Blessed Blossoms ~ Joyful Jasmines

A tropical plant, the sweet smelling Jasmine flowers are pristine blossoms associated with sensual pleasures and romance. A popular offering to the planet Rahu or the north lunar node in Vedic Astrology, this blossom has multiple uses in wellness, medicine, magick, decor, and is an integral part of women's dressing in India.   The jasmine... Continue Reading →

Eco-friendly News – Green Initiatives in India The pious City of Varanasi has decided to use herbal colors or abeer gulaal this Holi - the Spring festival of colors in India. People in rural parts of India along with metropolitan cities are getting aware of the harmful effects of synthetic colors on skin and hair. A local Rohni said that "I... Continue Reading →

Positive News Today: Green Initiatives in India Kochi will soon have CNG (compressed natural gas) buses into the KSRTC fleet which will ensure a clean transport system in the State. The project which is being planned for introduction on a pilot basis, will continue to give people the option of an ¬†environment-friendly transport mode. CNG buses are already functional in many... Continue Reading →

Eco-friendly News -Khadi Textile, Bamboo Bicycles, Sustainable Labs

There are so many simple ways in which one can be Eco-friendly in daily life. Here's a look at what National leaders, communities and scientists are doing to go green. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has plans to make Khadi global! A textile first introduced by the inspirational Mahatma Gandhi, the making of this... Continue Reading →

Eco-friendly News -Mosques, Buses and Weddings go green in India

'Going Green' and getting more conscientious about Natural Energy Resources is the way forward and its really good to see that many positive changes are happening around the world to conserve energy and to preserve Mother Nature. In recent times, India has seen many eco-friendly initiatives and here's a gist of some of them: An... Continue Reading →

Positive News Today – From India

Here's a short news-round up of positive happenings and events in India. The Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai City, considered one of the most sacred shrines of Lord Ganesha in the World has decided to fund the education of children who's farmer parents have committed suicide due to natural disasters and hopelessness. The Temple's trust has... Continue Reading →

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