10 Facts About Money in the Matrix of Our Reality

Is Money real or an illusion? If thoughts create things then who thought up or created the reality you were born into? Is money a part of a system of control that keeps us lost in the dreamworld fabricated through our mind (Inception)? Should you enjoy life and manifest enough money to live happily right now (Matrix - Cipher)? Or should you be preapred to awaken?

Ascension Blocks: The Illusion of Free Will

Do we have Free Will? Of course - say spiritualists especially we who have followed new age masters such as Doreen Virtue, Hicks and Hay house diligently over the years. We are proud and happy that we can manifest our reality. Infact - we can also manifest our ascension, visualise and awaken into a higher... Continue Reading →

Ten Steps to Awaken From the Matrix

The world has been divided through religion, caste, race, gender norms, sexuality and other complex factors for far too long. However in reality we observe only two types of people, awakening or unconscious. So what exactly is awakening and how can we gain consciousness regardless of the many confusions witnessed around us? Know You Are... Continue Reading →

Five Great Movies About Mastering Our Dreams and Realities

'You are in a dreamworld Neo...', says Morpheus in the Matrix! ... And many of us could relate with what he said. The world around is is just about as real as a dream...just like ancient Vedic philosophy would tell us. And, we are totally in-charge of our experiences whether in our dreams, waking life,... Continue Reading →

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