Sunday Spirit: Who is a Friend

Tvameva Matra, Pitra Tvameva, Tvameva Bandhu Sakha Tvameva,

Tvameva Vidya, Dravinam Tvameva, Tvameva Ekam Mama Deva Deva

In this world we have been seeking outer friends, outer family, outer knowledge, outer wealth, outer God. In truth, you are the mother, father, friend. You are the knowledge. you are the wealth. You are the Only One. You are the god of gods. The world is maya or illusion. Truth is within. Meditation is the key to this self-realization. Be with your inner Self who is the Only One.

Know Thyself! For that is all there is to know.



Positive News Today – Life Savers

A life saver comes in so many forms – all it takes is the will to reach out to another from a space of compassion and kindness. Its a defining moment that’s encouraging and enriching. Here are stories of Life Savers from around the world.

A trapped deer was brought to safety on route I 35  by a deaf man passing through Minnesota. This gentleman named Steven Peterson was passing through the bridge and saw movements in the icy sheets. He walked a mile to pull this deer out from beneath the freezing waters using a rope. His quick thinking and prompt actions saved this creature’s life. He has even named her Miss Ice River. Watch them bond in the aftermath. Courtesy Youtube,

Another heart-warming news is of this little two year old amputee who found a friend in this kitten with a missing leg. The little girl Scarlette Tipton was just 10 months old when her left arm had to be surgically removed because of cancer. When her parents received word about Holly a 3 months old kitten who has a missing leg – they felt their daughter has found a friend on a similar journey. Holly is now part of the Tipton family and a support to Holly and vice versa. Read the complete report on Daily Mail UK. Watch the Youtube video, Courtesy Tomo News.

Why not give more aid to charities such as these who rescue and help animals everyday?

And if you thought only humans could be life-savers…here are videos of animals who are amazing life savers for other animals

and animals rescuing people too…

Who’s your life-saver? Have you experienced such a moment? Share your story with us on and get featured.

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