The Path of Light-working and Ascension

Light = Awareness. We cannot heal our reality and our planet for Ascension if we are blind to our own faults and continue on a destructive path of negative karma that leads to our downfall. We can be an angelic being of light not only through mental visualization but through an Actual Practice of Ascension which... Continue Reading →

Six Best Ways to Detox, Cleanse and Purify

Water: There could be no better cleanser that nature has provided. Drinking litres of water daily can dissolve gallstones and kidney stones, get rid of excessive toxins in the body, cleanse the digestive tract and flush out harmful substances from the body. Soaking yourself in tub of warm water can be mentally purifying as well... Continue Reading →

How to Energise the 7 Chakras for Complete Wellbeing

The secret of balancing and improving all aspects of our life including our inner and outer health is hidden in our seven major chakras. These 7 chakras are like a ladder that connects our lower physical existence to the higher spiritual one. Imagine these 7 chakras as 7 spinning wheels of light of the VIBGYOR colours,... Continue Reading →

The Amazing Power of Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements spoken in the present tense as if you are experiencing it right now. So, think/say, ‘I am successful’ and not, ‘I want/desire success’. Affirmations work best, when the words are internalized and repeated often, either mentally or aloud. E.g. instead of, ‘I’m not keeping well’, think/say, ‘I'm getting better and better’.... Continue Reading →

Dealing With Negativity

Think Positive, Read Positive, Share Positive, Create Positive, Manifest Positive.... But what about all that negative know the things we all kept hearing, in the papers, on TV, on facebook, twitter and you know...well...everywhere! Is that not the truth? Should the negative be ignored, brushed under the carpet, kept under wraps...denial!! Is that the... Continue Reading →

7 Best Known Persons With Healing Powers

As Mother Teresa is approved for sainthood, thanks to miraculous healing experienced by a person who claims to have healed of multiple tumors by praying to her, we thought of highlighting a few examples of some of the most famous healers through history and across various cultures. Imhotep - an ancient Egyptian pharaoh was known to heal... Continue Reading → Science has confirmed the human body's natural capacity to heal itself. It takes time and its definitely worth your while. All you need is: Constant Inner Work - Introspect and resolve any attitudes, beliefs, repressed emotions and memories which may have lead to this. Make Peace: whether its your past relationship/s, career decisions... Continue Reading →

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