9 Signs We Are Indeed Awakening In a Simulation

Scientists and technologists have been debating and asking if we are living in a simulation, somewhat like the 'Matrix' movies in which a characer termed the Architect' describes of how he has designed a mathematically precise world where humans live out their lives unaware that they are in a digital dream-world. Here are a few... Continue Reading →

Program Your Inner Mind to Manifest Your Intentions!

TODAY’S TIP: Its not just our conscious mind but our inner or subconscious mind that manifests the majority of our lives. To get better results with your intentions, you can program your inner mind to believe in your affirmative words in a number of ways. For example try printing these affirmations into your own set of... Continue Reading →

Powerful Magick with Simple Affirmations

TODAY'S TIP: Close your eyes and speak your affirmation mentally through your 'third-eye' to manifest them more effectively. This works best if you meditate regularly and are spiritually conscious of who you are. You will be amazed with how easily you can command your 'youniverse' right now! Here are four fantastic affirmations, one for each key... Continue Reading →

Positive Movie Review: The Abundance Factor

Would you like to attract more abundance and success right now? Here is one movie that helps you get new perspectives and opens your mind to the amazing energy of abundance. Riley Dayne had a miraculous recovery from a near-death experience and awakened to find himself searching for the answers of life and how to... Continue Reading →

Affirmations to Not Just Think, But Be Positive!

TODAY'S TIP: Thinking about what you want will not attract it to you. It is feeling that you already have whatever you need that will trigger those positive vibrations to manifest your very best. Therefore affirmations are always in the present tense and while saying them the idea is to feel truly content. Speak as... Continue Reading →

Positive Book Review: Black Books, Gold Book and The Star by Ankush Modawal

Black Book - it is no longer a word for a little secret book for noting the names of people on your hit-list! Thanks to Ankush Modawal, a Delhi based Law of Attraction and Feng Shui practitioner who at the age of 24 wrote Black Book 1 in the year 2008 and Black Book 2... Continue Reading →

Make Your Affirmations Work for You!

  TODAY'S TIP: To get more out of your affirmations, do not just chant them or repeat them mechanically. Also focus on the positive feelings they generate within you. If they make you feel fantastic, they are working right now! Here are four amazing affirmations, one for each key area of your life. Enjoy saying... Continue Reading →

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