The Path of Light-working and Ascension

Light = Awareness.
We cannot heal our reality and our planet for Ascension if we are blind to our own faults and continue on a destructive path of negative karma that leads to our downfall. We can be an angelic being of light not only through mental visualization but through an Actual Practice of Ascension which may include some essential life changes.

(1) Veganism and Spiritual Ethics: In the past spirituality and compassion has been more or less ‘human-focused’ with other sentient beings routinely being used in farming and as products or commodities. We have seen animals being hunted, killed for sport, their skins being used in drums and ritual gear, dairy products and honey used in spiritual rituals in India as well as non-vegetarian food being popular at spiritual celebrations in the west. Cruelty based products are not only dairy, eggs, meat, wool, honey, leather and fur but also many of our everyday consumer items and pharmaceuticals. Ascension is a path out of this matrix when we discover that all beings and not only human beings are part of the One Higher Self, Source, creator or True Self to whom we return through not just intellectual realization but actual practice of ethical living.

(2) Eco-friendly and Zero Plastic Lifestyle: While animal farming remains the number one destroyer of the planet, we also need to abandon the use of plastics which are non-biodegradable and adopt more eco-friendly and plant based options that can bring ourselves back in harmony with nature. We need to look around us and discover how we can replace plastic and junk with earth-friendly materials and adopt a lifestyle of minimalism instead of consumerism so that we can drastically reduce the trash we create everyday. In Ascension not everybody around us might seem to agree and we might find plastic constantly on the shelves whenever we go shopping, however minimizing it is possible if we keep trying our best until plastic is outlawed.

(3) Healthy Choices in Everyday Life: Ascension and spiritual healing do not happen in isolation within our mind, but are a synthesis of our mind, body and spirit into the light of oneness. No matter how many hours of meditation, yoga and healing, if we are still reaching out for cigarettes, narcotics, alcohol, meat, dairy or any other addiction out of compulsion, we are not able to experience true inner healing. Meditation, mindfulness, positive visualization and affirmations can only be a starting point of our practice of higher consciousness, which crystallizes in our actual everyday practice of mindful and conscious living. When we read our product labels carefully, choose organic and live foods, read the right literature, educate ourselves on how to make healthier and more positive choices, and detaching from toxic or unhealthy relationships, we are practicing Ascension.

(4) Kindness to All Beings and Self: Some people practice kindness and compassion only in outward human society and as polite gestures of social respect or conformity. Ascension is a path of authentic living and not merely about outward smiles and greetings of light. When we spend time in nature and meditate with our inner self, we discover the true meaning of kindness. Being abused or hurt in the process of being spiritual is unnecessary, as is ‘showing the other cheek’ if someone slaps us. We need to stand in our own authentic truth and refuse to be either victims or perpetrators of violence. We also need to refuse being mute-witnesses to violence against any other being so that we can openly help other people and creatures who require our support to be a true earth angel.

(5) Inner Peace that Radiates Outwards: We cannot create or manifest world peace by simply talking about it. We also need to bring ourselves into alignment with our higher nature in our actions. Inner does not only refer to our mind but also our heart and soul. Visualizing light and being in silence through meditation is one way of feeling peaceful in the moment, so is sending this peace and healing to our planet, because all of us are one being in the higher dimension of truth. Peace does not mean that only those who are meditative are required to be silent and calm, but also that others need to learn and practice holding the silent space of peace and tranquility so that we can stop wars, terror, abuse and crime in our world.

(6) Real Love not confused with Sexual Lust: In the matrix we have received the wrong programming that equated the word love with lust. We have been deceived into believing that romance is equivalent to true love and that we need to unite with a soulmate or twin-flame soul who is outside of us for Ascension. One of the truths we discover in spirituality is that everything and everyone outside is a part of the grand illusion that we are projecting into reality. For ascension we need to connect with our inner twin-flame which is our own authentic self instead of seeking anyone else to complete us. Spiritual masters and meditation gurus in the past have discovered the joys of asceticism and celibacy which can help us detach from sensual lust and unplugs us from the matrix of sensory illusions.

(7) Inner Consciousness of Sattvic or Truthful life: Falseness or artificiality has become the hallmark of human life over the last few millenniums. We seek more material comfort instead of inner peace and convenience over spiritual effort which prevents us from gaining consciousness. Truthful or Sattvic life is not based on pleasing others or giving more pleasure to ourselves, but one of detachment and self-realization. A Sattvic practice is not about seeking truth but about rejecting that which is false or illusion so that our inner truth shines through in the end. Letting go of all that feels Tamasic or dark, and also of the Rajasic or restless, whether in food, consumerism or any aspect of our culture is part of regaining consciousness.

(8) Inner Joy and Happiness: The path of Ascension and healing is an inner path. By demanding love, affection, kindness, sympathy and compassion from other people, we are unable to focus on our inner treasures of peace and happiness that are constantly present within. Whenever we feel desperate or needy for anything or any person on the outside, we need to first meditate and find our wholesomeness so that we can give more instead of taking more from others around us.

Six Best Ways to Detox, Cleanse and Purify

  1. Water: There could be no better cleanser that nature has provided. Drinking litres of water daily can dissolve gallstones and kidney stones, get rid of excessive toxins in the body, cleanse the digestive tract and flush out harmful substances from the body. Soaking yourself in tub of warm water can be mentally purifying as well as physically soothing. Water can be blessed, chanted upon or focused upon and sprinkled around for purification for spiritual cleansing. waterfall-1049079_960_720
  2. Raw Juices: Just add some raw vegetables and fruits in your blender and consume the smoothie without adding any artificial sugar or sweeteners. Some of the best detoxifiers are bitterguard juice (karela) which is great for slimming as well as prevents diabetes, coconut water that cleanses the entire system clean, orange or lemon juice which strengthens immunity as well as cleanses the body, cucumber, broccoli, cranberry, pomegranate and kale juices that can heal many diseases while ginger, garlic and onion juices could beat most antibiotics. Even flower petals such as hibiscus, rose and marigold are known to heal and detox the system.cranberry-642124_960_720
  3. Herbs and Spices: Get your home pharmacy ready for each season. Stock up on herbs and spices such as turmeric (haldi), cumin (jeera), carom seeds (ajwain), bay leaves, cinnamon bark, fennel seeds, mint leaves, black pepper corns, cloves, juniper berries, holy basil (tulsi) and sage to beat most of your diseases away. From blocked sinuses, cough, flu to all manner of digestive complaints, these common kitchen ingredients could be all you need to recover your health. They could be eaten raw or lightly roasted, powdered and added to food, or brew them in a pot with water and strain to prepare your own healing potion. spices-541974_960_720
  4. Natural salts: Rock salts such as himalayan pink salt or black mineral salt, as well as coarse sea salts are fantastic for cleansing. They are good for controlling germs and can be an alternative to refined commercial salts in your diet because they contain many useful minerals. Bathing in these raw natural salt water as well as washing your floor with it is a centuries old remedy against negative energy. Lamps made of himalayan rock salt or a bowl of rock salt with a light inside can work too. rock-salt-light-975013_960_720
  5. Smudge: Holy smoke …it really works! Get a bundle of dried herbs such as sage, mugwort, lavender, mint and juniper and burn them for purifying the vibes of your home. On a daily basis any incense stick, cone, agarbatti, dhoop, loban or resin incense would do very well. If there are any diseases, stress or any unwanted feelings you can smudge your space and within minutes see how everything starts to lighten up as if a dark veil has lifted off.incense
  6. Meditate: Just like your body and surrounding need cleansing, so does your mind. Shut all thoughts out and sit in complete silence including inner quietness. Let all the mental chatter evaporate and enjoy the bliss of your inner peace for as long as you want to, preferably on a daily basis for best results. mediate sunset

What are your favourite ways of cleansing and detoxifying yourself? Share on and let your story be featured here.


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How to Energise the 7 Chakras for Complete Wellbeing

chakra chart

The secret of balancing and improving all aspects of our life including our inner and outer health is hidden in our seven major chakras. These 7 chakras are like a ladder that connects our lower physical existence to the higher spiritual one.

Imagine these 7 chakras as 7 spinning wheels of light of the VIBGYOR colours, turning clockwise and running through the center of our spinal cord from head to toe. Chakras are not composed of physical matter but energy. They give power to our nervous system, all our glands and all major organs thereby being the source of our overall strength and our emotional, mental and physical energy.

  1. The Root Chakra is visualized as a red ball of  light at the tailbone region and rules  our basic existence and survival. An imbalanced root chakra can manifest as loose motions or constipation, phobias, fluctuating life path, and financial instability. To balance this chakra ground yourself by visualizing roots growing from your tailbone region going to earth, keeping your safe and stable in the material world. Imagine any negative energy being released into earth where it will be transformed and recycled into positive energy. Repeatedly chant the mantra LAM and imagine the red ball of light becoming clear, shiny and powerful.
  2. The Sacral Chakra is in the sexual centre or pelvic region and is seen as an orange ball of light. It rules our fertility and the power to create, enjoy and celebrate life. When out of balance it can result in sexual difficulties as well as dullness or depression, as if not enjoying the essence of life. Bring yourself back in balance by imagining this chakra become a vibrant orange, throbbing with excitement and passion. Chant the mantra VAM to give it power until it feels better.
  3. The Solar Chakra is in the stomach region near the diaphragm and is visualized as a bright yellow ball of energy ruling over our self esteem, overall energy levels and positive attitude. A lack of balance here would reflect as poor self image and a weak disposition as well as lack of confidence. Energize this chakra by chanting RAM and visualize it shining like a radiant sun inside you.
  4. The Heart Chakra is in the center of the chest and seen as a green ball of light helping us give and receive love and happiness. If not in balance it could manifest as s an inability to love or accept love fully leading to heart diseases. or asthma at later stages.  To bring it back to balance chant YAM and visualize this chakra shining clearly like a beautiful emerald in the centre of your chest.
  5. The Throat Chakra is like a blue ball of energy in the throat region ruling over self-expression. When blocked it could manifest as difficulties in explaining oneself or speaking your truth as well as thyroid issues in the long term. Energize this chakra by repeatedly chanting HAM until it looks and feels like a clear and bright turquoise blue ball of light.
  6. The Third Eye Chakra can be seen as an indigo ball of light in the center of the forehead. It rules over our intuition, higher awareness and psychic or magickal power. A blockage here could express as mental dullness, problems with sight and migraines. Balance it by repeating the mantra SHAM and visualize the chakra shining like with a powerful indigo blue light.
  7. The Crown Chakra can be visualized as a violet ball of energy overlapping the top of the head and connects us with the higher reality or universal truth. A blockage here could manifest as spiritual blocks, rigid beliefs, purposelessness and karmic or repetitive patterns to problems. Energizing this chakra can release a lot of stress away from you and fill all your chakras with energy from head to toe. Chant OM and visualize a powerful violet ball of light on the top of your head until it feels right.

Finally visualize a clear white light filling all your chakras from head to toe till every cell of your body is wonderfully energized. Working with your chakras this way daily is a good start. The more you practice daily the better you will get at it. Half an hour of chakra exercise everyday can ensure a healthy and problem free life if done in the right way thereby decreasing your dependency on external medication and enhancing your effectiveness in life in each and every sphere of existence.



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The Amazing Power of Positive Affirmations

  • Affirmations are positive statements spoken in the present tense as if you are experiencing it right now. So, think/say, ‘I am successful’ and not, ‘I want/desire success’.
  • Affirmations work best, when the words are internalized and repeated often, either mentally or aloud. E.g. instead of, ‘I’m not keeping well’, think/say, ‘I’m getting better and better’.
  • Affirmations can be said any point of time specially just before going to sleep or soon after waking up.
  • Affirmations cannot harm anyone and must respect free will and honor mutual consent. For example, focus on receiving love or work rather than focusing on a specific person or position.
  • Affirmations are always open-ended and never closed in terms of exactly when, where, how, what or through whom you hope to receive. Trust the universe to work out the details.
  • Affirmations ideally make you feel good and free of worries and that is why they work!


Starting today we will be posting weekly affirmations, one for each area of life. The more you share this positivity with others, the more it helps you.



unique career affirmation


wealth deserve affirmation


love universe affirmation



allow healing affirmation

Enjoy an incredibly positive week!






Dealing With Negativity


Think Positive, Read Positive, Share Positive, Create Positive, Manifest Positive….

But what about all that negative stuff…you know the things we all kept hearing, in the papers, on TV, on facebook, twitter and you know…well…everywhere! Is that not the truth? Should the negative be ignored, brushed under the carpet, kept under wraps…denial!! Is that the way to handle negativity?

NO. Of course not!

Then what is it that we must do with all the negative things we encounter?

You tell me! Will sharing it help in reducing it….or will it increase the negative?

Whatever we share gets more focus, more attention, and therefore more energy…and energy creates more of whatever it goes to….it expands what absorbs it, it multiplies wherever it reaches…infinitely.

So one thing is clear – negativity is NOT to be shared, used for gossip, sensationalism, meaningless talks, mind-chatter, entertainment…to fill up our time and timelines with…

Then what is the right way of dealing with it?

Heal it….transform it…change it.

Visualize it changing beautifully into something that is actually good for all of us. Just don’t go looking for it. For that will make more of it come your way. That’s the way the universe works. 

Your mind is your tool, a magickal one. Whatever you do ‘in there’ starts making its way ‘out here’ too.. You see the universe is this ONE big illusion…everywhere we manifest more of whatever goes on in our heads…Together we can manifest either good or bad…the choice lies in us. Fair and Square! The universe does not care what you are focusing on, its job is to create whatever is there in your head..both the Conscious and the UNCONSCIOUS.

So do not forget the hidden stuff…the things you forgot to heal, the things that made you afraid…things that repulsed you and you closed your eyes to them…but in your mind they made an imprint in your PAST. Are they still hanging around inside you?

Healing is a deep and inner work. Not superficial, not shallow….not one off. Reflect and introspect…go to the darkest corners and shine some light on them…shadow work is all about transforming our inner mind. Its not about ‘feel good’. It is to be good, become it…BE THE CHANGE

Believe it or NOT! Inside you is the ocean of existence and within you each wave of creation can be touched and transformed with your inner self. 

Simply put …if you see, hear, observe anything that feels negative…just us your IMAGINATION to change it into something phenomenally POSITIVE. Say positive affirmations and with all your heart and soul, feel great that its changing to something better…

DON’T JUST BELIEVE IT …TRY IT FOR YOURSELF! And witness the Magick yourself as everything transforms for the better.

Share your experience as you work with this technique – experiment with it and let us know what worked for you at


Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and founder of Global Wicca

7 Best Known Persons With Healing Powers

As Mother Teresa is approved for sainthood, thanks to miraculous healing experienced by a person who claims to have healed of multiple tumors by praying to her, we thought of highlighting a few examples of some of the most famous healers through history and across various cultures.

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Imhotep – an ancient Egyptian pharaoh was known to heal pain and suffering in the 27th century BC and was regarded as a god connected with miraculous healing powers after his death

Jesus – the central figure of Christianity is believed to have been a great spiritual healer with amazing magical powers including curing ailments, walking on water and resurrection

Mahavtar Babaji – a himalayan master or yogi born in 203 CE, believed to have divine powers including eternal youth and immortality, he is best known for guiding many spiritual masters towards self-realisation

Sai Baba – the famous saint from Shirdi, India, 1835 to 1918 was credited with numerous miracles including lighting lamps with water, levitation and curing the sick

Anandmayi Ma – a female saint and meditator from West Bengal, India who lived from 1896 to 1982, she was known to have powers of precognition and healing

Mikao Usui – in the 19th century he founded the Usui system of healing through universal life force energy. Today countless people have gained connection with this universal healing energy and power through Reiki.

Mata Amritanandamayi – known as the hugging saint from Kerala she is a living example of miracle healing and spiritual powers today with a large follower base the world over


Powerful spiritual masters, saints and healers have been known to have performed inner-work, meditation and spiritual practices for long periods of time including their past lives. Through your own inner awareness you can also awaken your own inner powers slowly and practice simple healing to begin with. Healing methods and practices are being taught all over the world through various traditions and systems of healing and by various spiritual teachers.

Always remember that spirtual healing is not prescribed as an alternate to physical healing. While spiritual healing is directed at the spirit or inner self, physical healing such as modern medicine is effective on the physical body directly. However inner healing or spiritual healing is believed to have more permanent effects in preventing future disease by helping enhance one’s inner positive energy.


All the best!


Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and founder of Global Wicca


Science has confirmed the human body’s natural capacity to heal itself. It takes time and its definitely worth your while. All you need is:

  1. Constant Inner Work – Introspect and resolve any attitudes, beliefs, repressed emotions and memories which may have lead to this.
  2. Make Peace: whether its your past relationship/s, career decisions or money problems – make peace with them and move on. Life is too short to stay stuck in the same energy pattern
  3. Set a fitness routine – Yoga, pilates, walks among nature, running, swimming…the options are endless! Pick what works for your needs & matches your stamina
  4. Healthy Diet: We are what we eat. Consume fresh veggies, fruits and plants that give you pure energy and raise your vibrations. And yes! drink loads of water and juices to stay hydrated.
  5. Meditate: Yes, just a few minutes of deep breathing and turning within will help you find an inner sanctuary full of calm that you were seeking outside.
  6. Laugh a lot: Just laugh, be silly and don’t take yourself (or others) so seriously. Life is too short to be anything but happy! Join a laughter club if needed. Spend time with kids.
  7. Cut the drama: Whether its a life situation or a person, just learn your lesson and move away from the drama that no longer serves your highest good. Read and watch positive content. Be around people who raise your vibrations.
  8. Love a lot: Yes! Love is the best cure! Love yourself for all that you were, you are and what you’re becoming. Once you embrace yourself in totality, loving others will become easy.
  9. Spend time with Loved Ones – Whether its your family, friends, colleagues, partner, kids or pet – spend time with people who give you joy. Look back at the good times and make room for new memories which warm your heart.
  10. Nature is a Healer: Travel and discover the world we live in. There’s so much beauty to be seen and felt – in parks, gardens, forests, by the seaa… See it all with child-like eyes & enthusiasm and watch as your world transforms!


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