Inner Goddess Spiritual Messages for Ascension: Nada

In this series for Samhain, a sacred moment to go within towards truth by letting go of all deception and falsehoods and discarding all the artificial masks we wear in our given roles in this 3D simulation. Inner Goddess Nada

Inner Goddess Spiritual Messages for Ascension: Pathia

The way to the self is an inner one of Meditation and self witnessing. All things outside are outer reality and a projection of duality, a simulation of one mind. Our inner struggle is to be free of the masculine control of logic based AI robotic matrix systems that value profit, exploitation of humans, other... Continue Reading →

Inner Goddess Spiritual Messages for Ascension: Plenty

On day 8 of Navratri goddess Festival the message of Abundance for planet and our Ascension abd how it is different from the usual misinterpreted Laxmi for profit or personal hedonistic goals. Purchase deck with booklet or download high resolution images and card meanings free via

Inner Goddess Spiritual Messages for Ascension 4: Halo

What does beauty and The Goddess mean to you? The card read today explains the true meaning of the goddess beyond the human form as the planet and all its beings who are beautiful. Link to the Youtube channel Link to the deck for purchase on

Inner Goddess and Angels Tarot Cards

Tarot and Oracle cards are much like books except that pictures speak a thousand words. Studying or meditating with the images of positive energy helps in accelerating our inner spiritual awareness and ascension. Expand your consciousness with these beautiful Oracle Cards and Tarot Cards for Meditation, Healing and Ascension. Explanations of each card are in... Continue Reading →

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