Blessed Blossoms ~ Loveliness of Lotus

Naturally found in marshes and growing in abundance even in muddy ponds, the Lotus flower is considered the sacred flower of many Gurus or Ascended Masters.  It is a symbol of sanctity, willpower, and most importantly of awakening & rebirth. A popular offering to the Gods of all cultures, it has varied medicinal, culinary and beauty... Continue Reading →

Blessed Blossoms ~ Romance of Roses

Associated with Egyptian Goddess Isis, Greek Goddess Aphrodite, Indian Goddess Lakshmi and the celestial planet Venus – Roses are an eternal symbol of Love & Beauty. Since ancient times its the muse of poets, storytellers, musicians, painters, photographers and mystics. Through words, art, songs and through myriad creative expressions, these artists have attempted to capture... Continue Reading →

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