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The pious City of Varanasi has decided to use herbal colors or abeer gulaal this Holi – the Spring festival of colors in India. People in rural parts of India along with metropolitan cities are getting aware of the harmful effects of synthetic colors on skin and hair. A local Rohni said that “I am aware that chemical colors have high content of lead, silica, chromium, dyes and alkalis. We have been purchasing starch-based herbal colors made from extracts of flowers, bark of trees and leaves.” Another local resident has decided not to play with color at all. She said, “My children asked me not get any colours. They said that their teachers have told them about harmful effects of synthetic colours. So, we will only buy sweets.” Read the rest of the details on Times of India.

The city of Kolkata has decided to use eco-friendly materials during the polling season as a way to conserve nature. Banners made of cotton or jute are being used instead of plastic flex. “One of our objectives this year is to maintain a clean and green Sundarbans this polling season. It is being done both for poll campaigning by all political parties as well as during voter awareness programs and training sessions of poll officials done by us,” South 24 Parganas District Magistrate PB Salim told PTI. This green project is being implemented in all the 13 assembly constituencies of South 24 Parganas district of the Sundarbans. Another portion of the archipelago, a UNESCO World Heritage site famed for its tigers and mangrove forests, lies in the adjoining North 24 Parganas district. Read the rest on Firstpost.

The Air India flights have decided to go green by using the Indian handwoven textile Khadi for its VVIP flights which carry the Prime Minister on international tours. While women cabin crew will wear khadi silk sarees, the male crew will sport Khadi silk jackets. Additionally khadi amenity kits will also be provided to the First Class & Business Class International passengers. The kits include khadi hand sanitizer, khadi moisturizer lotion, khadi lemongrass, khadi handmade soap, khadi lip balm, khadi rose face wash, essential oils etc. This order will generate more than 60,000 man hours which will be a boost to the workers who need the employment and the income. Read the complete details on Daily Pioneer.

An eco-friendly food vending cart which has provisions for waste disposal and solar power generation, developed by students of Jamia Millia Islamia, is among the innovations showcased at the Festival of Innovations at Rashtrapati Bhavan.“The product named ‘Innokart’ is an economical food vending cart that provides proper storage, shelter and hygiene. The cart promises to transform street food selling in India for the better,” said Mini S Thomas, Honorary Director, Jamia’s Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE).“Besides the storage drawers, the cart has two sections for waste disposal — for dry and wet waste each. The top panel has been kept free for advertisements while there is a plan to set up solar panel on the rooftop,” she added.Read the complete details on The Hindu.

Boating in Mattupetty lake in Munnar will soon be eco-friendly, with wildlife being least disturbed. As part of its efforts to develop responsible tourism in Munnar, the Hydel Tourism Centre has purchased a solar-powered boat, which will be a marked change from kerosene-powered boats and petrol speed boats. Kerosene-powered boats have been the reason behind the pollution of the water body, even leading to occasional fish-kills, not to mention the ecological and environmental threats they pose. In addition, wild animals seldom used to drink water from the lake during summer seasons, thanks to contamination. Read the complete details on The Hindu.

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Eco-friendly News -Khadi Textile, Bamboo Bicycles, Sustainable Labs

There are so many simple ways in which one can be Eco-friendly in daily life. Here’s a look at what National leaders, communities and scientists are doing to go green.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has plans to make Khadi global! A textile first introduced by the inspirational Mahatma Gandhi, the making of this fabric involve spinning wheels and not electronic machines or polluting equipment in big factories. Its handcrafted by artisans using spinning wheels called charkhas in rural parts of India and is very popular among fashion designers for its raw beauty, skin-friendly quality, lightness & authenticity. Modi’s strategy involves introducing solar-powered spinning wheels which will enable manufacturing of the fabric on a larger scale and also create work opportunities for village folk by paying them monthly wages of Rs 6000 – Rs9000. Under Adarsh Gram Udyog, atleast 70-80 lakhs jobs are being estimated for 2016-2017. Read the rest of the news details, Courtesy India Today.

Cycling is great for staying fit and with bamboo bikes you would be nice to the environment too! Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative is a firm that has started the trend of making use of the native bamboo plant to construct these bikes. Simple & sturdy these get you around easily and are also very low-maintenance. For every one bamboo tree that’s used, the firm plants ten more to maintain the balance. the bikes have created feasible income for the locals who lovingly create these bikes and make them pretty with native symbols & varnish. Watch the workings of this bike and also read the complete details courtesy, India Today.

Scientists are also doing their bit to reduce usage of energy, the Harvard University FAS Sherman Fairchild Laboratory is a popular example, owing to its long-standing contribution to a greener world in more ways than one. Some globally well-known scientific labs are going green by undertaking simple measures such as recyclable building materials, solar panels, large windows to maximise daylight, using green chemicals, rainwater harvesting, and natural ventilation system within the laboratory space. Read the rest of the details, Courtesy Blue & Green Tomorrow.

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