Earth Day – Full Moon Healing

Who does not want a better life, and this is impossible without having a better earth. This full moon 22 April is world Earth Day. To align ourselves with our highest good it is necessary we all manifest a more positive environment, protect our polar ice caps and have a cleaner, greener and more peaceful... Continue Reading →

A Spell to Heal the Waters of Earth

BACKGROUND: We have heard of so many problems such as flooding, storms, global warming, mass washing ashore of whales and many such signs of climate change. Yet there is a lot that we can do right now that can send the right healing energy. PURPOSE: We can right now heal earth of all dangers of... Continue Reading →

Transforming Everything to Positive

Now we can transform: Terror to peace Global warming to ecological balance Illness to health Poverty to prosperity Hate to love Mindless consumerism to mindful living ....through the power of our mind. With the awareness that there is nothing outside us which is not created from within, we look within and transform everything. Every thought... Continue Reading →

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