisation to amplify positive energy. There are innumerable ways to focus upon something positive. Choose your way and let it be phenomenally positive.



Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and founder of Global Wicca

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