9 Signs We Are Indeed Awakening In a Simulation

Scientists and technologists have been debating and asking if we are living in a simulation, somewhat like the ‘Matrix’ movies in which a characer termed the Architect’ describes of how he has designed a mathematically precise world where humans live out their lives unaware that they are in a digital dream-world.
Here are a few obvious hints that we are indeed living in a Holographic dreamworld of mathematical precision and some crucial signs that we are Awakening.
1. Fractals everywhere: Everything in this world from our galaxies, to clouds, to seashores, to leaves, shells, body parts, neurons are fractals created through repeating mathematical patterns that can be easily programmed and projected into a simulation from a computer using simple rules. So where is this computer that has programmed our fractal universe?


2. Sacred geometry: As revealed in fractals, everything has geometry associated with it, which is simply mathematics appearing in visual form in nature, at cosmic and minute levels, whether in the movement of planets or corollas of flowers, or atomic and subatomic structures. For example: the flower or life and merkaba forms. Is there really a person or AI outside somewhere, who has programmed our world this way?
3. Holographic grand design: Fractals may indicate that the overall design of the universe is holographic, a projection where each part contains the whole within itself.
The patterns we see in the physical world whether in the larger macroscopic universe of spiralling galaxies or smaller microscopic levels of subatomic components, all indicate a holographic projection of, as if projected straight out of a ‘higher’ computer that has simulated our world. What seems like many billion years of creation to us will relatively be a few moments or days to the simulator paralleling the multi-religious concepts of 7 Days of Creation of God or the Kalpas of Brahma in Vishnu’s dream world if we see time and relative and inter-dimensional. Who is this God and Where is He or She or It who is projecting the world?
4. Lucid Imagination and Dreams: Our mind through hypnogogic imagination and dreams can simulate reality as precisely or better than any known highly advanced computer. With practice we can see, smell, taste, feel emotions, talk, hear, touch, walk, fly even read books in our dreams as clearly and lucidly as we do in real life. If we were to note our dreams each night and practice meditation we will be able to remember and be lucid in our dreams to be able to be ‘alive’ and ‘aware’ in dreams. Similarly we can also master how to imagine and create a fantasy world in our waking hours by clearly seeing images, words, symbols and visions in our third eye that can be equally lucid if we are sufficiently relaxed and focused. Our mind (subconscious and conscious) can simulate reality prefectly well in dream states whether in meditation or in sleep. We also have gadgets that can help us experience lucidity at will, although we may not actually require them. Do we all have our own inner powers to simulate reality without computers?
5. Clairvoyance: With practice we find that our dreams are not simply random images and sensations put together by our subconscious but also provide either symbolic or clear information regarding our past, present or future. At times we can see exact visions of situations in our dreams as we would actually experience later. Similarly with training we can develop our meditative vision or third-eye to see our past, present or future clearly too. This is not limited to vision but also to all our senses, through which we can not only see but touch, feel, smell, hear and taste something from our past, from distance or future as if we are really there and we can also verify it to be accurate through our direct experience through time. In this way time turns out to be just another dimension that we experience and can move through backwards or forwards. Although science or physics can lead us into time travel as shown in ‘interstellar’, we can also have meditative experiences of the same when we are indeed ready or awakened. How many of us are awakened beyond time?
6. Telepathy: All minds are one mind. This can only be verified through telepathic awareness. We all have moments of telepathy although we could have easily dismissed this. We have reached each other mentally to know who is about to call, what will be said to us, to even give a message to someone through our mind or heart communication instead of through letters or internet. In our technological age we have developed a dependency on gadgets, however if we do continue to meditate we can be receivers or projectors of messages and visions that can reach others or us through others. Remote viewing of any place or situation through long distance, psychometry or remote viewing/ sensing through an object, or simply telepathic energy sensation is possible and verified by psychics who are developing their abilities. This only points to us that we are indeed interconnected in our reality and all separation of our minds is mere illusion as our energy networks all across space and time through everyone and everything. Could we all be energetically interconnected with each other across time and space?
7. Synchronicity: Things happen that make us believe there are no co-incidences in life. Just like our dreams are not mere random sensations and thoughts put together by our unconscious mind, our reality around us is also not just a random collection of events. We can see signs of synchronicity in the way something or someone appears suddenly and we were just thinking about it. Just like our browsing data or daily life is secretly tracked through our phones and computers to present us messages and advertisements that are ‘relevant content’, our universe also ‘out of the blue’ presents us relevant content based on our mind patterns. We can see numbers and patterns everywhere telling us that things are less random and more interconnected than we imagined. A random pick of tarot cards could not be that random if it gives us a precise message or image of what was actually happening or would be happening in our life. In any moment can we see clear signs of meaningful connectedness with not only each other but everything in the world?
8. Law of Attraction: We all know by now that we attract what we think, what we believe and what we are. Our hidden and conscious mind-stuff is being played out in our reality when we can see our life move in a way that our mind moves. Negative thoughts, attitudes, feelings and beliefs create negative experiences while positive ones create positive experiences in our daily life. Often it takes some practice to break out of negative patterns through conscious awareness and replace them with positive ideas and patterns of living or believing that transform our life by reprogramming our consiousness. Are we the programmers of our individual or collective universe?
9. Magical Manifestation: With sufficient practice of the power of our mind, emotions and visualization, we can actually project real situations, experiences, and even people, through our mind as if our mind is the magical computer that is creating or simulating the projection around us that we call reality. It may be hard for skeptics to believe this but those who practice these skills can get direct experiences of actually creating or manifesting their life not just unconsciously but very consciously at will. We are no longer in the illusion that we are controlled from outside AI simulators or God(s) in heaven, or that we are in someone else’s dream-world as a mere character. We see our own power of creation and our own life as a lucid-dream that we can control at will to influence any event in our world. If anything and anyone can be projected into our life at our will, then who is the creator of our universe?
We are all one awakening consciousness present simultaneously in our projected univese and within ourself. As science and religions look around us to find the source of this projected holographic reality, meditation helps us look within and discover who we are.

Seven Ways to Dream Magick

We all see dreams but some of us forget them even before we fully awaken, and some of us remember them to an extent. Very few of us have really used dreams in the right way, for healing and transformation. Here are some of the ways you can get more out of your dreams.

  1. Choose to Remember: Take a dream diary with you as you go to sleep. Keep it under your pillow with a pen and make an intention that you will remember the dreams and understand them. As soon as you wake up write the dreams down as clearly as you can remember them. If you have difficulty remembering your dreams then try having a more relaxed mind, meditate, be more stress-free, or try using aromas, natural stones or crystals, dream-catchers, and various relaxing techniques and sleep well at the right time so that your mind does not erase your dreams out to save your over worked system. Keep doing these rituals daily and one day your mind will start easing up.dream1.jpg
  2. Get the Message: Your subconscious is giving you a message in each dream, about the energy you are carrying within yourself. Paying attention to your dream helps you be aware of what your inner thoughts are which would have been unknown to you otherwise. If you do not listen to your dreams life will manifest in unknown ways through your subconscious thoughts because every thought becomes your life. Everything inside you starts manifesting. Staying aware and receptive of your dream message helps you know how to handle life better.dream2
  3. Symbolic or Literal: Most people have symbolic dreams in which every person, animal or object in the dream has a subconscious meaning to the dreamer. It represents something you carry within. For example seeing your mother may represent a part of you that cares for you, seeing a dog could represent your needs for loyalty, snakes might represent your fears to overcome. Introspect on what the symbol means to you. A few people see literal dreams of the past or future as it is or expected to be if their third-eye is open and they are astral travelling into alternate times or realities.dream3
  4. Transform Your Life through Dreams:  Dreams are opportunities to heal the past and improve the future because they give you information about your subconscious mind and helps you know what is going on inside you. Once you remember the dream and review it, you can heal it by consciously visualizing things the way they should have been or should be. If anything negative is there imagine and visualize it changing into something better. Transform everything mentally in relaxed state once you wake up. The effects in your life will be magical too.dream4.jpg
  5. Know You are Dreaming: Most people are unable to know while dreaming that they are dreaming. With practice you can while dreaming become aware that it is a dream. If you see something written somewhere, look again and see if the letters start jumbling up. Or look at digits in a clock to see if they get mixed up. If there is a switch see if you are able to get the lights or fan to switch off and on. These will indicate that you are in a dream. This awareness that you are dreaming will give you more control on your dreams.dream5.png
  6. Get Lucid: When you get the awareness that you are in your dream, try changing it with your mind. As you think so it will be. For instance you can fly if you want, make things move with your mind, go to any place you choose or meet someone you want to. Choose something that is non-threatening and easy for you first and remember that you are in-charge and it is your dream. You can do whatever you want and change events the way you like. This is extremely helpful in transforming anything negative to positive instantly. Try to achieve the highest good for all as all is you.dream5
  7. Recognize the Dream Manifesting in Life: Dreams are all about our subconscious becoming conscious. Everything in our mind manifests in life, both conscious and sub-conscious content stored in our mind starts playing out in the simulation we call life. Whether your dream is literal or symbolic it will somehow manifest out. If you have done the healing work and transformed your dream into something positive then you can rest assured that life will turn out good too.dream6


Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on www.amazon.com/author/swatiprakash


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